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Goldstein Douglas Entertainment Represents Canadian Television Series “The Travel Guys”

Cord Douglas of Goldstein Douglas Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have acquired the rights to distribute the popular Canadian Television Series “The Travel Guys”. Goldstein Douglas Entertainment will be representing the series at MIPCOM in Cannes this October, 2012.

The Promotion People The Travel Guys

The Promotion People The Travel Guys

“The Travel Guys” TV show is more than a travel information program; it is funny and personality driven. Jim Gordon and Darren Parkman helm the series and travel the world providing viewers with insight on both popular and undiscovered destinations; including tips on how to get there, where to stay, and what to see, all with a healthy dose of humor. Now in their 9th season, the show airs weekly in over 15 million households in Canada. They are very excited about their opportunity to work with Goldstein Douglas Entertainment and bring their show to an even wider audience. The Travel Guys have filmed over 100 destinations in 50 different countries including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Caribbean, China, England, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, U.S.A. and the annual Film Festival in Palm Springs, California.

The Promotion People The Travel Guys

They have interviewed the biggest stars in the world – including Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, Helen Mirren, and Brad Pitt – and have experienced strange adventures, like: betting on coconut-plucking monkeys in Northern Malaysia; tumbling down a steep hill inside a giant ball, all for a sport New Zealanders call “zorbing”; petting a panda bear in Xian, China; drinking Guinness while singing songs with locals in a 500 year old Dublin pub, Ireland’s oldest; seeing the stunning sites 50 feet below the water’s surface while skidubing in Borneo; climbing above the clouds; snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; dressing as samurai warriors in Osaka, Japan; and enjoying a true Bellini at its’ birthplace, Harry’s Bar, Venice, Italy. All in a days work!

JIM GORDON is Co-Host, Co-Writer and Co-Producer of The Travel Guys. Jim gained valuable experience in the movie industry while traveling to exotic locations for CBS TV and working on numerous TV series’ in Canada and USA. When he’s not on the road with The Travel Guys, Jim can be seen reviewing movies nationally every week on CTV News Channel. Jim writes for BC Lifestyles and Wineries Refined Magazine.

DARREN PARKMAN is Co-Host, Co-Writer and Co-Producer of The Travel Guys. With 20 years of media experience in radio, television and print Darren brings to the show travel experience gained as a Co-Host of a prime-time radio show aired from locations around the world. When Darren is not on the road with The Travel Guys he writes an entertainment column and travels the world writing a weekly travel column for Metro across Canada.

The Promotion People The Travel Guys

About Goldstein Douglas

Established in July 2011, Goldstein Douglas Entertainment was created by entertainment industry innovators Bobby Goldstein and Cord Douglas.

The Promotion People The Travel Guys Goldstein is the producer/creator of the long-running popular realty series “Cheaters”. In 1995, Goldstein created the concept of “Cheaters”—a vision for a new type of show that came long before the popularity of reality programming. After establishing his own television production company Bobby Goldstein Productions, Inc., Goldstein filmed the pilot for “Cheaters” and in fall of 1999, with the assistance of Cord Douglas as his distributor, moved forward with the sales of “Cheaters” worldwide. “Cheaters” airs in over 100 countries world-wide and will be reaching its 300th one-hour episode next season.

Cord Douglas has been in the programming distribution business for nearly 20 years. He has worked with programming in a multitude of genres. Cord has negotiated commissions and pre-sales for action-hour series, non-fiction series and tele-features with companies such as Disney/ABC, NBC Universal Cable Networks, Showtime, Spike TV, Discovery Networks, Court TV, and Fox Cable Networks. Cord is well respected in the business and has established connections with television networks throughout the world.


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