Meet W Network Game of Homes Contestants Vancouver Couple Charlotte Fenton and Sean Duncan TO PREMIERE ON MARCH 17TH 10 PM EST/PST

The Promotion People - Game of HomesW Network’s biggest competition series yet, Game of Homes hosted by Emmy® nominated actor Cameron Mathison (All My Children54), follows four teams of two amateur home renovators as they compete for the prize of a lifetime – a house and a plot of land to put it on premieres Tuesday, March 17 at 10p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

If you had to describe Charlotte and Sean in two words you would probably start with “Hot and Awesome.”

Charlotte is a sassy, vibrant and confident 29-year-old with an amazing sense of style. She runs a business with her girlfriend selling up cycled vintage furniture.

Known as “The two Fleas” they rummage flea markets for trash to turn into treasure and they do it very successfully! What started as upcycling furniture has now evolved 2 Fleas into interior styling and design.

Sean may work in finance but he works equally as hard coming up with zingy one-liners to put Charlotte in her place. He’s the first to admit that he “barks” at Char if she bosses him around, especially under stressful situations with time constraints.

Sean and Char are the couple at the top of your invite list. They bring the dance moves, they pour the drinks and they’ll start the epic game of drunken charades. This power couple isn’t necessarily looking to make friends, they have a ton of those, but people will fight to get on their “friend roster” or alternatively, plot their demise.

Was the production what you expected?
The production was way more then we expected. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and it was such a major operation that totally blew us away. The amount of hardworking production and crew involved on an everyday basis was totally unexpected but so cool to see. They all seemed to truly love their jobs; they were a great group of people to work with and made us feel so comfortable.

How was living in the home while it was under renovation?
Surprisingly not as bad as we thought it would be. We might have been the only team whose air mattress didn’t leak so that definitely helped. The smell of the old carpet in the master bedroom was a bit pungent but once renovated it was fine. Each week the house got better and better to live in. We don’t mind a little ‘glamping.’ from time to time.

What did you like most about being on Game of Homes?
During the entire taping we felt like we were living out our dream! We felt in our element and loved all of the designing and hands on work! We already had such a close relationship but found we grew even closer throughout this whole process – we had such a blast together.

Has your life changed since being on the show?
This experience definitely confirmed to Char that this is what she wants to do. Prior to the show Char ran a small furniture upcycling company called 2Fleas and wants to gear this more towards interior design and styling spaces. She is currently enrolled in an Interior design program and is excited to get her career started.

What room did you enjoy renovating the most?
The Kitchen. It is such a hub of our home and we spend all of our time in it cooking, entertaining and dance parties. We have a karaoke machine in our kitchen at home!!

Of the guest judges, which judges were you most excited to meet?
Of course always great to see our local gal Jillian! Also Colin and Justin, such characters with spunk and we love that! We’re very enthused to have them over for a dinner party.

What did you learn about home renovation while you were on the show?
That it is not easy but it is do-able if you put your mind to it. Such respect gained for such physically and mentally exhausting work. And Char will never paint another ceiling or wall again.

What would you tell others who are considering applying to be a participant on a reality show?
Do it! But brace yourself and seriously… remember to have SO much fun and love every moment of it. It flies by.

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