So, You Want To Work In Promotion and Publicity?

Like most promotion agencies, we receive several speculative CVs every week. If you’re thinking of sending in your CV or are looking for some advice on how to break into the promotion and publicity industry then here are some important hints and tips:

Be Prepared to Work Hard

Many young people choose publicity and promotion as their chosen career path without any real idea about what the industry or the profession entails. The entertainment industry has a reputation for being glamorous and exciting, and for many this is an attractive prospect. For the most part this is true, and working for and on behalf of some of the most important and influential talent in the business is an incredible way to spend your working career. However the entertainment business is still just that: a business. Its hard work and many aspects of the industry are completely devoid of the glamor that those entering the industry without any real experience initially expect. Perseverance, hard work, and dedication will all help you to get your foot into the door of the right agency: don’t underestimate the importance of undertaking a work experience placement if there aren’t any full time jobs available. Hard work never goes unnoticed and by proving yourself to be competent, dedicated and able to undertake whatever job is thrown at you, you’ll soon rise to the top of the pile when a permanent position does arise.

Focus on Your Skills

Ensure that you constantly focus on promoting your core skills, and ensure that you develop those skills that will best suit the career you want to undertake. If you want to work in promotions and publicity then a post graduate degree in rocket science is unlikely to be of much use, but that crash course in PR is likely to look great on your CV and boost your skill base too. Know what your main skills are, and understand what skills your interviewer or boss are likely to be looking for. You can then focus on developing these skills whilst learning as much as possible from those more experienced team members around you.

Let Your Head Rule Your Heart

Although you may be tempted to choose to start out your career working for the agency that represents your favourite star, there are much more important things to consider: these are the same factors you should consider before you accept a job role in any field. Job security is a powerful and reassuring thing, and not something offered to every new graduate, so a role that comes with a long term contract should certainly be considered. Other essential perks such as the health protection afforded by a corporate health insurance policy and a pension plan are also vital considerations, and should certainly hold sway when choosing where to work, if you are presented with more than one option. When you’re just starting your career, perks such as health insurance policies and health insurance plans often seem unimportant or irrelevant to your current lifestyle, however in the long term you will find that your life is very uncomfortable without them so it is certainly something to plan ahead for and consider.

Tailor Your CV

Finally, in order to get that interview, be invited for that work experience placement, or otherwise get your foot in the door, you need to make yourself stand out. Your first tool for doing this is your CV. The best applicants tailor their CV for every single job they apply for and personalise their cover letter so that is resonates with the company that you are hoping to work for. It may be more time consuming, but doing a little research and addressing your CV to the HR Manager by name, rather than simply addressing it ‘For the attention of the HR manager’ will immediately capture the attention of the individual you are addressing and guarantee that your CV will be read. Ensure that the content is just as punchy and attention grabbing, and you will stand a much better chance of getting an interview and being able to talk your way into the job of your dreams in a face to face situation.

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