Young Vancouver actor William Ainscough stars on City’s new original series “Seed”, premiering February 4th, 2013

At just nine years old, William is following in his parents’ footsteps entering the world of entertainment.

The Promotion People - William Ainscough

Nine-year old actor William Ainscough is making a serious impression in the film and television industry, booking his first two auditions after deciding he’d like to follow in his parents’ footsteps (his mother is actor Nicole Oliver and father is music producer Chris Ainscough), and enter the world of entertainment. William’s television debut comes next month, in the new original comedy series “Seed”, premiering February 4th on City. The series will give everyone a chance to see just how talented this young up-and-comer really is. The series gave William the chance to act opposite his mother in several episodes of the series, when she plays Billy’s teacher, Mrs. Anderson. The show will air Monday nights on City at 8:30pm ET/PT.


William had a terrific experience filming in Halifax, and before he returned home when filming was finished, he and co-star Abby Ross gave back to their temporary East coast home. The two young actors raised $1080, which they donated to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

William’s very first attempt at acting was a success, when he landed his first audition—an open casting call for the feature film “Hidden”. The feature film, which follows a family hiding in a bomb shelter after a mysterious outbreak devastates civilization, stars Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and is directed by the Duffer Brothers. William was successful in landing the role of Joey, a slightly shy and soulful neighbourhood boy. The movie is set to hit theatres late this year.

The Promotion People - William Ainscough

William’s interest in the acting world began after a set visit to watch his mother in action. It was then he decided to try acting for himself, and began taking classes. It was clear after booking his first two auditions that it was a path well chosen. William’s mother, Nicole Oliver is an established Canadian performer, with credits including the host of “Crash Test Mommy” for 5 seasons and appearances in a variety of film and television roles (most recently she appeared on the series “Rogue”, starring Thandie Newton). She is also widely recognized for her vast list of voice-over credits and has lent her voice to such projects as the “Barbie” animated film series, “Littlest Pet Shop” and “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

William is an accomplished drummer, loves soccer and baseball, and is a huge fan of the online game Minecraft. He is thrilled to be able to add ACTOR to his resume of accomplishments.

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