Cassandra MacLeane – The Passionate Numerologist

Cassandra MacLeane - The Passionate Numerologist

Cassandra MacLeane has been a practicing psychic counselor and life cycle advisor for more than thirty years. In a client session, Cassandra uses charts, tarot cards, clairvoyance, psychometry, mediumship and numero cycology as her tools.

Her clients come from all walks of life and include doctors, lawyers, psychologists, kings, clowns, athletes, movie stars, IT specialists, truck drivers, funeral directors, accountants, teachers, exotic dancers, editors and publishers, ministers and administrators.

When Cassandra MacLeane first began her practice as an intuitive reader, she did not realize that her passion for numerology was a natural fit with her psychic ability.

It soon became clear, however that calculating month day and year of birth of each client, yielded so much accurate information, that by explaining what could be easily be seen in the life of each client. This information formed a bridge of trust between the client and the reader, which allowed Cassandra to be, that rare phenomenon, a trusted and respected tarot card reader, but most of all, an accurate and useful numerologist.

Cassandra is a passionate numerologist. Early on she felt that numerology was a simple science, however, 30 years later, as she eats, sleeps, dreams, and speaks the science of numerology, she understands that she is just nibbling at the edge of what there is to know, in this under estimated somewhat forgotten science.

She believes that the date of our birth, the time we come into the world, is an equation, which explains our reason for being here on planet Earth.

She continues to explore the possibilities of what can be understood about the life of a person by calculating their birthday, and also the vibration the name of the person is known by.

One of her great interests is looking at children’s life path number, (month, day, and year of birth) and explaining it to their parents. For this reason, she is writing a book called “Parenting by the Numbers’ which she hopes will help parents and family members to understand more about how to parent effectively. Especially when their children are on a different number vibration than they themselves are.

Cassandra MacLeane has had a long successful connection with media, has had her own call in show in Vancouver at one time, and has appeared often in almost every media outlet in the city, including radio television and newspapers at one time or another over her long career.

She was honored to teach a course in numerology at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London in 2007. The college has been in continuous existence since 1875.

As a tribute to her common sense and practical approach, for 17 years she appeared regularly on the QR 77, Corus radio, the Rutherford show in Calgary. Cassandra was a regular guest on ‘The Beat’ with Kid Carson, and has also appeared on Sonic, now Virgin Radio. “The switchboard lights up anytime Cassandra was a guest on our radio talk show over the 18 years that she appeared.  She is very comfortable on air, quick and relevant in her readings,” states Dave Rutherford of the Rutherford Radio Show in Calgary.

Cassandra has acted as ‘numerology consultant’ to clients over a 30-year span. Many of her regular clients would be reluctant to buy a house, rent a business space, or name a child, or a business, or even a pet, without checking the numerology vibration with Cassandra.

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