Actor Gerald Auger has a busy fall with roles in Australian production LOST FACE and Russian production PETERSBURG, A SELFIE

He produced and starred in BOHEMIAN BLOOD in The Frightening 48 Hour Film Challenge in Northern Alberta

Russian DowntownGerald Auger – actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker of Woodland Cree descent from Alberta, Canada has a busy fall with roles in three short films: “Lost Face”, “Petersburg. A Selfie”, and an independent short film “Bohemian Blood” for The Frightening 48 Hour Film Challenge. This is a man on a mission and his characters capture the essence of his talent.

Filming this December in Calgary, Gerald has been cast in “Lost Face” a classic story by legendary writer Jack London that takes place in mid-1800’s Russian. Gerald Auger plays Makamuk, a fierce warrior in “Lost Face” who steps up as a chief to lead the remainder of his tribe to victory against the Russian fur thieves. Makamuk faces a power play with Subienkow, a Polack who finds himself the second-to last survivor of a group of Russian fur thieves.

In October Gerald flew to St. Petersburg, Russia for “Petersburg. A Selfie”, a collection of 7 stories about Russia’s most beautiful city through the perspective of 7 women on the concept of love. “Anichkov Bridge” is one of the stories from the collection by director Natalia Kudryashova. Through the story of one woman’s journey of self-hate, she comes to realize that she is living a human existence rather than a human experience that speaks from her heart – her soul. Auger plays a Native American Spirit who comes to visit her in the physical realm. With his ancient knowledge and wisdom from his ancestors, this Spirit conveys a message to her to love life again.

Bohemian BloodIn “Bohemian Blood”, Auger’s role is an Indigenous Cult leader of murderous Bohemian Artist Hookers that use hammers to kill their Johns in a Bohemian style brothel. Auger remarks, “The Frightening 48 Hour Film Challenge was indeed an intense, creative and collaborative effort! It’s a way for me to give back to the community.”

After being discovered at the opening ceremonies of the 1995 Canada Winter Games Auger has been working in the entertainment industry ever since. It all started with a supporting role in Gunslinger’s Revenge, a lead role in the National Geographic IMAX-production Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West, Hallmark Entertainment TV miniseries Dreamkeeper. Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks-produced miniseries Into the West; Klatsassin and CTV’s Luna: Spirit of The Whale, FUBAR 2, Western Confidential, The Plateau, Blackstone, AMC’s Hell on Wheels, CBC’s Strange Empire and soon to be seen in the new HBO’s Lewis and Clark series as Chief Le Borgne.

Auger produced, wrote and directed the short film “Walking Alone” and a National Film Board of Canada documentary “Honour Thy Father” won Best Film Representing Cultural Diversity at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards in 2009. He wrote and produced the series “The Ancients for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network” and worked on the sequel to his film “Honour Thy Father—Our Journey Home”, which deals with Christianity and Native spirituality in Indian country.

Auger has been on his spiritual journey for over 20 years and often coordinates a sweat lodge ceremony to have spirit helpers empower and enlighten others. One of his missions in life is to honour the Indigenous people in terms of how they are portrayed. In 1996 and 1997 Auger was awarded the National Native Role Model by the Governor General of Canada and spent the next two years visiting more than 30 communities across Canada, inspiring his aboriginal peers, relating stories about his experiences and bonding with locals through cultural events and ceremonies. Auger is the first aboriginal recipient of the Rotary International Integrity Award for the Avenue of Nations in Alberta.

Auger continues to produce films, television series and documentaries aiming to advance the status and expose the stereotyping of his people. Auger latest roles are doing just that, playing a cult leader to a modern day Native American with a rock star style in Russia. Making Russian cinematic history as an Indigenous actor shooting a film in Russia.

Gerald is available for interviews and photographs upon request.

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