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Canadian star Kaj-Erik Eriksen adds another franchise to his impressive list in the Soska Sisters Slasher Sequel “See No Evil 2”

The Promotion People - Kaj - Erik EriksonCanadian actor Kaj-Erik Eriksen has appeared in some of the most beloved franchises of all time – including “MacGyver,” “NCIS” and “Star Trek.” The Vancouver native is at it again with a starring role in the Lionsgate and WWE Studios film “See No Evil 2,” the sequel to the surprise slasher hit featuring wrestler Kane.

The movie premieres Friday, October 17, 2014 on Digital HD and Video on Demand, followed by a DVD and Blue-Ray release later in the month. In line with the horror theme, filming took place in an abandoned mental institution.

Directed by filmmaking twins Jen and Sylvia Soska (a.k.a. the Soska Sisters), the second installment sees madman Jacob Goodnight (played by Kane) rise from the dead and wreak havoc among a group of friends at the morgue. Eriksen plays Seth, an earnest guy who works at the morgue alongside Amy (Danielle Harris) and happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“For me it was exciting,” Eriksen told Rotten Tomatoes at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s a lot of running and yelling and getting chased and blood and splattering – it was fun. I hadn’t done a horror movie in a long time, so it was cool to jump back in.”

“See No Evil 2” marks Since then the Canadian actor has made numerous appearances on the small screen, including as a series regular in the USA Network, Emmy-nominated show “The 4400.”

The Promotion People - Kaj - Erik Erikson

About Kaj-Erik Eriksen
Kaj-Erik Eriksen has been acting for more than 29 years, which is impressive considering he’s only 35. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Eriksen began his acting career at the tender age of six. After just a handful of extra and small speaking roles, the young actor landed a part in the independent feature “Quarantine.”

Around that same time, Eriksen booked a guest-starring role in “MacGyver,” one of the most popular shows at the time. It also happened to be Eriksen’s favorite series as a child and one that he would return to a few years later for another guest stint.

In 1991, after scoring a number of movies and guest roles on TV, the Canadian talent landed the part of David Scali, the son of Michael Chiklis’ character on the hit ABC drama “The Commish.” The show introduced Eriksen to millions of American fans and earned him the attention of critics, who gave him nods for a Youth in Film Award, a Hollywood Reporter Youth Star Award, and two YTV Achievement awards.

Eriksen worked on a number of other projects during “The Commish’s” five-year run, including a remake of the classic film “Captains Courageous” and popular kids TV shows such as “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17, where he continued to grow as an actor with guest roles in “Home Improvement” and “Walker Texas Ranger.” In 1999, the Vancouver native returned home to shoot two seasons of Showtime’s “Beggars and Choosers,” a short-lived series that garnered critical praise and a devoted cult following.

Upon coming back to L.A. in 2001, Eriksen landed one of his most important roles to date: the part of Jeremy Peters on David E. Kelley’s “Boston Public.” What was originally supposed to be a mere four-episode arc evolved into a recurring role over the span of two seasons. Eriksen also appeared in the action thriller “88 Minutes” starring Oscar-winner Al Pacino.

Since then, the Canadian star has been featured in ” Stephen King’s “Dead Zone,” “Criminal Minds,” “The Closer,” among many others. Eriksen has also been seen starring alongside Richard Thomas in the Hallmark movie “Time After Time.” He will next be seen on Hallmark Channel’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Christmas Special.”

In his spare time, Eriksen studies karate and enjoys photography. He also collects Victorinox Swiss army knives, an obsession that started because of his love of “MacGyver.”

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Actor Gerald Auger returns to TV in CBC’s Strange Empire following three-year sabbatical

The Promotion People - AugerAuger’s Black Eagle Entertainment productions are increasing the awareness of First Nations people

It’s official: Gerald Auger is back! Starting this fall, one of Canada’s most sought-after First Nations actors and motivational speakers can be seen as Chogan in Strange Empire, a brand new 1800s-set Western featuring a female-driven cast. Part of CBC’s 2014-15 lineup, the TV drama focuses on its characters’ struggle to survive and care for their community in a lawless society, and is set to air on Monday, October 6th at 9pm.

“In the 16 years I’ve been acting, I have never experienced cast and crew coming up to me as a fellow actor on set and apologizing for what they are about to say or do to my character,” says the actor. “I found both the cast and crew to be truly remorseful about the plight of the indigenous people from the past.”

Like some of the show’s characters, Auger has been helping his community for many years. He’s a recipient of the Native Role Model Award from the Governor General of Canada for overcoming obstacles and challenges in his life as an Indigenous youth.

After filming a recurring role, Pawnee Killer, in AMC’s Emmy-nominated Hell on Wheels, the Canadian star took a hiatus from acting and returned to the northern Alberta community where he grew up. Upon his arrival, Auger was shocked to learn there had been at least seven deaths of young members of the community.

“I realized then that I needed to give back to my community, specifically in regards to the young people,” he shares. “As I have lived the struggles that they were experiencing, alcohol and drug abuse, violence, suicide, low self esteem, and homelessness.”

Auger is the founder of Black Eagle Entertainment; a production company geared towards increasing the awareness of First Nations people and dispelling stereotypes associated with the culturally rich community.

Never one to shy away from personal stories, his 2009 short film Honour Thy Father – created in collaboration with the APTN, CBC and the National Film Board of Canada – focuses on his struggle with the Anglican Church to lay his father to rest in the traditional Cree way.

Auger spent part of his acting sabbatical writing and directing The Forgotten Truth of the Wilderness, the sequel to his critically acclaimed 2009 documentary. The film explores his personal quest to understand the impact of Christianity on First Nations communities. The film is based on his personal search in understanding the man they called Jesus through Indigenous ceremonies and land based teachings.

“For me, I will always hold my head up high, stand proud and stay strong even when my own indigenous people come at me for my Indigenous cultural and spiritual beliefs,” he says.

As an actor with Native roots, Auger is very selective about his on-screen roles. He tries to take on parts that portray First Nations people in a positive light, with the hopes that other young actors will follow suit. The roles that he chooses must have a spiritual component to the story and characters. Auger believes “Today’s film and television industry has become disconnected to creation and Creator like most of society. It is refreshing to be a part of a TV Series like Strange Empire and Hell On Wheels that are at least attempting to capture the the plight of the Indigenous people of the past”

Auger’s career:
Discovered in the opening ceremonies of the 1995 Canada Winter Games, Gerald Auger has become one of the busiest First Nations actors in Canada. Some of his many high-profile credits include: a supporting role in the Steven Spielberg-produced Into the West, the ABC miniseries DreamKeaper, and a starring role alongside Adam Beach and Jason Priestley in CTV’s Luna Spirit of the Whale.

Photography Credit: Malcom Carter – whatischronos.com

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