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Congratulations 2017 Leo Awards Nominees

The Promotion People would like to congratulate all our clients, past and present that have been nominated for Leo Awards this year. We have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of actors, tv series and feature films over the years. The Leo Awards have been celebrating Excellence in British Columbia Film & Television since 1999. We are proud to say that we have had clients nominated most years.

Good Luck to all the following 2017 Leo Award Nominees that we have had the pleasure to work with.

Lesley Diana, Jasmyn Rowley, Danica Cox – The Promotion People


8 Nominations
Best Dramatic Series – Rogue
John Morayniss, Matthew Parkhill, Robert Petrovicz, Nick Hamm – Producers
Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series
Best Dramatic Series
Best Visual Effects – Kevin Little – Pool Boy
Best Musical Score – Jeff Toyne – Maria, Full of Grace
Best Production Design – Eric Fraser – Maria, Full of Grace
Best Costume design – Glenne Campbell – Maria, Full of Grace
Best Stunt Coordination – David Jacox – Maria, Full of Grace
Best Guest performance Femal – April Telek – Maria, Full of Grace
Best Lead Performance Female – Meaghan Roth – Maria, Full of Grace


Nominees for Best Cinematography – Bob Aschmann
Ice – The Cut
Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Series are…
Stein Myhrstad
Ice – Two Handkerchiefs
Best Sound in a Dramatic Series are…
Simon Bright
Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Series Ellen Anderson
Ice – Clarity
Best Make-Up in a Dramatic SeriesRita Ciccozzi
Ice – Clarity
Nominees for Best Hairstyling in a Dramatic Series
Jill Corp
Ice – Clarity
Best Casting in a Dramatic SeriesCorrine Clark, Jennifer Page
Ice – Two Handkerchiefs

Dark Harvest

Best Direction in a Motion Picture

James Hutson

The Sun at Midnight

Duane Howard Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture

3 Nominations
Picture Editing
Musical Score
Lead Performance – Male

William Ainscough

Milton’s Secret – Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture

The History of Love – Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture

Tammy Gillis

Best Lead Performance by a Female Menorca in a Motion Picture

Todd Talbot

Love It or List It Vancouver – Brenda and Marcos

Best Host(s)
in an Information, Lifestyle or Reality
Program or Series

Listen To Me by Wes Mack

1 Nomination
Best Music Video

Dan Payne

Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Television Movie
A Time To Dance
All Yours

Jennifer Spence

Best Guest Performance by a Female
in a Dramatic Series

Travelers – Grace

Best Supporting Performance by a Female
in a Dramatic Series Jennifer Spence

You Me Her – Remember, Ruby, Remember

David Lewis Goodnight Kiss and Dirk Gently

Best Supporting Performance by a Male
in a Dramatic Series

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Watkin

The Goodnight Kiss

Chelah Horsdal

Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series

Jesse James Miller

Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story

4 Nominations
Musical Score

Highway Thru Hell

Neil Thomas, Nicole Tomlinson

Highway Thru Hell – Bridge Out

Best Screenwriting
in a Documentary Series

Best Cinematography
in a Documentary Series   Todd Craddock,

Darren Dembicki

Highway Thru Hell – Long Way Down

Game Of Homes

1 Nomination

Some Assembly Required

4 Nominations
Screenwriting (2)


1 Nomination
Production Design

Sonja Bennett

Best Screenwriting in a Music, Comedy or Variety Program or Series
Sonja Bennett – Kim’s Convenience – Rude Kid

Best Performance by a Female in a Web Series
Sonja Bennett – Sunnyhearts CC – Scared Straight

John Cassini

Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Television Movie
John Cassini – Love By Chance

Michael Eklund

Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture
Michael Eklund – Dead Draw

Sonya Salomaa

Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture
Sonya Salomaa – The Space Between

Actor Dan Payne plays the role of Church in Brent Butt’s feature film “No Clue” opening in theatres across Canada on March 7th

Big year for Dan also appearing in “Supernatural” and “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”

The Promotion People - Dan Payne

Dan Payne, a Canadian actor and comedic talent, is utilizing his past experience to bolster his career and take it to new heights. Dan’s leading man good looks and sense of humour landed him a role in “No Clue” starring alongside Brent Butt (Corner Gas) and Amy Smart (Shameless, The Butterfly Effect). “No Clue” was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia and will be release by E-One Entertainment in theatres across Canada on Friday, March 7th. Kyra (Amy Smart) walks into Leo’s (Brent Butt) office planning to hire a private eye to help find her missing brother. With a web of corruption, fraud and murder, Leo gets in too deep for his own good.

In ‘”No Clue” Payne plays the role of Church, a thug with a shady past, who chases Kyra (Amy Smart) and Leo (Brent Butt) all over town in this comedy scripted by Brent Butt and directed by Vancouver auteur Carl Bessai. ‘I knew going into this project that working with Brent Butt would probably bring a few laughs, but hanging out with him on set proved to be so much more.  He is a brilliantly funny, kind hearted, and very intelligent man!  And Carl Bessai is a supremely supportive and gifted director.  All around dream job,’ says Payne.

2013 and 2014 have been busy years for Dan with guest starring roles on popular TV shows such as “Supernatural” and “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”. Payne played Angel Aber on “Supernatural” sharing some climatic scenes with Jared Padelecki (Sam), Payne’s character was slain in the high-energy episode by an angel slayer sword.  Payne plays ‘Captain of the Guard’ a pivotal character in the endeavour to get Alice home in a highly anticipated episode of “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”. “Primeval: New World” was another highlight for Dan, who had a multiple episode arc, guest staring as ‘Major Douglas’, a rigid military man focused on his career. “The Hunters”, a made for TV movie, was another successful project for Payne, who played Carter Flynn, the father of a family of ‘Indiana Jones’ types, fighting to protect magical items of the world from falling into the wrong hands. “The Hunters” was shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Payne was also a guest star on “Arctic Air” in the Season 3 premiere, a CBC series set in Yellowknife, profiling renegade bush pilots at work and play in Canada’s north. Portraying a man who lives in the wild and suffers from PTSD, his character struggles to relate to people around him. By chance encounter he comes across Astrid and Dev who have become lost in the wilderness, leaving characters to question whether they are in danger or are merely dealing with a misunderstood individual looking to help.

The Promotion People - Dan Payne

Payne is a familiar face on television having a lead role in the CTV sitcom “Alice I Think”. Dan’s credits include guest-starring roles on “Primeval: New World”, “Fairly Legal”, “Tower Prep”, “The Haunting Hour”, “Dead Like Me” and “Just Cause”. Dan has had several appearances on “Stargate SG1”, “Stargate: Atlantis”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Smallville”, The Chris Isaac Show and two Muppet movies, “A Very Muppet Christmas” and “The Muppets Wizard of Oz”. Not a stranger to feature films, Payne has landed roles in the feature films “Cabin in the Woods” (directed by Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon), “Watchmen” (directed by Zack Snyder), and “John Tucker Must Die” (directed by Betty Thomas).  Dan is also very proud of his series lead role on the web series “Divine” which can be viewed at www.divinetheseries.com.  Payne has also had starring roles in various TV movies such as “A Family Thanksgiving”, “Thomas Kincade’s A Christmas Miracle” and “Temptations”.

Payne, originally from Victoria, BC, Canada discovered a love for the entertainment industry at a young age. Growing up, Dan and his family moved a great deal. His family’s nomadic life enabled Dan and his siblings, brother Josh and sister Cathy, to become the best of friends. Dan earned several university scholarships and chose the University of Calgary (U of C) for his post-secondary education. Moving to Australia for four years to join his brother, he became a professional photographer and reawakened his love of the creative arts.  Inspired by his ever-growing love of all things creative, Dan chose to take the next step, and moved to London, England. Dan studied acting and realized his unique size and accent were assets, and towards the end of his five years in London, found success, which gave him the confidence and desire to return home to Canada. Dan continues his efforts to constantly expand on his experiences in both comedy and drama, which only strengthens his lifelong passion for acting.   His career has enjoyed growing success and the future looks promising for Dan.

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