Goodlad Coffee, Clothing and Cut join forces under one roof in heightened retail experience

GOODLAD brings a memorable shopping experience to the North Shore in a unique retail concept located across from the Sea Bus Terminal

This summer, North Vancouver had an exciting addition to the neighbourhood. Right across the street from the Sea Bus Terminal, next to Lonsdale Quay, a one-of-a-kind retail space opened in the form of GOODLAD Coffee, Clothing, and Cut. The innovative shop has now opened its doors.

The talent behind GOODLAD is the creative trio of Shane Meier (Clothing), Christopher Glenn (Cut) and Mike Hong (Coffee). This project brought to life their idea of combining men’s clothing, barbering, and coffee under one roof for a heightened retail experience. Their collective love of entrepreneurship and passion for people, paired with their extensive business experience, is a recipe for success for the spacious shop, located at the intersection at Chesterfield and 221 Esplanade in North Vancouver. It’s the perfect stop for sea bus commuters, residents and tourists alike.

Wanting to create a ‘stand-out shop’, the team spared no expense for the interior design of the space, which took over six months to complete. Well-known and highly respected Cutler Design is delivering a concept that will create a memorable experience that clients won’t want to leave.


The man behind the concept is Shane Meier, who was a busy child actor with memorable roles that include Clint Eastwood’s son in the Oscar-winning film ‘Unforgiven’, Young Macgyver on TV’s ‘MacGyver’, and roles in Steven King’s ‘Needful Things’, ‘Andre,’ ‘The Matthew Shepard Story’, and countless more local and US network shows over the years. Having spent a number of years working in Los Angeles, Shane wanted to bring a unique men’s shopping experience that he had enjoyed during his travels, back to Vancouver. With Shane’s talent, Mike’s marketing background and Chris’ creativity as a marketing & design artist, this collaboration has the ability to leave customers in awe of the design and services offered. Adding the barbershop and coffee shop to the clothing concept was a ‘no brainer’. Men want quality service quickly, so to be able to buy clothes, grab a drink and get a shave all in less than an hour makes for a pleasurable experience.


After spending over six months looking in North Vancouver for a location, the team finally found the perfect space. They got lucky with the location, which is just a 30-second walk from Lonsdale Quay and located directly across the street from the movie theater.


Partnering with Brooklyn Clothing’s Jason Overbo and Howard Clothing’s Chris Martin, Shane is bringing their high-end men’s denim fashion brands and personal service to the North Shore.  GOODLAD is able to carry brands that other shops can’t as they have built strong relationships with vendors going back 15 years. Dressing men from head to toe, GOODLAD carries men’s denim, outerwear, boots, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, socks, underwear, shorts and endless apothecary.


High-end American, Canadian and European-made denim anchors the collections. Bigger brands include AG, Nudie, Kato, Canada Goose, Barbour, with smaller local brands like 18 Waits, Outclass, Viberg Boots and Vancouver’s own Reigning Champ and Wings and Horns to round out the brands that will keep men looking good and coming back for more.

As GOODLAD is a small “owner operated” shop, chances are you will have Shane helping you in your clothing search. The partners attend trade shows in New York and LA twice a year, continuously searching for the newest trends.


GOODLAD Coffee is a happening place as commuters can grab a cup of coffee and bite to eat as they travel to and from Vancouver. Conveniently located at the front of the shop for commuters running to catch the Sea Bus, it’s a quick stop and you’re on your way.

Their coffee brewer is local West End Roaster, so a cup of that paired with a tasty item from the menu, and you are ready to start or end your day. Featured items include Bullet Coffee – a high-octane blend of espresso, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and pure MCT oil.

A must-try is the Spicy Chorizo English Muffin, combining egg, Havarti cheese, fire-roasted corn, and spicy chorizo sausage. Grilled and served hot!



GOODLAD offers traditional men’s cuts with modern techniques and style. Christopher Glenn sums up his experience as a barber, saying: “It is all about the client, their needs and nothing to do with trends or fads. GOODLAD follows the 60/ 40 rule – 60% cut, 40% experience. Our clients aren’t after a quick cut or an in and out astrosphere – they come to us for advice, community, an effortlessly cool vibe and experience that they really can’t get elsewhere. They’re our clients, not customers and we look after them as such.”

GOODLAD services include Hair Cut, Shave, Buzz Cut, Beard Trim, Wash Blow-Dry & Style, and Cleanup.

“Oh man, how cool is this concept? We love that we are bringing something very different to the clothing, barbering & coffee experience to North Vancouver. Honestly we couldn’t think of a cooler city! The people are so friendly and so cool, they’re going to really dig this,” says Chris.

Shane, Chris and Mike are looking forward to bringing their enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and vision to the North Shore. They invite everyone to visit this unique shopping/service concept in an electric atmosphere.

GOODLAD is located at 221 Esplanade at Chesterfield in North Vancouver. 

Hours: Saturday to Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Call GOODLAD at 604-971-3939

For press inquiries, more information, interviews, and photos, please contact:

Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575


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