Circus Entertainment for Weddings

Circus Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Every woman (but also a man) wants a fairytale wedding from which they will have some of the most beautiful life memories. This date is one of the most important in life; while some want to celebrate it modestly, gathering only their loved ones, some people want to make a spectacle of their big day and throw an unforgettable party for their guests.

However, clients should not forget the fact that all attention should be on the bride and groom. Circus acts should never steal the show. Their performance must be a touch of fun and excitement; they can be here and there, noted and stylish but modest compared to the newlyweds.


Dance and entertainment are integral parts of every wedding, and hiring circus artists will take all the fun to a higher level. If your celebration takes place in a large venue with a podium where choreography can be performed, you can engage talented circus dancers to entertain your guests.

Depending on the type of your wedding party, you can opt for different choreographies, which include appropriate costumes and scenography. Dance performances never last more than a few minutes, but they are remarkable and sure will make your wedding memorable. Some of the themes most newlyweds opt for can be burlesque, showgirls, or belly dance. And if they want to shake the invitees up, break-dancers or carnival dancers is a good idea.


Walkabout performers have been one of the leading trends for any events over the last years. The mime artists, who have adapted this art to the modern market and the demands of present-days, provide excellent silent comedy and entertainment. 

Performances of mime artists are discreet but very compelling. Especially kids like these artists, but even adults will not resist joining the pantomimists in the play. It is a great way to boost your party when your guests become a part of the stage performance. This type of entertainment is an excellent choice for daytime weddings as it requires no special equipment or lighting.

Fire Performance

If you want to bring a boost of adrenaline to your guests, fire performers are something they certainly don’t see often. Fire eaters, breathers, dancers, entertainers and all kinds of enthusiasts playing with an open flame will set your wedding party on fire and make it spectacular. 

Fire performance has a long history as a ritual dance. How it became a part of the modern gatherings, see on the following page:

Solo acts or a group show, with or without music – it’s up to you (and your budget). In addition to the ‘usual’ fire show, there are options for the performers to walk and spin the fire through the crowd, juggle going on stilts, but also engage them as ‘meet and greet’ for guest arrival.

The fire show experience is best in the evening or late at night. The dark gives a dose of mysticism and further emphasizes the power of the flames with which the performers play so skillfully. So if you plan a late-afternoon wedding party, think about making it big with fire performers.

The risk of fire shows is minimal. Experienced artists perform complete preparation of the stage, providing all health and safety equipment, so both guests and participants of the show are fully protected.

Glow Show

If the use of fire to entertain is too much, but you want something similar for your wedding party, you can hire glow dancers. The LED lights these artists use are a great alternative to fire, only less harmful and dangerous. Another benefit of this show is that it can be performed in smaller spaces. 

The use of light has almost no risk, so it is possible to involve guests in the glow performance, even children. The show scheduled for the evening will be magnificent because the LED lights will be even more noticeable and the photos will be great. The newlyweds and guests will have an unforgettable experience and beautiful memories of a great wedding party.

Wedding is a great day for you, but you shouldn’t neglect your guests. You certainly want to make a good impression and organize a party to talk about for a long time. Circus acts can give you an unforgettable experience, whether you hire them as walkabout entertainers or as the scheduled show.