William Ainscough stars in City TV’s series “Seed” set to premiere on the CW Network in July, co-stars in Disney Channel’s ‘Zapped’ out June 27th and was a nominee for a 2014 Leo Award

The Promotion People - William AinscoughIn the past year, William Ainscough has been recognized for his hard work on “SEED”; being nominated for the 2013 UBCP Best Newcomer and most recently for a 2014 Leo Award Best Performance in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series category. William was also thrilled to attend the CSAs in Toronto in March to celebrate Seed’s 8 CSA nominations including Best Comedic Series.

The first season of “SEED” was hailed as both a critical and commercial success and has been picked up by U.S. network The CW set to debut on the CW Monday July 14. William returned to his starring role of Billy Jones-Krasnoff in the second season of “SEED” and is just wrapping up airing Thursday nights at 9pm on CityTV. The series stars Adam Korson (2 Broke Girls) as Harry, a bachelor-bartender and sperm donor. Harry discovers that his foray into the world of sperm donation has resulted in kids – lots of kids! This ill-equipped bachelor finds himself entangled in the lives of his newfound children and their less-than-thrilled families with whom he’ll come to share more than just his DNA.

The Promotion People - William Ainscough SEED

William Ainscough has been busy with other several acting gigs; having played the iconic role of John Darling in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”, completing a major supporting role in “The Christmas Ornament” for Hallmark Channel coming out this December, and a leading role on “The Haunting Hour”, which will air on the HUB Network later this year.

Continuously pursuing his acting ambitions, William also booked a role in the comedic Disney Channel Original Movie “Zapped”, set to debut June 27, 2014. He has been working with multi-talented recording artist/actress Zendaya (“Dancing with the Stars,” “Shake It Up”), who will be headlining “Zapped,” the story of Zoey, a girl whose well-ordered life is up-ended when her mother remarries and she finds herself part of a family composed of rambunctious, chaotic – and most of all – messy boys and a male dog, to boot. William plays Ben, the youngest and messiest of Zendaya’s step-brothers.

After booking his first two auditions, it was clear that acting was a path well chosen for William. He has been thrilled to be able to add actor and his new bookings to his resume of accomplishments. Following in his parent’s footsteps (Nicole Oliver, actress; Chris Ainscough, composer/film editor), William Ainscough is making a serious impression in the entertainment industry. William has had the chance to act opposite his mother in several episodes of SEED , when she plays Billy’s teacher/Vice Principal, Mrs. Anderson.

It was after watching his mother in action during visits to the sets of some of her film projects that William’s interest in the acting world began. Nicole inspired him to try acting for himself and his very first attempt at acting was a success, when he landed his first audition in May 2012—an open casting call for a new feature film “Hidden”. The feature film, which follows a family hiding in a bomb shelter after a mysterious outbreak devastates civilization, stars Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Battleship) and Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion, Never Let Me Go). William was successful in landing the role of Joey, a slightly shy and soulful boy and close friend and neighbor of Zoe’s (Emily Alyn Lind). The film Hidden, directed by The Duffer Brothers, and is set to hit theatres in 2014.

Aside from acting, William is an accomplished drummer, loves soccer and baseball, and is a huge fan of the online game Minecraft.


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