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Vancouver Filmmaker Patrick Stark and Academy Award winner Allie Light screen their compelling film ‘Any Wednesdayalongside Eleanor Coppola’s ‘Two for Dinner’ at the prestigious Mill Valley Film festival on October 13 at 4:30 p.m.

Prolific American documentarian and Academy Award winner Allie Light and well-respected Canadian director Patrick Stark join forces to direct the timely feature film Any Wednesday, scheduled to screen at the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival on October 13th at 4:30 p.m.

Any Wednesday stars Mary Black (Man of Steel) as Agnes and Shane Dean (Rogue, Fear the Walking Dead) as C’Mo. The short drama, which is based on a true story, brings together the most unlikely travel companions: Agnes, a 79-year-old woman in the early stages of dementia who has a flat tire on a dark and rainy Wednesday evening on her way home from choir practice, and C’Mo, a young homeless Iraq war veteran with PTSD who changes her tire. C’Mo asks for a ride, and Agnes can’t say no. Their commonalities of remembering and forgetting to create a bond between them. As the night continues, Agnes’ husband and son fear for the worst. While her family frets, these two people—separated by age, race, class, and even diagnoses—bond in their frail humanity.

The film is based on the real-life story of David Lundstedt’s mother, Light’s son-in-law. He and Light’s daughter, Julia Hilder, are also the film’s co-producers.

“Think Driving Miss Daisy, but with her at the wheel,” says Light.

“I was excited by the opportunity of collaborating with Allie and to ultimately help realize the vision she had for the film”, says Stark.

Patrick met Allie Light, a critically acclaimed documentarian, through a mutual friend right as he was wrapping up principal photography on his feature-length documentary, One Life No Regrets. Allie has produced, directed and edited award-winning films for more than 25 years, and is also the author of one novel and four short stories. Any Wednesday is one of those four. Patrick is an entrepreneur and filmmaker, with a web-based project in development, and a creative agency with a focus on both live action and animation.

Dementia and homelessness are unfortunately things that Patrick is familiar with. His grandmother was in the early stages of dementia before passing away, and his nephew is living on the streets in Vancouver’s East End. “When I read Allie’s script, it broke my heart. I felt it was an important story to tell and was confident that I had something to offer in helping to direct performances,” says Stark. “The actors immersed themselves in their respective roles and absolutely delivered.”

Directors Patrick Stark and Allie Light are thrilled to share the night with director Eleanor Coppola’s bittersweet drama Two for Dinner. Separated by work, a couple arranges a video chat date night. While Lainie (Joanne Whalley) dines at their favorite LA bistro, film director Jack (Chris Messina), on location, makes do at a rustic Montana eatery. Throughout the effervescent, romantic evening, they flirt, eat, toast, and Jack begs Lainie to join him—but does he mean it?


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About Allie Light

Allie Light is best known for her 1991 documentary In the Shadow of the Stars, which garnered her and her late husband, Irving Saraf, an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Her long list of credits include a variety of critically acclaimed films, such as: Rachel’s Daughters: Searching for the Causes of Breast Cancer (HBO),Dialogues With Madwomen, (Emmy Award; Freedom of Expression Award, Sundance Film Festival); In The Shadow Of The Stars, (Academy Award); Mitsuye and Nellie, Asian American Poets; Visions of Paradise(five films about folk artists); Shakespeare’s Children(produced by Kate Kline May); Blind Spot: Murder by Women; Children and Asthma and Good Food, Bad Food, Obesity in American Children, An Iraqi Lullaby and The Sermons of Sister Jane, and Believing the Unbelievable, and Empress Hotel.

About Patrick Stark

Patrick has worked in the film industry since 1990, climbing his way up from a variety of entry-level positions in Vancouver’s Hollywood film-service business, to writing, directing and producing his own films.

After a stint on the fifth season of The X-Files as the hit show’s trainee assistant director, he assembled many of the cast and crew to produce Tilt, a contemporary reimagining of Don Quixote. Over 700 individuals from Vancouver’s film industry assisted in this five-year endeavor, in the form of talent, labor, and money to complete it.

Patrick recently finished directing his first film,One Life, No Regrets, a documentary spanning ten years where he challenges his own fear of singing in public, from a first vocal lesson and singing in the streets to one-on-one with rock musicians and an invitation to sing with the “biggest band in the world”, U2.

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