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Congratulations Gabrielle Miller and Alexander Cendese on their engagement!

Gabrielle Miller and Alexander Cendese are happy to announce their engagement. Gabrielle and Alexander met in New York City in 2012 performing together in an Off Broadway play at the prestigious Cherry Lane Theatre in the West Village. Gabrielle is a Gemini award winning actor most known for her work in the hit TV series Corner Gas as well as the recent films Down River and Moving Day. Alexander Cendese is an American/Canadian New York based theatre, film and television actor, as well as a writer and producer, and an Alumni of the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Together they run Loud Cowboy Productions and split their time between New York and Toronto. Alexander had Gabrielle’s ring designed and cast by Charles Freshman at Freshman’s Inc., a renowned jeweler in Salt Lake City, Utah, est. 1895. Their wedding will take place in August of 2015 at Whispering Oaks Ranch near Moab, Utah.

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Gemini Award-Winning Gabrielle Miller Makes Her Directorial Debut in Seed&Spark’s Newest Project ‘CLAUDETTE’

The Promotion People - Seed & Spark

Gabrielle Miller is set to direct a short film starring her Corner Gas co-star, Tara Spencer-Nairn and Toronto actor, Scott McCord. Currently in pre-production, the film will shoot for two days on December 7th and 8th 2013 in Toronto. Entitled, CLAUDETTE, the script is a murder mystery surrounding the disappearance of the title character’s husband.

Through the platform of Seed&Spark, the film will be produced primarily through donations. They will go forth in whatever manner they can based on their fundraising at that time, which will end a few days after they wrap. This gives viewers a unique opportunity to actually be a part of the outcome by contributing in real time in response to activity on set. Every donation increases their ability to make a better film, and the more they have going in, the more resources will be available on that day.

Find out more about the project and how you can support it at: seedandspark.com/studio/claudette

The Promotion People - Claudette

After an early morning spent replanting her garden, Claudette wearily comes inside her home. It is autumn, the leaves are falling, it’s not the time for this type of yard work, but that does not concern her. She is too concerned with other things.

Once in doors, Claudette removes her gum boots and places them just inside her kitchen next to a muddy shovel. She climbs the stairs, removes her clothes and showers. Claudette towels off. Claudette gets dressed. Claudette quietly and meticulously packs her bags.

Later, in her kitchen, Claudette lights a kettle for tea on the stove, one last cup before– there is a tapping at the back door, a knocking rather. Claudette goes to it.

It is Detective Koslovski. The Detective assigned to her husband’s case. He had been coming around a lot, but not for the last few weeks. She had wondered about that… she wonders why he was back here now. On today of all days.

Koslovski admires her garden. Claudette agrees to allow him to come inside once he tells her that some ‘news’ has come to light.

In her living room she sits with Koslovski as he explains that the people that her husband owed money to are not the type of people that one would necessarily want to owe money to.

Claudette lets this information bounce off of her shoulders as casually as she can, declaring it was not she but her husband, Jeremiah, who owed the money. Claudette’s evasiveness leads Koslovski to call out the elephant in the room. He states aloud that it is most likely that her husband has absconded leaving his troubles for her to deal with.

The tea kettle in the kitchen whistles. Claudette asks if Koslovski would like some tea and begins to wonder just what exactly Koslovski is here to ask her…


The Promotion People - Gabrielle Miller

GABRIELLE MILLER – Director/Producer

Gemini award-winning Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas, Call Me Fitz, Moving Day) has appeared in over 75 productions in the past two decades. She is best known for her lead roles on two television series: the runaway hit CTV series Corner Gas, and the critically acclaimed dramedy Robson Arms. In 2013, Gabrielle was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for her role in Mike Clattenburg’s feature film Moving Day, the opening film for the Canadian Images Program at VIFF in 2012. Combined, Gabrielle has garnered 12 Gemini and Leo Award nominations and five wins. In 2012, Gabrielle had the honor of being a member of Oldenburg International Film Festival’s first ever all female jury. Gabrielle can be heard this fall in the City TV/Hulu adult animated series, Mother Up!, and her most recent foray in the world of independent film, Down River, can be seen in theaters in the Spring of 2014. Gabrielle splits her time between her residences in New York and Toronto.

“I come from a performing background, having been an actor for over twenty years in Canada and the United States. I am very excited to be making my directorial debut with CLAUDETTE.” – Gabrielle Miller


The Promotion People - Alexander Cendese


Alexander Cendese is a American/Canadian actor, writer and producer living in New York and Toronto. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to a Canadian father and an American mother, Cendese spent significant time in Florence, Italy growing up, before attending the Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp and eventually, Carnegie Mellon, where he received his Bachelor’s in Acting from the School of Drama in 2004. In 2004, Cendese took up permanent residency in New York City, where he has been a working actor ever since. In 2011, Cendese developed, produced and appeared in the feature film, Blumenthal, starring Brain Cox and Laila Robins. Blumenthal had its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2013 and is set for a spring 2014 release. Cendese has produced several short films, including Feeling Tall, and Defaced, which he wrote, shot, edited and directed, and he recently wrapped principal photography on the feature, Best Man in the Dark, which he co-wrote and starred in. Since November of 2012, Cendese has maintained a home in Toronto, as well as New York City.

“I wrote CLAUDETTE for Gabrielle Miller to direct. She is one of the most talented actors I have ever known and having been closely involved with her over the last few years has led me to understand her deep desire to approach story telling from a new perspective. We both share an innate interest in telling stories specifically about women who do extraordinary things. Without painting Claudette’s actions one way or the other, it can certainly be said that she is a surprising woman.” – Alexander Cendese

The Promotion People - Tara Spencer-Nairn


Spencer-Nairn was born in Montreal, raised in Vancouver and currently calls Toronto home. A former competitive gymnast, she is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School. Her big breakthrough came in 1999, when she was cast as Lou in the highly-acclaimed film New Waterford Girl which played at Sundance and TIFF and was nominated for seven Genie awards. Tara is best-known for her Gemini-winning turn as Karen Pelly on the #1 rated sitcom Corner Gas. She can currently be seen in the recurring role of Sandy in CTV’s hit drama The Listener.

Photography credit: Ted Belton

The Promotion People - Scotty Headshot


Scott Mccord is an actor, musician, voice actor and filmmaker. He is bandleader for the soul-rock band SCOTT MCCORD AND THE BONAFIDE TRUTH (Best New Artist of the Year Nominee – 2010 Maple Blues Awards). Scott recently appeared on stage in Rosa Laborde’s MARINE LIFE (Aluna Theatre) and Sky Gilbert’s NAKED HAMILTON.

Film and TV credits include LOST GIRL, 16 BLOCKS, SHOOT EM UP, REPUBLIC OF DOYLE and THE ELEVENTH HOUR. Animated TV series include TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND, BAKUGAN BATTLE BRAWLERS, MOTHER UP! and CAMP LAKEBOTTOM. Scott’s voice acting talents led to him being invited to New Zealand and Australia as a celebrity guest for ARMAGEDDON FAN EXPO 2011.

The Promotion People - Ken Krawczyk

KEN KRAWCZYK, CSC – Director of Photography

Having been behind the camera on many award winning series like, Corner Gas, Hiccups, and recently, In Security, Ken Anton Krawcyzk has experienced success at many levels as a director of photography. Although best known for his series work, Krawcysk’s love for motion photography goes beyond television comedy. Driven to create engaging photography for over twenty five years, Krawczyk has extended his craft to many feature film and commercial projects. Krawcyzk was nominated for the Gemini Award for best photography in a comedy program in 2008, 2010, and 2011. Most recently he was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his photography on In Security in 2013.

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