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Platinum Singer-Songwriter Reimagines Her Own Material and Songs by David Bowie, Neil Young, Damian Rice, Gnarls Barkley, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chocolate Genius,Burt Bacharach and Harry Nilsson

Donna Lewis will be performing at The Falcon in Marlboro, New York on March 26 and 
at Turning Point in Piermont, New York on March 27

The Welsh-born singer Donna Lewis is one of those rare artists whose immense success on the pop radio charts disguises an exceptional and serious musicianship and breadth of repertoire. Lewis’ new album, Brand New Day, reveals the range of her artistry, and may surprise listeners who know her only for her pop hits “I Love You Always Forever,” “At The Beginning,” “I Could Be The One” and “Love Him.” Produced and arranged by Lewis’ longtime friend David Torn, the genre-busting composer and producer, Brand New Day is an intoxicating set of jazz-inflected covers and Lewis originals in which she is joined by the eminent progressive jazz musicians Ethan Iverson (piano), Reid Anderson (bass) and Dave King (drums). Palmetto releases the album March 10, 2015.

With her distinctive, breathy voice and unique phrasing, Lewis brings a fresh immediacy to the covers on Brand New Day, including David Bowie‘s infrequently heard “Bring Me the Disco King,” Neil Young‘s “Helpless,” Damien Rice‘s “Amie,” and Chocolate Genius‘ “My Mom,” among others. The album also features two new Lewis originals, “Sleep” and “Brand New Day,” as well as a powerful remake of “I Love You Always Forever.”

For an artist used to the do-and-do-again perfectionism of pop music recording sessions, returning to the improvisational nature of jazz was an exciting prospect. It took nerve for Lewis to take on songs so deeply etched in the pop consciousness in such a stripped-down setting, but she recorded most of them in a single take. As a result, the record has live, organic, nearly ambient feel.

The Promotion People - Donna

“I Love You Always Forever” was such a hit for Lewis that, for many listeners, it will always be the thing for which she is remembered. Atlantic Records Chairman Doug Morris had been so enamored with the demo for that song that he flew Lewis to New York to meet him and perform her material, and offered her a deal on the spot. It became the first song ever to get a million spins on American radio and the third best-selling song in the history of Atlantic Records. The record also was an international sensation, topping charts all over the world. Lewis’ second album for the label, Blue Planet (1998), spawned two hits: “Love Him,” which topped the Billboard Dance charts, and “I Could Be the One.”

She soon began to reveal other dimensions of her creativity. While on hiatus to start a family, she left her mark on such projects as The Art of Noise’s The Seduction of Claude Debussy. She began her longtime collaboration with David Torn, a guitarist and studio wizard known for his film scores including Friday Night Lights, The Order and Lars and the Real Girl, as well as for his work with rock legends such as David Bowie and Jeff Beck. In 2001, five electronically textured songs Torn and Lewis wrote and recorded for the Chute project were among the most requested on Los Angeles’ KCRW for three weeks running. She released the acoustic Be Still in 2002 and the high-energy In the Pink in 2008.

Still, the aptly titled Brand New Day is both a striking departure from anything she has done before, and the fullest realization of qualities that have always set her apart. As Time Out NY said before a recent NYC performance, “If you really listened past the earworm chorus and bubbly beat of Lewis’s debut hits, you quickly sensed that she was no flash in the pan. The classically trained…Lewis had a breathy coo that could recall Kate Bush, and used it with a flexibility that few pop princesses could muster.”

Donna Lewis – Brand New Day

  • Sleep
  • Bring Me The Disco King
  • Crazy
  • Waters of March
  • Brand New Day
  • Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me
  • Helpless
  • Amie
  • I Love You Always Forever
  • Walk On By
  • My Mom

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The Promotion People - Violet Fundraiser

Haven Studio and Babz Chula have organized a fundraiser party for actor and dear friend Violet Cameron.

“Sometimes we need to take care of each other.” – Babz Chula

Despite having had cancer twice and having undergone months on end of brutal treatments, Violet Cameron has remained positive and grateful for every moment. Her words have inspired Ben Ratner‘s students in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Winnipeg. Loretta’s students at Haven Studio have also been deeply touched and inspired by Violet’s bravery. She made many people remember how lucky they are to be able to do what they want to do, and showed them what true tenacity looks like. Violet wants to live, act and inspire others, but she needs our help to have a chance.

“Because of your letters, words of encouragement, love and support, I have gotten my fight back. I am looking forward to the near future when I can walk thru that door to the studio as a free person. Acting is everything to me …thank you for giving me hope.” – Violet Cameron

What: Violet Cameron Fundraiser
When: Thursday, December 19th, 2013
Time: 7PM to 1AM
Where: The Anza Club, 3 W 8th Ave, Vancouver
Tickets: $20


Please GET TICKETS IN ADVANCE. This party will sell out fast — it’s a small venue with a great musical line-up.

For more info on Violet’s wellness plan check out: violetcameron.com

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Starring Jacob Tremblay, Beverley Elliott, Fred Ewanuick, Lisa Durupt & Falcor the Ferret

The film will feature the song “Magic” as sung by Singer/Actress Selena Gomez in its closing credits.

The Promotion People - The Magic FerretCanadian Film Director, Alison Parker, is proud to announce that her upcoming short film, “The Magic Ferret” will begin shooting on September 7, 2013 and will shoot over two days in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The film is slated for a late 2013 release.

“The Magic Ferret” is the first film ever to be produced by Pacific Backlot Services, an equipment rental house in Vancouver, BC. The award-winning script was written by Scott and Paula Merrow of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Alison Parker, Hugh Brompton and Synnove Godeseth are also producers, with Shawn Seifert as Director of Photography. Several major companies have secured product placement in the film, including Hasbro, Pop Chips, KIND, Marshall Pet Products, Red Dragon Apparel, Defenders of Wildlife, Crayola, Sunmaid and iHome.

“The Magic Ferret” is a family-friendly comedic story centering around a six-year old orphan named Sam (played by Jacob Tremblay, known for his role as “Blue Winslow” in the Sony Pictures feature film The Smurfs 2) and his pet ferret, Booger (portrayed by Falcor the Ferret). Sam is as cute as a button, but he just can’t seem to find a family who wants him. When the newest prospective parents come to visit, Sam decides to impress them with a few magic tricks. He becomes “The Great Sambini”, with Booger as his assistant. When his most amazing trick flops, Sam is deflated but not defeated, and with Booger’s help he conjures up a different kind of magic.

Also starring in The Magic Ferret is Beverley Elliott, known for her role as “Granny” on ABC’s TV series Once Upon A Time. Canadian actor Fred Ewanuick from the TV shows Corner Gas and Dan For Mayor and the 2005 film Just Friends and actress Lisa Durupt, who is best known for her role as Shandra on HBO’s “Less Than Kind”, join Elliott, Tremblay and Falcor the Ferret to round out the cast.

The film will feature the song “Magic” as sung by Singer/Actress Selena Gomez in its closing credits. The song, originally performed by the Scottish band, Pilot, in 1974, reached #1 on the Canadian music charts in July of 1975. Gomez’ version of the song, which has over 40 million views on YouTube, was also heard in the Disney Channel original Movie Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie in 2009. It was also featured in the film adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. In addition to Selena Gomez’ rendition of “Magic”, the soundtrack to “The Magic Ferret” also includes the hits “Spaceman” by Canadian singer Bif Naked and “This House” by Calgary’s own Cat Thomson.


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