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Rooted Theatre Productions is back on the stage for the world premiere of their first original play “Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story”

The Promotion People - Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story

Rooted Theatre Productions, Vancouver’s only Black theatre company, is gearing to present “Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story” on Saturday, June 14th, 2014. Having their last 3 shows completely sold out, their 4th show will be held at the Revue Stage in Vancouver which will be their largest venue yet.

Currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Rooted Theatre Productions hopes to reach their goal of $5000 by June 9th, 2014. To help with their fundraising initiatives, visit kickstarter.com/projects/hellfighter/welcome-back-to-harlem-a-hellfighters-story.

What: Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story

When: Saturday, June 14th at 8pm

Where: Revue Stage
1601 Johnston St.
Granville Island

Tickets: $35 online at 
RootedProductions.com, the box office ~ 604-629-8849, or at the door

Whatever the occasion, whatever the hardships, there was the music.” – Denis Simpson, founding member of Rooted Theatre

“Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story” is set against the backdrop of the dynamic Harlem Renaissance art scene and offers its audience live music, singing, dancing and poetry. The compelling play was written by up-and-coming Vancouver writer Tito Kamel, who was inspired by his research into the story of the 369th Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters.

The story surrounds the first all-Black regiment who was sent overseas to fight in France against the Germans in WWI. When the play’s African American hero returns to Harlem after heroically fighting for his country abroad, he struggles to reintegrate into his community.

About Rooted Theatre Productions
Rooted Theatre Productions started out as a simple play reading group 5 years ago in the living room of  Artistic Director Marsha Regis. Today, the independent company comprises about 25 of Vancouver’s most talented Black actors, singers, dancers and musicians.

The company’s productions have played to sold-out houses including the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall, and the Calabash Bistro which was featured on the CBC evening news: youtube.com/watch?v=U0_ZRVX1rG8. The company’s audience can’t seem to get enough of the live music, dances, songs and poems Rooted has come to be known for.


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The Canadian Premiere of Tommy Smith’s ‘White Hot’ starring Loretta Walsh, Noel Johansen, Stefania Indelicato and Charlie Carrick to be directed by Ben Ratner at The Shop Theatre from May 8th to May 17th, 2014

The Promotion People - White HotPlaywright Tommy Smith will be in attendance on Opening Night May 8th

Director Ben Ratner and Actor/Producers Loretta Walsh and Noel Johansen are teaming up again for the highly anticipated Canadian Premiere of Tommy Smith’s ‘White Hot’ coming to Vancouver audiences from May 8th to May 17th at The Shop Theatre.

Fresh off the theatrical release of his award-winning film Down River, Ratner has assembled a fine cast to take on this provocative and challenging script. Produced by Walsh’s Kindred Entertainment, this promises to be another top-notch production from strong new voices in the Vancouver theatre scene.

After a successful collaboration last year with the play ‘Dinner with Friends’, Ratner (Down River) will be directing, while Walsh (When Calls the Heart) and Johansen (Adeline) are acting, joined by fast-rising actors Stefania Indelicato (Annual Getaway) and Charlie Carrick (The Borgias) in the Canadian Premiere of this powerful and engaging play.

” **** Incendiary … [Tommy Smith’s] dialogue has brass on its knuckles … WHITE HOT brands Smith forcefully as a talent to watch and to stomach.” — Adam Feldman, TIME OUT NEW YORK

“A beautifully written study in nihilism … revealing why so many marriages, based on such blind attempts at controlling another person and some understandably devious responses to it, lead to duplicitous affairs.” – Steven Leigh Morris, LA WEEKLY

The Promotion People - Ben Ratner

“White Hot is a fever blister of a play. It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. It’s raw and tough and meaty, grown up theater for adults who crave intellectual and artistic drama.” – Michael Strangeways, SEATTLE GAY SCENE

White Hot’ is a darkly comedic psycho-drama crammed into a love triangle between a troubled woman, her opportunistic husband, and her trashed sister. Burrowing fearlessly into themes of sexual deviance and social depravity, White Hot playfully struts the razor’s edge between hilarity and horror.

New York based Playwright Tommy Smith will be in attendance opening night on May 8th

Photography Credit:  Chara Berk

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