Darryl Lenox Release Newest Stand-Up Album Super Bloom

Internationally Renowned Comedian Darryl Lenox just released his newest Stand-Up album Super Bloom worldwide with Stand Up! Records

Super Bloom follows his hugely successful Blind Ambition album special

He sees the parallel to his own life that good can follow tragedy

American Comedian Darryl Lenox is pleased to announce that his newest comedy album Super Bloomhas been released worldwide with Stand Up! Records. His newest album follows the hugely successful Blind Ambition album and special. The California wildfires followed by weeks of torrential downpour resulted in fields of beautiful poppies on the state’s hillsides. Lenox sees the parallel to his own life. Good can follow tragedy.

Darryl Lenox, Super Bloom Album

Time plus tragedy is the reputed no-fail recipe for comedy, but tragedy plus time? That’s the formula for your own personal Super Bloom. At precisely the right moment, Darryl Lenox returns with an uproarious new stand-up album and this unexpected message of hope, drawn from observing how horrendous, choking wildfires followed by a season of torrential rains and mudslides created the perfect conditions for a historic wildflower crop that brought tourists back and allowed California’s communities to rebuild. Your own Super Bloom might look different, of course—smaller, more personal, and yet still symmetrical. Once willing to palm some genitals in return for Skittles, for example, Lenox’s recent rainbow of a Super Bloom came in the form of someone willing to apply the sweetness (and then, naturally, remove it) to his own nethers. In years past, it involved Newfoundlanders upending decades-old trauma inflicted by dirtbag racists with their overtly friendly application of some of the very same slurs. Equally filthy and philosophical, Lenox is never far from his core belief that life is incredible, in every sense, nor from his daily affirmation, “I’m health. I’m wealth. I’m success. I’m love.” Yet he knows just as well that he’s also, as an older Black gentleman once confirmed, that comic from Conan, “the real philosophical n—– with the f—– up eyes!” Both visions, to an almost totally blind man, are inarguably accurate pictures. And so, he says, get comfortable with you. Others will follow. They just need time. And to get over it when you accidentally tea-bag them getting into your cab, “Muslim burrito” in one hand, Black Lives Matter sign in the other, then ask to be dropped off at the nearest riot. 


In 2013, Darryl Lenox told Conan O’Brien’s national TV audience he really believed he’d commit suicide if the surgery to save what little vision he had left went wrong. Earlier this year, he woke up one morning to find he was completely blind.

Life has thrown plenty of lemons at Lenox these past eight years. His first wife, whom he remained friends with, called him two years ago with her own thoughts of suicide. Only she followed through with the threat.

In 2018, the divorce papers for his second marriage came through on what would have been his 10-year wedding anniversary.

But Lenox is philosophical. Always has been. He makes the best damn lemonade in the business. He has gone from notoriety from his fear of blindness to becoming, as he describes it, a “more whole” human being albeit without his sight.

Throughout these troubles, where he has had to learn to become dependent on other people, he has gotten funnier – and even more introspective than he already was. While the world changes around him, Lenox hasn’t, for example, seen a masked citizenry, never seen the George Floyd video. He’s not emotionally attached to otherwise hot-button issues; rather he feeds off the energy of those he speaks with and therefore can be a more objective observer of life.

Darryl Lenox has gone from Blind Ambition to totally blind and still as ambitious as ever. Somewhere in between his own personal super bloom happened.

He’s always had that Yoda-like wisdom, doling out advice to young comedians like Seth Rogen, who included Lenox’s words of wisdom in his book Year Book (the audio version includes Darryl himself reciting those very words).

From Seattle to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to New York to Florida, wherever the work has taken him, Lenox has always kept a place in his adopted hometown of Vancouver, BC, where he learned to be the awe-inspiring comedian he is today.

Darryl Lenox has appeared on Starz, A&E’s “Evening at the Improv,” BET’s “Comic View,” “Best of BET’s Comic View Special,” “Best of Just for Laughs Comedy Festival New Year’s Eve Special,” Comedy Central’s “Jamie Foxx’s Laffa Polooza,” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham.”


Stand Up! Records is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and run by Grammy Award-winning comedy producer Dan Schlissel. With a growing catalog and more than 200 releases, they have a 20-year history as an incubator for the comedy stars of tomorrow. More than just a record label, it is a comedy brand juggernaut, combining comedy and great art, curating a Roku Stand Up! Channel, discovering new talent and producing comedy festivals.

Darryl is available for interviews upon request.

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Super Bloom will be available on all streaming platforms on December 17, 2021 

Photo Credit: Chris Brown | Chrisbrown-photography.com

Cover art by Oliver Barrett. Courtesy of Stand Up! Records.

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