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Erotic Drama ‘A New York Love Story’ Premieres at SoHo International Film Festival on May 18th at 9:15 pm

The Promotion People - A New York Love Story

Drama, love and the never-ending trials and tribulations to find a lasting relationship are set against the sexy backdrop of New York City in the feature film debut of Canadian director Apolla Echino.

A New York Love Story’ tells the story of Delphine, a dancer living in New York who’s exploring some new found relationships in the infamous city. Despite her best intentions to keep her relationships casual and simple, Delphine falls hard for a sexy and charismatic painter. Although he is smitten with her, The Painter continues an array of sexual relationships, unable to concentrate solely on Delphine despite the fact that he loves her. Though they initially started an open relationship, both Delphine and The Painter soon discover that love is hardly ever that simple.

Premiering at the SoHo International Film Festival on Sunday May 18th at 9:15 pm at the Village East Cinemas, ‘A New York Love Story’ has also been accepted into the 17th annual Dances with Films Festival, taking place in Los Angeles from May 29th – June 8 at the historical Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

View the trailer here: http://www.industry-works.com/a-new-york-love-story/

The Promotion People - A New York Love Story

Starring Richard Short, who is perhaps best known for his roles as Harlan Moore on the TV series ‘666 Park Avenue’ & Agent Sam Cowley on the feature film ‘Public Enemies’ and director Apolla Echino in her first major role in a feature film as the title characters; the film breathes life into the difficulties everyone has in relating to one another and finding true understanding, commitment and love within relationships. The film also features Miguel Pinzon, currently starring in ‘Mystery Girls’, a new ABC sitcom and Courtney Reed who is starring as Princess Jasmine on the Tony Award-nominated ‘Aladdin’ on Broadway.

Attending the premiere at the SoHo International Film Festival and walking the red carpet will be director Apolla Echino and star Richard Short along with supporting cast Courtney Reed, Sam Underwood, Thomas Beaudoin, Wynn Holmes and crew members Judy Henderson, Oliver Lessard and Kimberly Graham. Also in attendance will be producers Justin Ruane and Glen Trotiner and artist David Hochbaum, whose artwork was featured in the film.

For tickets to the NYC premiere, go to: http://newyorklovestory.eventbrite.com/

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