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W Network’s biggest competition series yet, Game of Homes hosted by Emmy® nominated actor Cameron Mathison (All My Children54), follows four teams of two amateur home renovators as they compete for the prize of a lifetime – a house and a plot of land to put it on premieres Tuesday, March 17 at 10p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

Fiery and competitive are just a few words to describe this father/daughter team from Tswasssen, British Columbia.

Crystal is Ray’s first born and as he puts it ‘was a challenge’ growing up. She is incredibly strong-willed, believes in her ideas and stubborn to a fault. Ray is the quintessential big hearted, blue collared worker and handyman extraordinaire.’ At 3-years-old, Crystal was hammering away eager to assist her father in home renovations and they’ve been doing it ever since.

Crystal wants a chance to win a house as she plans to start a family with her boyfriend and living in a 500-sq./ft.-apartment wont cut it. Ray wants to provide for his daughter by helping her get a leg up in Vancouver’s expensive housing market. He also doesn’t want her “moving home” he say’s jokingly.

Crystal is passionate about design and has a confident sense of what she likes. She sees her home project having a ‘crisp’ gallery feel while Ray envisions more of a rustic feel. But Ray knows to take a back seat in design and allow Crystal to take the wheel. He has no choice! He knows he’ll stick to his role as ‘builder’.

The two bring a playful father/daughter banter that’s both hilarious and endearing. Ray and Crystal Moon have the competitive drive and experience to take on this challenge.

What attracted you to apply to be on Game of Homes?
Crystal: The opportunity to do what I love and potentially grow my business, and of course WIN A HOUSE where I could build a family.

Ray: My daughter Crystal found out about it and asked me to be her partner

How was living in the home while it was under renovation?
Crystal: We were literally eating, sleeping and breathing renovations in a house that should have been condemned. It was very trying at times, but also fun, like camping inside – no running water or electricity. Oh and then there’s the matter of sharing a bedroom with my Dad…

Ray: Living in the house was frustrating especially with the limited electrical & water supply.     I could deal with the dirt and the messy living conditions but I found it very frustrating having the newly renovated areas walked through while renovating the rest of the house, keeping it clean took time away from other projects.

What did you like most about being on Game of Homes?
Crystal: The people we met and worked with were such great support. Everyone was warm and friendly which made being away from family and friends all that much easier.

Ray: The competition, I’m an individual that likes to be challenged and throughout my life I have competed in various events. It forces you to push yourself past your comfort zone to feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus I enjoyed working with my daughter (most the time).

Which room was the most challenging and why?
Crystal: By far the Kitchen. It was our largest room and had the least room for error. Add a few hiccups and the stress level went thru the roof.

Ray: The kitchen, it was the biggest mess, it required the most work, and during the reno of that room we had a bit of a conflict with our contractor.   Also I ended up having to go to the hospital emergency (blood poisoning in my arm). I required daily treatments at the hospital during that challenge and because of that I wasn’t able to help Crystal with the renos as much as was needed.

What did you enjoy most about working with host Cameron Mathison?
C & R: Cameron is a very kind and genuine person, incredibly considerate and empathetic and we appreciated his energy.

What did you learn about home renovation while you were on the show? 
Crystal: I learned that every project, regardless of the size, begins with a first step–then another and another. And when that project becomes too overwhelming keep your head down and focus, at the end you will be blown away by your accomplishments.

Ray: Mostly I learned a couple of tricks of the trade from the contractors on how to do various renovations projects. But the biggest education for me was learning how to redo the roof and cut and install bathroom tiles.

Have you turned this experience into a career since completing the show? 
Crystal: In 2012 I opened Crystal Moon Design, a small residential design firm. Since filming Game of Homes it’s reaffirmed in my mind that this is my calling.

Ray: Nope, I’m semi-retired and I Coach High School Football.

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