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Some Assembly Required is comprised of great characters, funny dialogue, hilarious situations, big physical comedy, and relationship-based stories with heart. The multi-camera show is shot in front of a live studio audience and will be premiering on YTV Monday, January 6 at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Kolton Stewart is thrilled to begin a new chapter in his life as he recently moved to Vancouver to play Jarvis Raines in the YTV series, Some Assembly Required. On the show, Jarvis is a passionate dreamer with a lot of big ideas. He’s a born leader with a winning personality who can charm anyone into doing anything for him, a trait that will come in handy as the new owner of Knickknack Toys.

The Promotion People - Some Assembly Required

Tell us about your character.
I play Jarvis Raines who is the owner of Knickknack Toys. Jarvis is a goal driven guy with a lot of big dreams and ideas now that he owns a toy store. Jarvis is very passionate about his company and co-workers and he wants to do whatever he can to run a successful toy company. He is smart, loyal and keenly aware he needs great skilled staff to make his toy company a huge success. He handpicked his staff because he knew they were the ones to make a successful team at Knickknack Toys.

How did you get involved in this TV series?
Last year I took some time off of auditioning as I was working on competitive dance and music. My agent knew I was not auditioning a lot but she got in touch with me and said this audition looked perfect for me. I went to the audition and then got a call back. I loved the script and Jarvis. I was pretty excited and hoped to get the role. I was completely blown away when I got told I was being invited to a Chemistry Read in B.C for the role of Jarvis. I had just graduated grade 8 two days earlier, but I packed my stuff and learned the script on the plane because it happened so fast! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life because I had never been flown to an audition! I knew I wanted this role when I auditioned in Toronto, but as soon as I did the Chemistry Read I just knew I had to get the role of Jarvis! I waited and waited and waited…then while I was at a camp in Seattle I got a call from my mom. She told me I got the role of Jarvis! I could not have been more excited! I couldn’t wait to move to Vancouver because I loved it there! I still feel really lucky to have been chosen for the role of Jarvis and I love working with the entire cast and crew of Some Assembly Required!

When did you know that you wanted to be an entertainer?
I have been performing music as a drummer since I was about 3 years old so I played infront of audiences before but didn’t know I was performing really. I just did it because I loved music. I joined a few competitive bands that travelled around North America but I never really thought of myself as a performer – I just loved to drum!

I also loved football and when I was 7 years old I was the starting quarterback for my football team. At a practice I got tackled and broke my leg. I decided to audition at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival for The Music Man because I knew I couldn’t play football and Ioved performing as a drummer. I went to the audition with a full leg cast and played my snare drum and sang. After three long months of intense auditioning and a full leg cast, I was so excited to hear I got the role! By the time the rehearsals started my cast was gone and I was hooked! From the time I stepped up on that stage I never wanted to step off. It was truly the best feeling ever. When I saw all of the adult professionals acting, singing and dancing I was truly inspired and knew that I wanted to be an entertainer for the rest of my life! The following season at Stratford Festival I was offered two roles in two plays. I was cast in West Side Story as a soloist and cast member and then was McDuff’s Son in MacBeth.

I was approached by an agent to audition for Lion King while doing West Side Story in Stratford. I auditioned over a three-month period and was hired as Young Simba for the North American Tour of Lion King. Travelling all around North America with so many talented actors changed my life because I knew this is what I had to do for the rest of my life. I still loved sports, but this is where I wanted to be. As soon as I finished the tour of Lion King I decided to try auditioning for Television and Film. From that point on I worked on TV shows and movies which helped me develop my skills and get me ready for one of the biggest roles of my life – Some Assembly Required.

Tell us about your experience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
I did a video with a friend and we just did it for fun. But around 25 000 views the producers from the Ellen Show contacted my mom and invited us to perform on her show. They told us this song was amazing and knew it would go viral. I did not even really understand what that meant – It happened so fast and being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was so surreal! I was so scared that I would mess up the live performance but Ellen made me feel so relaxed. She came to watch our practice run and talked to us in such a calming way that it made everything amazing! Everything you think she is onstage, she is offstage. She is kind, personable and very humble. She met with us before the show and after the show and was genuinely interested in my life and where we lived. I have never met such an incredible honest and sincere person in my life. It was truly a remarkable experience and I will never forget her generosity and kind spirit. I hope one day I get to see her again and give back the way she gave to me. It changed everything for me and I’m very grateful for this.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists?
Well Ray Charles really influenced my life and I think I own every CD he has ever put out. I listened to him non-stop when I was little! My top 5 Favorite artists now that I listen to are John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber and Usher.

Favorite clothing in your closet right now?
At the moment I am absolutely obsessed with Hollister Clothing and GShock watches!

What do you like most about doing “Some Assembly Required”?
My favorite part about doing ‘Some Assembly Required’ is just being able to film an episode every week with a group of amazing actors. I feel very lucky to work with the talented writers, editors and producers because they are so incredibly talented. I love learning from everyone here on set at Some Assembly Required. Being able to know that every week I get to film an episode is so awesome and all of my fellow cast members are truly unbelievable. They are all so talented and have become great friends.

What excites you most about doing this TV series?
What I am most excited about is that I am filming in a series. I have always dreamed about doing something like this. I just did not know it was going to happen this fast! I feel so lucky to be here! Growing up I have always watched shows on YTV and thought to myself “wow imagine if I got to be on a YTV series! Now suddenly that I am actually fulfilling one of my dreams – its so amazing!

Why should people watch this show?
People should watch this show because it is filled with laughter, excitement and drama! We have a group of great writers and every week they never fail to give us hilarious scripts. It’s a very funny show with a lot of big surprises and people of all ages will like this show. The entire cast is super talented and I think people will love this show.

Do you like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to your fans! 
I love Twitter and Facebook! Ever since being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I have really been connecting with my fans and a lot of people have been connecting with me via Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is such a great way to reach out to your peer group, your fans and your friends. Check me out on Twitter (@kolton_stewart) and Facebook (Kolton Stewart Performer)! Some Assembly Required also has Twitter, Facebook and a YouTube channel so I hope we will see you there too!

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