The Promotion People - Game of HomesW Network’s biggest competition series yet, Game of Homes hosted by Emmy® nominated actor Cameron Mathison (All My Children54), follows four teams of two amateur home renovators as they compete for the prize of a lifetime – a house and a plot of land to put it on premieres Tuesday, March 17 at 10p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

It was love at first sight for Nina and PJ when they met in Australia seven years ago. Strong-willed and tenacious, this Indo Canadian couple has all the design and renovation experience to take on this show.

Nina and Pawan have done numerous home renovation projects together including gutting and refurbishing an entire heritage home. They love to use bold, bright colors that reflect their heritage purples, reds, and yellows. Nina credits her design eye to her mother who always made a space feel warm and beautiful. A single mother with little money raised Nina and they constantly moved from rental house to rental house. Every home they lived in was’ uniquely designed by her mother and it inspires Nina in her own projects.

In Indian culture, being a single mother can be frowned upon and some of her own community never accepted her, says Nina. The couple wants to win the house so that they can give back to her mother. They want to provide her a wonderful space that is “rent free”.

With Nina’s strong design background and Pawan’s patience in structural work, the two have a passionate reason to win this house.

What attracted you to apply to be on Game of Homes?
The opportunity to fulfill our dream to design & create our dream home and of course the opportunity to win a mortgage free home & a piece of land to put it on! We support Nina’s mum also who has been through so much in her life that giving her a rent/mortgage free permanent roof over her head to call home would mean more than the world for all of us.

Was the production what you expected?  
Yes and No. We had no idea how the show or competition would work…we thought we would have weeks to do the whole place as one big challenge not each space/room/area being a separate challenge and in such a short time. We didn’t think we’d be kept in the dark so much as to what would happen next… We seriously didn’t know what was happening that day until 8am the day of! It was cray-cray!!

Also with no set criteria or point system, it was a real guessing game as to what the judges and guest judges were looking for each week. It felt like we were chasing our tail a lot!

What did you like most about being on Game of Homes? 
The idea of have some ‘us’ time was good in theory before we went on the show but that was way too long away from our kids!

The cast & crew were wildly awesome! Production took really good care of us and looking back we are so proud of the effort we put in and how we truly went all-in for each and every challenge by really pushing our design ideas and physical abilities to the absolute limits. We really took risks stretching what is even possible in a rooms/space in such a short time frame. Many sleepless nights and long long days. It was worth it!

What did you miss the most when you were on set for the month? 
Most definitely our spunky, beautiful kids, our favourite vegetarian restaurant and contact with the outside world!

Which room was the most challenging and why? 
The bathroom was the most challenging, as it was really ass end backwards compared to how you normally do a bathroom renovation. Not only were we waterproofing, dry walling and tiling before we even had a shower base onsite, we also had zero knowledge about how to tile. Nina decided to chose small tiles as the main tiles which took literally all night to finish as we literally used them to cover the walls and floor. Full respect to rulers out there and we will never tile again!

What did you enjoy most about working with host Cameron Mathison? 
He was so chilled & had a calming ora & energy around him that gave us a sense of calmness amongst all the madness! I know he must have hated delivering the twists in the challenges and calling “time’s up” for the challenges when there was still so much to do.

What did you learn about home renovation while you were on the show?
We are a great team and so grateful to have the different skills we have and appreciate the others role more.

Nina learnt that power tools are very heavy & not fun and don’t know why guys call them ‘boy toys’ as they are not toys but instead potentially harmful machines. She hopes to never touch one Again! you’ll certainly see why in the spare room episode.

How have you transferred what you learned to life after Game of Homes?
We are into the next reno project through PNJ Property Investment Group and looking forward to the exterior envelope repairs and changes and re-siding the house. I have a huge appreciation for Nina’s vision &design style & choices and trust her entirely in that department. Each time she designs a home, it “wow’s” people & the houses sell so quickly! She has not lifted a hammer onsite however, nor will I let her.

Have you turned this experience into a career since completing the show?
Absolutely! Through our company PNJ Property Investment Group we are enroute to re-develop a few houses each year partnering with investors as well as providing interior design services & managing renovation projects for others. This will create more beautiful neighborhoods, bringing new life back into homes that need some love and attention and provide designer yet affordable homes for families in the greater Vancouver & lower mainland areas.

What did you take away the most from appearing on the show?
We both have a suitcase full of paint covered clothes, a couple of extra pounds for me eating all those ruffles but Nina somehow always seems to look amazing even when covered in teal paint!

This show is going to be crazy as challenges went every which way, lots of tears and triumphs and expect the unexpected on judgment days! We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed being a part of it!

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