Classic Romantic Comedy John Apple Jack To Premiere at VAFF in November

“For those with the luxury to live out loud and proud… now what?”

The Promotion People - John Apple Jack

From Skycorner Entertainment Ltd., new generation film John Apple Jack addresses gay pride and self-acceptance. Producers Monika Mitchell, Rick Tae, and Selena Paskalidis are proud to introduce the fun crowd pleaser, where sexuality is secondary to dreams, self-worth, happiness, responsibility and family.

John Apple Jack will have its world premiere at the Centre Piece Gala Film during the Vancouver Asian Film Festival on Saturday, November 9th at 7:00pm. For tickets visit:

The feature film will then move on to Montreal’s ImageNation before its network premiere on OUTtv.

Starring Chris McNally as John Jardine and Kent S. Leung as Jack Gaang, the romantic comedy has been featured on NovusTV, Daily Xtra, and GayVancouver.

Interview with NovusTV can be viewed online here:

About The Film

Set in Vancouver’s East-meets-West glamorous restaurant industry, the challenge for both John Jardine and Jack Gaang is to find a way to blend money, sex, love and family into one sumptuous recipe for life.

John Jardine is a handsome gay man and heir to a restaurant empire. John lives with extravagance – champagne, fast cars and fast men – bedding nearly every hot guy in town. After coming out to his parents, John looks for any opportunity to prove his worth to the world.

Jack Gaang is an overly responsible Asian-Canadian who has slept with no man. Jack finds himself settling into a full-time job, a gal pal, an offspring, and an ambition in the culinary industry to sidestep his feelings for John, his childhood crush. He has quietly given up hope that John would ever fall for him and support his dreams of running a restaurant together one day.

As years of mounting tensions culminate into an over-heated argument in the kitchen, Jack throws an apple at John’s head — bruising his boss’s ego and unfurling a series of ill-timed events that teach them both good reasons to grow up.

For these two opposites, romance must ensue… especially when Jack is about to marry John’s sister! After John finds out about the wedding, passions ignite and his life spirals out of control… losing his job, his playboy reputation and his underwear – all while rushing to the altar to finally confess his love! Promiscuous John was once easy for Jack to ignore. But a newer, penniless, more soulful John may soon prove too hard to kick to the curb.

Chris McNally –
Kent S. Leung –
Mkenzie Scott –


About The Crew 

 The Promotion People - John Apple JackMonika Mitchell – Director/Co-Producer

Monika’s filmmaking career started with three independent films: Night Deposit, Witness and Break a Leg (2000-2003), attending 90 international film festivals, winning 27 awards and qualifying for Academy Award consideration with both shorts. Having won Slamdance’s Anarchy Audience Award in 2000, she was a programming contributor for the festival the following two years (2001, 2002). In 2009, she was chosen by Vancouver Olympic Committee and the Cultural Olympiad to curate the film program for Canada during the Olympics and Paralympics of 2010. She acquired, commissioned and/or produced 72 films that were enjoyed by over 13 million viewers worldwide. In 2011 her original script was chosen to participate in Whistler’s CFC’s Producer’s Lab. Monika continues to direct episodic television (beginning with Robson Arms in 2004) and has worked for networks including CBC, CTV, Lifetime and Logo, while developing her own feature projects. She most recently directed the pilot “The Switch” for Trembling Void Productions and OutTV in Summer 2013.


 The Promotion People - John Apple Jack

Rick Tae – Writer/Producer

Rick has created films, shorts, TV, multimedia and theatre content currently in various stages of distribution, production and development. He was selected for the NSI Totally Television Program and awarded Telefilm Canada support as a screenwriter/producer. In addition to writing/producing his first feature John Apple Jack, Walk the Dog sold to The Movie Network and Air Canada, and received a Canadian Comedy Award nod, while web-series Marco Chow Massage has garnered fans worldwide. Rick has worked with VAFF in previous years, coached actors and writers in Vancouver and LA, produced/directed Award winning and nominated theatre productions, garnered Gemini and Leo Award nods and a win for his acting work and assisted director/producer Roland Emmerich for Sony Pictures’ blockbuster “2012”.



The Promotion People - John Apple Jack

Selena Paskalidis – Producer

Selena has worked her way up very quickly in Canada’s film, television and digital industries. She started her career as the head of business affairs in long form drama, moving effortlessly into development before taking the reins of production. In 2013 alone, she ushered two features through production, launched a digital brand and is just about to lock financing on her third feature to shoot in the spring of 2014. For the two features already in the can, Selena secured sales and festival gala premieres for John Apple Jack and Telefilm Post Production support for Naked Night Bike, a mid-life crisis comedy that is just completing post-production. Additionally this year, Selena launched a revolutionary digital brand for the creation of online networks, called Dotstudioz (; designed and implemented the digital strategy for Vic Sarin’s latest documentary, Hue and the iphone and web apps for the reality series Eat St. for Paperny Productions. In previous years, Selena saw the short film she produced Walk The Dog enjoy Official Selection in the 2009 CFC Humor Me Cross Canada Tour and Canadian Comedy Award nominations. Her project The Bryce Lee Story was selected for the Just For Laughs Comedy Boot Camp. Selena is dedicated to ensuring that the smart, funny writers and directors in her midst get their films made, seen and enjoyed by a world-wide audience.

Executive Producer: Todd Giroux
Associate Producer: Jhod Cardinal


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