Full Blood Moon Entertainment announces distribution deal with Film Marketing Services in Los Angeles for their Indigenous Gothic Horror Film “Bohemian Blood”

Poster ArtThe Four Horsemen of Full Blood Moon Entertainment Inc.(FBM) Gerald Auger, Cam White, Cam Belseth and Michael Bourree, are pleased to announce the completion of their production of the Indigenous Gothic Horror Short Film Bohemian Blood. The Film is lead by the acting of Indigenous Co-writer/Lead, Gerald Auger (Pawnee Killer from Hell on Wheels) alongside Actor/Writer/Director Cam White, who makes his international directorial debut on this no-budget, high demand film.

Filmed in Grande Prairie, Alberta with local cast and crew, what started as a 48hr Film Challenge blew up into something much bigger than anyone could have imagined. Spawning a new film genre (Indigenous Gothic Horror) European and Indigenous Worlds collide in this long awaited counter to the typical clash on film and allow the audience to see an Indigenous person in a horror movie lead role, breaking stereotypes.

Bohemian Blood has signed a world-wide distribution deal with Film Marketing Services out of Los Angeles and within two months has already been accepted into film festivals in; Culver City, CA, Silicon Valley, CA, Marina Del Ray, CA and New York City. Reps were present at the Sundance Film Festival market and will also make an appearance at the Berlin Film Festival Market later this year.


Bohemian Blood, tries to touch on many social issues while forcing the audience to interpret subtle hints of the underlying cultural themes.  The story is about Indigenous Gothic Spiritual leader, The Bohemian Blood Master, who helps his women take back control of their lives by having them deal out punishment to the men who hurt them, and filling the Canvas’ with blood.

‘People are ready for a change and Full Blood Moon Entertainment is going to give it to them’  Actor/Writer/Director Cam White of Bohemian Blood and CEO of FBM.

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Full Blood Moon Entertainment (FBM) is a diverse multi-platform company rapidly spreading the concept of Indigenous Gothic Horror, through film, television and new media.  Actor/Writer/Producer/Director Gerald Auger (Hell on Wheels, Strange Empire, Into The West), is the President of FBM and driving force behind it all.  He is supported by company partners (The Four Horsemen) Cam White, Cam Belseth and Michael Bourree.  White is the Companies CEO and Writer/Director while Darkmass Productions owner Cam Belseth leads FBM’s technical team as head of production, and Michael Bourree is Editor and Chief of Post Production.  FBM wants to spread the message of unification to all races and people through an unorthodox means of transportation, Horror Films. This contradiction and the Indigenous gothic spirit of Gerald Auger has caught the public’s interest and intrigue.

Indigenous Gothic Horror Genre, What Is It?
Indigenous Gothic Horror (IGH) is a new genre of horror movie that combines the European and Indigenous worldview through film, television and fashion. It is a form of ancient storytelling that has been passed down through the ages through oral teachings and stories. IGH maintains the authenticity of the Indigenous culture, language and way of life and respects and honours the Ancestry of the Indigenous People of the world. Combining dark colours with land based elements, Indigenous Gothic Horror is considered storytelling with a spiritual twist, and is rapidly gaining momentum and recognition in film, TV, fashion, and other new media worlds.

‘This world is ready for an Indigenous leader/actor in film to be more than Hollywood’s typical John Wayne version of an Indian on a horse wearing buckskin with a feather in his hair. All races of man need to be represented equally in film, television and new media in order to debunk and break stereotypes created by the Western World. We are on the cusp of global change and a collective consciousness of unity, healing and love’ Gerald Auger, President of Full Blood Moon Entertainment and the Bohemian Blood Master in Bohemian Blood.

The short film is the calling card Film for Full Blood Moon Entertainment who plan to corner the new niche market of Indigenous Goth.  FBM currently has multiple film projects at various stages of development and the script for Bohemian Blood is currently getting finalized with plans to be ready for the markets by Spring.

Gerald Auger and Cam White are available for interviews upon request and can be reached at fullbloodmoonentertainment@gmail.com

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