Some Assembly Required is comprised of great characters, funny dialogue, hilarious situations, big physical comedy, and relationship-based stories with heart. The multi-camera show is shot in front of a live studio audience and will be premiering on YTV Monday, January 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Our first interview is with cast member Charlie Storwick, whose fiercely independent attitude, edgy sense of style and musical talent led her to play Piper Gray on Some Assembly Required. Piper is a sardonic, alternative “hacker chick” (her term). She can program code, overclock a computer, and kick your butt at Halo. All that makes Piper a natural to head up the Knickknack Toys video game and app division.

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Tell us about your character.
My character is named “Piper Grey”. She’s a very quirky feisty gal. She has lots of spunk, and a LOT of attitude. She likes the world to think that she doesn’t like people in general, but deep down she loves her co-workers at ‘Knickknack Toys’ and she wants the company to succeed. Piper is strong willed, and is NOT afraid to voice her opinion. She is very clever with technology, in fact, that’s her role at the toy company: “Technical programming and game design.” Piper is not your average girl. She has eclectic style, and a quick mind. She doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way of completing a mission. She has one soft spot, and that is Jarvis Raines. Piper has had a HUGE crush on Jarvis since she started working at the company. He has no clue, but tries to express her love for him, but he tends to not see it.

What attracted you to “Some Assembly Required”?
I remember reading the audition sides for ‘Some Assembly Required’ for the first time. I instantly fell in love with the show. The concept of kids running a toy company just clicked with me. I had never heard of a show that was anything like this one. I like to look at the show as “misfit toys that run a company”. All of the roles in the show are so different from each other and yet they work so well together. The picture the script painted in my head just seemed so magical. The show just sounded like 100% fun, and it is.

Is this your first acting experience?
This is indeed my first acting experience, and I could not of asked for a better first experience. I am having a blast and learning every day.

What do you find is the best experience about being part of an ensemble cast?
The best part of being a part of an ensemble cast is definitely the bond we’ve created. I feel like I have a second family that has the love of the same thing I do. It could not be better. We are all learning and growing together, and it could not be cooler. We get to share laughs every day. We support each other, and we just love being together.

Why do you think that people should watch “Some Assembly Required”?
If you are looking for a good laugh and a unique show this is the perfect show for you. It has something for everybody.

Tell us about your experience when you were the winner on the fourth season of “The Next Star”.
The Next Star experience was insane. I was only twelve at the time, and I was learning to develop the skills that I have now. When I was crowned “The Next Star” I was speechless. That whole finale was a blur and still is to that very day. I cannot believe that I was crowned winner, and I cannot believe where that experience has gotten me.

Do you write songs?
I do in fact write songs. I’ve been writing since I can remember and I love it more than anything. I have this dream of giving people the special felling that music gives me, with my own songs. I write every day, hoping one day to publish and inspire others. Music is such a gift and I can’t imagine life without it.

Favorite concert you’ve been to?
I remember going to my first concert ever, which was “Hilary Duff’s Fly concert” It will always be my favourite concert, because that was the first time I had been exposed to music in such a energetic atmosphere. I remember wanting to be a musician the second Hilary Duff walked on stage.

What are your favorite fashion brands?
Some of my fave fashion brands are: Betsy Johnson, Chanel (I have nothing from Chanel, I just drool over the clothes when I see them in magazines), Urban Outfitters, Free people.. I could go on FOREVER. Anything vintage and eclectic is a definite yes!

Do you like using social media?
I love using social media for two min reasons.
ONE: I have this incredible opportunity to connect with my fans.
TWO: I love posting fun things, social media is such a fun thing. I look at it as a way to share smiles. I love being quirky and real on social media. I try to show people that I’m just a person, nothing more. I’m just as special as anyone.

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