Dejan Loyola adds the role of Dr.Dev Sekara on CTV’s “Saving Hope”

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 7.26.47 AMDejan Loyola’s role on CTV’s “Saving Hope” as Dr. Dev Sekara is close to home.  Dr. Dev is an eager first year surgical resident at Hope Zion Hospital. He uses humour to try and diffuse his anxiety of being one of the hospital’s bright young doctors. Dev is the extremely compassionate albeit naive love interest of Dr. Cassie Williams (Kim Shaw). “Saving Hope” airs Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

“Saving Hope” has a special personal meaning to Dejan as he is the son of two former psychiatric nurses and is a former mental health care worker himself. Because Dejan has been surrounded by the medical world from an early age, the role of Dr. Dev Sekara is a perfect fit.

Dev definitely has aspects of both my parents in him, it has been really cool to incorporate my personal experience.” Dejan says, “Both my parents are former psychiatric nurses and I was a mental health care worker myself for a number of years. Coming from a family of medical professionals it has been an incredible experience being able to portray a young doctor.”

Dejan Loyola’s television debut was on the pilot episode of the science-fiction themed “V”, with following work in the 2010 fantasy film “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, guest roles on a number of TV series that include “Tower Prep”, “Fringe”, “Emily Owens M.D.” and “The Tomorrow People”, as well as appearances in the television movies “Best Player” and “Grave Halloween”. Dejan plays comedic relief in the Nickelodeon films: “Best Player” and “One Crazy Cruise”. Dejan was one of the series leads in the CW pilot “H.M.S.: White Coat” and also had a supporting lead role in the independent feature “Evangeline”, which was nominated for nine Leo Award’s in 2014.

SH4_EP405_D2_SW_0025Dejan’s work is showcased through a multitude of diverse roles. In “Best Player”, Dejan plays The Eviscer8r, a villainous and ridiculous professional video game player. In “Grave Halloween”, his lead role as Terry, an American exchange student studying film in Japan, is a joker, caring, and a bit nerdy but also brave when the chips are down. On the other side of the spectrum, Dejan played Rafi, a genie and brother of the male lead, Cyrus, on “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland”.

A highlight moment to Dejan’s career was the opportunity to chat and work alongside Tom Cruise even though it was just for a day doing stunts driving a scooter for “Mission Impossible 4”.

When time permits, Dejan returns to his old school on Salt Spring Island to teach improv and theatre. His early days in writing, directing and acting in theatre resulted in scholarships and bursaries that allowed him to start training.

Dejan lived in his father’s homeland of Sri Lanka for a couple of years during the civil war and was primarily home schooled due to the country’s hardships. He returned to Canada with his family when he was at the age of 7 and enrolled in acting classes at a community theatre where his first connection to other youths were made. Attending public school for the first time at the age of 12 was a struggle but he used comedy to make people laugh, connect with people, and make new friends. This journey taught him the power of connecting with others through smile and laughter, developing an even deeper love for stage and screen work.

Dejan grew up on Salt Spring Island and resides in Toronto while filming the TV series “Saving Hope” over six months, but his home is in Vancouver.

Dejan is available for interviews upon request.

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