Edmonton, Alberta – For Immediate Release: September 21, 2018

International Award Winning Director Carl Bessai returns home to screen his latest feature film ‘KREUZBERG’ at the Edmonton International Film Festival

The controversial and topical love story about discrimination, gentrification, and immigration.

Internationally celebrated award-winning filmmaker Carl Bessai is returning home to screen his latest film, Kreuzberg, at the Edmonton International Film Festival. The Western Canadian Premiere of Kreuzberg will screen on Saturday, Sept. 29, 6:00 p.m., Landmark Cinemas 9, City Centre, 10200 102 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta. Carl will be in attendance.

‘Kreuzberg’ is a highly charged, political and romantic drama written and directed by Carl Bessai, produced by Munire Armstrong and Carl Bessai and is being distributed worldwide by IndustryWorks Studios.

The layers of cultural, social and political elements that are at the root of ‘Kreuzberg’ make the exploration unique in its time and place.  By using the fabric of the classic Shakespeare tale Romeo and Juliet as the basis for the conflict, the tragedy, and in this case – the forgiveness of two families divided – ‘Kreuzberg’ is a construct of something engaging as a story, but with ripples of social and political history that are important to our contemporary dialogue as citizens of the global community. ‘Kreuzberg’ stars Denise Ankel (‘Immigration Game’, ‘The Disenchanted’), Lila Gurmen (TV Series ‘Karadayi’), and Horst-Gunter Marx (TV Series ‘In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte’).  In Director/Writer Carl Bessai’s words, this film is ‘A re-imagined Romeo and Juliet in a globalized world.”

A young woman (Denise Ankel) living in Berlin falls in love with a Syrian immigrant despite the misgivings of her family and friends. Jasmine (Denise Ankel) runs the Café Kotti in central Kreuzberg in the heart of Berlin with her East German father Werner (Horst-Gunter Marx) and her Turkish stepmother Lila (Lila Gurmen).  For a long time, Kreuzberg was considered an undesirable place, but 25 years after the fall of the wall, the boutiques, and fancy restaurants are on the doorstep and slowly the neighborhood is changing.  Some people associate the latest wave of Syrian immigrants with crime and drug dealing but others, like Werner and Jasmine, hold an open door policy.  When Jasmine breaks up with her German boyfriend to take up with the handsome young Syrian refugee, the division between friends, family and neighbors become politically heightened.

‘Kreuzberg’ is a contemporary view of a history that few in this world could forget. This film explores the immigrant experience, gentrification, and the way love can bind us and pull us apart.

Kreuzberg will screen on Saturday, Sept. 29, 6:00 p.m., Landmark Cinemas 9, City Centre, 10200 102 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta

MEET FILMMAKER Carl Bessai for a brief discussion in-theatre immediately following this screening of KREUZBERG. Carl is available for interviews upon request.


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