paul019-eWhite Ninja”, the first narrative series developed for the Vine platform, will premiere at the Whistler Film Festival December 5th and on the “White Ninja” Vine channel ( The launch will coincide with a panel on digital distribution that features “White Ninja” producers Tyler Funk, David Kaye, and Jameson Parker. The panel is part of the Content Connections program “Stream Big” at the Whistler Summit on Saturday, December 5th from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.

Paul Scheer stars and voices the titular Ninja in the series based on the hugely popular web comic “White Ninja” that ran exclusive strips on The intellectually restricted and, apparently, pain impervious eponymous character was created by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle. The strip has over 1300 comics boasting a fan base that spreads across the globe.

Scheer is known for his role as Andre Nowzick on FX’s The League as well as stints on 30 Rock, The Kroll Show and Fresh Off The Boat, Hulu’s Hotwives of Las Vegas and the recent comedy special CrashTest, Scheer is joined by Kathleen Barr (Ed, Edd n’ Eddy, ReBoot.), Brian Drummond (Inspector Gadget, DragonBallZ), Shannon Chan Kent (Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony), and David A. Kaye (Make Way for Noddy, X-Men Evolution) who will lend their voices to a wide world of characters.

WN CatThe series boasts and impressive roster of Vine stars among their team of directors. Brandon Bowen, Jon Paul Piques (Piques), Gabe Erwin, Esa Fung (Esa Fungtastic), Gregor Reynolds (GregorR), and Stewart Reynolds (Brittlestar) will be joined by directors Michelle Ouellet (Afterparty, Hooked on Speedman), Matthew Clarke (Convos With My Two Year Old), Jameson Parker (College Humor’s The Price is Precise) and showrunner Tyler Funk (FTW, Friend Request) who have all come on board to direct a block of episodes for the series.

After the initial launch on December 5th the show will roll out three episodes a week on the White Ninja Vine channel –

“Our goal has always been to reinvent the Sunday Comic Strip and we are excited to share this newest iteration of White Ninja with the world” said Funk, “we think that the Whistler Film Festival is the best place to introduce this series to the world”.

North of Now Films and Whiskaye Films, two Vancouver-based production companies, have teamed up to resurrect the hugely popular web comic. Tyler Funk of North of Now Films is heading up the project as the digital creator and showrunner working with Jameson Parker and David Kaye of Whiskaye Films who are on board as Executive Producers.

Multiple award-winning animator Erick Grigorovski is attached to the project as its lead animator, tasked with transporting this minimalistic and quirky world to this new and exciting format.

North of Now is a creative production agency based out of Vancouver, BC specializing in digital content. Producing visually inspiring and engaging advertisements we strive to push the envelope, creating new and exciting branded content and capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide.

Whiskaye Films is a Vancouver-based film and television production company founded by David Kaye and Jameson Parker. Whiskaye Films strives to develop and produce internationally recognized content that both entertains and matters.

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