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Music a Teen will Travel the World to Hear Brian Tyler Live: Film Music for Stars, Cars & Superheroes

092915_VANCOUVER_PHOTOGRAPHER_000GG_1024Vancouver Sixteen year old musician Logan Jones is on his way to London UK this weekend to hear composer Brian Tyler conduct the Philharmonia Orchestra on May 7th

Most parents would never expect their teen to fly across the world to go to a Symphony Music Concert but that is exactly what 16 year old Logan Jones is doing this weekend. Logan is flying from Vancouver Canada to London UK to hear the musician he most admires, “Brian Tyler Live: Film Music for Stars, Cars and Superheroes.” Brian will conduct the Philharmonia Orchestra on Saturday 7 May 2016, 7.30pm Royal Festival Hall in London England.

Interestingly, most teens know and love the music that he is going to catch live – they just don’t know it! Brian Tyler’s films have grossed $ 9.5 billion worldwide making him one of the most recognised and exciting film composers working today. Brian’s music is embedded in feature films including “Furious, “ “Thor,” “Avengers” and “Now You See Me” and the recent feature “Criminal.” Without knowing it, most of us have been swept along the emotional tides of Brian Tyler’s incredible music more than once.

Logan Jones is a musician and composer who can’t wait to hear some of his favorite music live. Logan says, “Teens should be super interested in this music – they love it in the movies they just don’t recognize it yet.”

12970907_1050165701723573_5366515262983506337_oLogan points outs that Brian Tyler is a rock drummer and this feel of energy and rhythm that inspires him.  As the promotion for the concert states: “Step into the fantastical world of superhuman and action adventure with Hollywood composer/conductor Brian Tyler, for an evening of unforgettable film scores from some of the world’s biggest box office movies of all time. Experience the exciting music from Tyler’s most famous scores spanning over 70 films, including the Marvel films, the Fast and Furious films, Star Trek: Enterprise, fan favourites including Children of Dune and game score franchises such as Far Cry, alongside classic film scores that have influenced Tyler.”

Logan says that “Other teenagers should come and experience a full orchestra playing huge music with a rocking rhythm – like in the theater except better, …rock Drums make a good sound – imagine a drum five times the size and instead of a band of five or a backing track of Pop – 100 instruments. I think kids should come an experience it – live, like the movies but better, I am super excited“

Logan is an unusual teen older than his years. A composer himself with his second Album Platinum Grooves on iTunes, Logan sincerely believes that the concert at the Royal Festival Hall on May 7th is a great way for teens and their parents to have a great night out an experience symphony music that all have enjoyed together.  He hopes that the concert will get more teens to appreciate symphony music.

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