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Actor Gerald Auger returns to TV in CBC’s Strange Empire following three-year sabbatical

The Promotion People - AugerAuger’s Black Eagle Entertainment productions are increasing the awareness of First Nations people

It’s official: Gerald Auger is back! Starting this fall, one of Canada’s most sought-after First Nations actors and motivational speakers can be seen as Chogan in Strange Empire, a brand new 1800s-set Western featuring a female-driven cast. Part of CBC’s 2014-15 lineup, the TV drama focuses on its characters’ struggle to survive and care for their community in a lawless society, and is set to air on Monday, October 6th at 9pm.

“In the 16 years I’ve been acting, I have never experienced cast and crew coming up to me as a fellow actor on set and apologizing for what they are about to say or do to my character,” says the actor. “I found both the cast and crew to be truly remorseful about the plight of the indigenous people from the past.”

Like some of the show’s characters, Auger has been helping his community for many years. He’s a recipient of the Native Role Model Award from the Governor General of Canada for overcoming obstacles and challenges in his life as an Indigenous youth.

After filming a recurring role, Pawnee Killer, in AMC’s Emmy-nominated Hell on Wheels, the Canadian star took a hiatus from acting and returned to the northern Alberta community where he grew up. Upon his arrival, Auger was shocked to learn there had been at least seven deaths of young members of the community.

“I realized then that I needed to give back to my community, specifically in regards to the young people,” he shares. “As I have lived the struggles that they were experiencing, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, suicide, low self esteem, and homelessness.”

Auger is the founder of Black Eagle Entertainment; a production company geared towards increasing the awareness of First Nations people and dispelling stereotypes associated with the culturally rich community.

Never one to shy away from personal stories, his 2009 short film Honour Thy Father – created in collaboration with the APTN, CBC and the National Film Board of Canada – focuses on his struggle with the Anglican Church to lay his father to rest in the traditional Cree way.

Auger spent part of his acting sabbatical writing and directing The Forgotten Truth of the Wilderness, the sequel to his critically acclaimed 2009 documentary. The film explores his personal quest to understand the impact of Christianity on First Nations communities. The film is based on his personal search in understanding the man they called Jesus through Indigenous ceremonies and land based teachings.

“For me, I will always hold my head up high, stand proud and stay strong even when my own indigenous people come at me for my Indigenous cultural and spiritual beliefs,” he says.

As an actor with Native roots, Auger is very selective about his on-screen roles. He tries to take on parts that portray First Nations people in a positive light, with the hopes that other young actors will follow suit. The roles that he chooses must have a spiritual component to the story and characters. Auger believes “Today’s film and television industry has become disconnected to creation and Creator like most of society. It is refreshing to be a part of a TV Series like Strange Empire and Hell On Wheels that are at least attempting to capture the the plight of the Indigenous people of the past”

Auger’s career:
Discovered in the opening ceremonies of the 1995 Canada Winter Games, Gerald Auger has become one of the busiest First Nations actors in Canada. Some of his many high-profile credits include: a supporting role in the Steven Spielberg-produced Into the West, the ABC miniseries DreamKeaper, and a starring role alongside Adam Beach and Jason Priestley in CTV’s Luna Spirit of the Whale.

Photography Credit: Malcom Carter – whatischronos.com

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Two Provinces, Two Crews – HIGHWAY THRU HELL Expands for an Epic Third Season, September 2 on Discovery

Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue maintains operations in B.C., while expanding into Alberta to service the infamous highways through the oil patch

“The Coquihalla Experience” puts viewers in the driver’s seat for an interactive immersion at Discovery.ca

When it comes to wicked weather and wild wrecks, there’s only one other highway system that rivals B.C.’s Coquihalla. As HIGHWAY THRU HELL returns to Discovery for Season 3, premiering Tuesday, September 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue moves into Alberta to tackle Highways 881 and 63, basing a second operation out of Lac La Biche – while maintaining Davis’ decade-old business in Hope, B.C. Two provinces, two teams, new crew, old rivals, more trust, more friction, and vastly different types of weather and crash conditions – this hellish third season of the original Canadian hit series from Vancouver’s Great Pacific TV is the most epic season yet!

Highway Thru Hell - The Promotion People

The heroes of the highway return for Season 3 of HIGHWAY THRU HELL, premiering September 2 on Discovery.

Click here to view the Season 3 trailer!

Back with 13 new episodes, HIGHWAY THRU HELL travels some of the most economically vital – and most inhospitable – trucking routes in North America. Plagued by winter storms, truckers spin out and smash up, and heavy rescue teams hustle to clear the highway carnage and get the road open again. These highway heroes are a hit with viewers –Season 2 of HIGHWAY THRU HELL was #1 in its timeslot on Canadian entertainment specialty television among all key adult and male demos, and was the #3 Canadian entertainment specialty program among Adults 25-54 and 18-49 overall. The 2012 debut still ranks as the #1 series premiere in Discovery’s history*.

Changes and challenges mark every moment of Season 3. Last season, Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue lost a significant amount of business when a new competitor has scooped up half the recoveries, forcing Davis to seek new opportunities to off-set these restrictions. Gambling big, Davis rolls into northern Alberta’s booming oil patch to stake a new claim on another road worthy of the title “highway thru hell.”

Highway Thru Hell - The Promotion People

Highway 881 runs north 300 kilometers through remote forest, muskeg, and tundra between Lac La Biche and Fort McMurray. But it’s the only route into newly-discovered oil and gas fields, worth billions of dollars. On a route supplying more energy to the U.S. than Saudi Arabia, hundreds of millions of dollars of heavy equipment must be moved daily on this narrow, two-lane highway. Almost 60,000 shift workers are in camps serviced by Highway 881, and on shift-change day, thousands of workers need to get home. Davis sends his best drivers and trucks to the Alberta oil patch; he tasks Adam Gazzola to manage the new Alberta startup. His crew includes Colin McLean, a city driver fresh from Vancouver who has to earn Gazzola’s respect. Deep snow, bitter cold, and big recoveries that dwarf most loads in B.C. push Gazzola’s team to the limit.

Back in B.C., Davis faces more challenges. During the heaviest snowfall and worst avalanche conditions in decades, he’s left with a skeleton crew of new hires and old trucks in his battle to keep the Coquihalla Highway open. New drivers include Howie Irwin, a highly-skilled heavy recovery vet who used to work the Coq for Davis and his brother before buying his own truck and moving to the city; and Don Starr, a 20-year mountain veteran with MacGyver-like ingenuity. But Davis isn’t the only guy on the road. With Davis’ team stretched across two provinces, rival rescue operator Al Quiring steps into the void. For years, Davis and Quiring  have gone “tow to tow” for the title of “King of the Coq”. And like Davis has done with this stepson Brandon, Quiring is teaching the family trade to the next generation, his son Cary by his side. These young bucks have a lot to prove. Brandon is setting his sights on the Alberta operation, but must first show Davis that he has what it takes at home in B.C. Brandon attends a “wreckmaster heavy rescue bootcamp,” and this season Davis offers Brandon the chance to patrol in the quick response truck, aimed at securing accident scenes for heavy rescue… before the competition.

Highlights from the first episodes of HIGHWAY THRU HELL, Season 3, include:

HIGHWAY THRU HELL: “New Hell Old Hell”
Tuesday, September 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT
A new winter season starts with Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue split in two… Adam Gazzola has taken half the fleet north to Alberta’s rich and dangerous oil fields while Jamie Davis stays back to fight and keep the Coq open all by himself.

Tuesday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Jamie Davis realizes he can’t do it all alone in B.C. and hires a new driver. But the newest addition ends up needing rescuing himself after he crashes Bruce Hardy’s legendary blue truck. Davis’ stepson Brandon is forced to prove himself after his plans to join the Alberta team are put on hold.  And rookie operator, Colin McLean, learns just how tough his new boss Adam Gazzola can be… when a seemingly simple job goes sideways.

When “closure is not an option,” Davis’ teams struggle to make a go of it as the season continues. In Alberta, the crew must sleep in their trucks when they can’t find homes to rent, face the bitter cold of an Alberta winter, and endure the pain and heartache of leaving family behind. In B.C., 300 centimetres of snow falls in February, creating the worst avalanche conditions on the Coq in its 27-year history, which Davis must tackle with his newest crew and oldest trucks. At the end of the season, Davis faces the ultimate decision: should he throw all his resources into his new Alberta business, or rebuild his B.C. operations and wage a renewed battle on the Coq?

The HIGHWAY THRU HELL experience continues at Discovery.ca exclusive video, photo galleries, and show information – updated throughout the run of the series. Fans of HIGHWAY THRU HELL can delve even deeper with two rich interactive experiences that put viewers in the driver’s seat and feature the show’s silent stars: the highways themselves. Fully immersive and interactive, “The Coquihalla Experience” builds community and sparks conversation through “Explore the Coq / Coq Stories,” offering users an opportunity to drive the highway, explore the wrecks, and contribute their own stories about the Coquihalla. Also, armchair experts can test their skills in simulated challenges clearing difficult wrecks – and claim social bragging rights. Viewers can extend their experience on mobile via the Discovery App, and join the HIGHWAY THRU HELL conversation with the cast and crew during LIVE chats on Twitter (@HWYThruHell) during each Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET broadcast (hashtag #hwythruhell).

Discovery - The Promotion People

About Discovery:
The world is just awesome! With compelling real-life programming that inspires and entertains, Discovery reveals the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. Discovery offers a signature mix of adrenaline-charged stories, larger-than-life personalities and vivid imagery for viewers with curious minds. With the best non-fiction programming from Canada and around the world, Discovery captures the excitement of a passion for life – one lived fully and at its most extreme. With exceptional and immersive storytelling, the channel offers in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the extraordinary people and places that shape our world. Launched in Canada in 1995, Discovery is now available in more than eight million Canadian homes. Discovery is offered in standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) simulcast – for viewers who want an even bigger and bolder experience. Discovery Canada is a joint venture between Bell Media, which is owned by BCE Inc. (TSX, NYSE: BCE), Canada’s largest communications company, and Discovery Communications Inc. Find more information and interactive online features at Discovery.ca.

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Source: Numeris (Formerly BBM Canada)

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Classic Romantic Comedy John Apple Jack To Premiere at VAFF in November

“For those with the luxury to live out loud and proud… now what?”

The Promotion People - John Apple Jack

From Skycorner Entertainment Ltd., new generation film John Apple Jack addresses gay pride and self-acceptance. Producers Monika Mitchell, Rick Tae, and Selena Paskalidis are proud to introduce the fun crowd pleaser, where sexuality is secondary to dreams, self-worth, happiness, responsibility and family.

John Apple Jack will have its world premiere at the Centre Piece Gala Film during the Vancouver Asian Film Festival on Saturday, November 9th at 7:00pm. For tickets visit: vaff.org/festinfo/vaff-17-day-3-program-8

The feature film will then move on to Montreal’s ImageNation before its network premiere on OUTtv.

Starring Chris McNally as John Jardine and Kent S. Leung as Jack Gaang, the romantic comedy has been featured on NovusTV, Daily Xtra, and GayVancouver.

Interview with NovusTV can be viewed online here: youtube.com/watch?v=lvWjrkyeEmY

About The Film

Set in Vancouver’s East-meets-West glamorous restaurant industry, the challenge for both John Jardine and Jack Gaang is to find a way to blend money, sex, love and family into one sumptuous recipe for life.

John Jardine is a handsome gay man and heir to a restaurant empire. John lives with extravagance – champagne, fast cars and fast men – bedding nearly every hot guy in town. After coming out to his parents, John looks for any opportunity to prove his worth to the world.

Jack Gaang is an overly responsible Asian-Canadian who has slept with no man. Jack finds himself settling into a full-time job, a gal pal, an offspring, and an ambition in the culinary industry to sidestep his feelings for John, his childhood crush. He has quietly given up hope that John would ever fall for him and support his dreams of running a restaurant together one day.

As years of mounting tensions culminate into an over-heated argument in the kitchen, Jack throws an apple at John’s head — bruising his boss’s ego and unfurling a series of ill-timed events that teach them both good reasons to grow up.

For these two opposites, romance must ensue… especially when Jack is about to marry John’s sister! After John finds out about the wedding, passions ignite and his life spirals out of control… losing his job, his playboy reputation and his underwear – all while rushing to the altar to finally confess his love! Promiscuous John was once easy for Jack to ignore. But a newer, penniless, more soulful John may soon prove too hard to kick to the curb.

Chris McNally – imdb.com/name/nm2901423/?ref_=tt_cl_t1
Kent S. Leung – imdb.com/name/nm4141406/?ref_=tt_cl_t2
Mkenzie Scott – imdb.com/name/nm1745779/?ref_=tt_cl_t3


About The Crew 

 The Promotion People - John Apple JackMonika Mitchell – Director/Co-Producer

Monika’s filmmaking career started with three independent films: Night Deposit, Witness and Break a Leg (2000-2003), attending 90 international film festivals, winning 27 awards and qualifying for Academy Award consideration with both shorts. Having won Slamdance’s Anarchy Audience Award in 2000, she was a programming contributor for the festival the following two years (2001, 2002). In 2009, she was chosen by Vancouver Olympic Committee and the Cultural Olympiad to curate the film program for Canada during the Olympics and Paralympics of 2010. She acquired, commissioned and/or produced 72 films that were enjoyed by over 13 million viewers worldwide. In 2011 her original script was chosen to participate in Whistler’s CFC’s Producer’s Lab. Monika continues to direct episodic television (beginning with Robson Arms in 2004) and has worked for networks including CBC, CTV, Lifetime and Logo, while developing her own feature projects. She most recently directed the pilot “The Switch” for Trembling Void Productions and OutTV in Summer 2013.


 The Promotion People - John Apple Jack

Rick Tae – Writer/Producer

Rick has created films, shorts, TV, multimedia and theatre content currently in various stages of distribution, production and development. He was selected for the NSI Totally Television Program and awarded Telefilm Canada support as a screenwriter/producer. In addition to writing/producing his first feature John Apple Jack, Walk the Dog sold to The Movie Network and Air Canada, and received a Canadian Comedy Award nod, while web-series Marco Chow Massage has garnered fans worldwide. Rick has worked with VAFF in previous years, coached actors and writers in Vancouver and LA, produced/directed Award winning and nominated theatre productions, garnered Gemini and Leo Award nods and a win for his acting work and assisted director/producer Roland Emmerich for Sony Pictures’ blockbuster “2012”.



The Promotion People - John Apple Jack

Selena Paskalidis – Producer

Selena has worked her way up very quickly in Canada’s film, television and digital industries. She started her career as the head of business affairs in long form drama, moving effortlessly into development before taking the reins of production. In 2013 alone, she ushered two features through production, launched a digital brand and is just about to lock financing on her third feature to shoot in the spring of 2014. For the two features already in the can, Selena secured sales and festival gala premieres for John Apple Jack and Telefilm Post Production support for Naked Night Bike, a mid-life crisis comedy that is just completing post-production. Additionally this year, Selena launched a revolutionary digital brand for the creation of online networks, called Dotstudioz (www.dotstudioz.com); designed and implemented the digital strategy for Vic Sarin’s latest documentary, Hue and the iphone and web apps for the reality series Eat St. for Paperny Productions. In previous years, Selena saw the short film she produced Walk The Dog enjoy Official Selection in the 2009 CFC Humor Me Cross Canada Tour and Canadian Comedy Award nominations. Her project The Bryce Lee Story was selected for the Just For Laughs Comedy Boot Camp. Selena is dedicated to ensuring that the smart, funny writers and directors in her midst get their films made, seen and enjoyed by a world-wide audience.

Executive Producer: Todd Giroux
Associate Producer: Jhod Cardinal


Social Media Handles

Website:  johnapplejack.com
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Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=QKKUKIXqE5E
Vimeo: vimeo.com/77379732


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