Blushing Designs - Kuna Photography Group17Shelley Klassen indulges Vancouver with her collection for Fall/Holiday 2014:  the classically, sophisticated and sexy Decadence Collection is richly decorated.  The collection magnifies what Klassen does best, accentuate the divine feminine and celebrate a return to decadence.

The Decadence Collection
Exotic, romantic and luxurious; The Decadence Collection carries dreamers and lovers to opulent places, generating stories of intrigue and creating passionate memories.   Shelley Klassen’s Fall/Holiday 2014 Collection has everything an iconic moment is made of.   Asian inspired petal and circle skirts made in stunning silks that are black mixed with magenta, fiery reds and emerald greens.  The collection steams along with cowl neck tops, bustiers, strapless dresses and more.

Shelley Klassen’s Fall/Holiday 2014 collection evokes rich, velvety shadows that blend smoothly for beautiful, luxurious color with a sensual appeal of velvet flocking, brocades and jacquards.  You can drench yourself in her deep reds, jeweled teals and expressive magenta through sleek, textured silhouettes, A-line skirts with fitted bodices and sexy boleros.

This fall Shelley Klassen steps up the exotic bringing decadence to women in Vancouver and all over the World. Actors and celebs including Jennifer Spence, Andrea Menard, Karen Holness and Ellie Harvie all come to Shelley to wear Blushing Designs on the Red Carpet. Blushing Designs will be dressing all the presenters at the UBCP/ACTRA AWARDS in Vancouver on November 22nd.

Shelley Klassen has built her career creating irresistibly feminine couture with her 15 years as a local Vancouver label. Her flagship store Blushing Boutique is located at 579 Richards Street, downtown Vancouver where Shelley and her loving staff make every woman feel as divinely feminine as she truly is.

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