Bauhaus Restaurant celebrates the Holiday Season with German classic cuisine, award-wining upscale dining experience, innovative techniques, fresh flavors & exceptional service

Christmas is a magical time of year in Germany, Bauhaus shares that experience in Vancouver

Vancouver’s award wining Bauhaus Restaurant continues to bring an upscale dining experience to their patrons by delivering innovative techniques, fresh flavors, and exceptional service. The a la carte menu reflects a contemporary approach to German classic cuisine, while the seasonal tasting menu showcases modern European fare. With Christmas and the Holidays being so magical in Germany, Bauhaus wants to share their traditions with Vancouver this season.

uwe-boll-directing-webInternational German producer/director Uwe Boll is known world-wide for films that include Darfur, Rampage and Assault on Wall Street to name a few. His films have been screened in over 100 countries and at more than 70 international film festivals. Uwe has same passion for fine food and wine that he has for film which led him to opening Bauhaus Restaurant in 2015. Inspired by modern European cuisine, Boll saw an opportunity to bring the taste of Germany to Vancouver. With world-renowned Michelin-starred chef Stefan Hartmann on board, Boll is adamant that every Bauhaus guest has a unique and pleasurable culinary experience.


dsc_8359Internationally acclaimed Chef Stefan Hartmann has the role of executive chef. Known for his unique style that has been praised as “new German cuisine”, he has earned a reputation as having a flair for transforming heartwarming traditional dishes into new contemporary creations. Over the last decade Stefan Hartmann has caught the eye of food critics all over the world, with amazing reviews included in both USA Today and New York Times among others. He proved worthy of all the publicity and went on to win many culinary awards such as the Master Chef Award and the Newcomer of the Year award, which garnered Stefan a Michelin star.


fullsizerender4-1“Hartmann has achieved the best fine-dining restaurant in the city…. with brilliant strokes of his culinary talent.”~ Huffington Post

“One of the Best Canadian Restaurants for Business Dinner”~ The Altitude Report

Located in Gastown, Bauhaus is housed inside one of Vancouver’s most unique historic buildings, The Boulder Hotel, which was originally built in 1890. The restaurant features a dining room, a large lounge area, and an open-concept kitchen.


Bauhaus Restaurant would like to share the following German Holiday Season cuisine ideas with your viewers and audience to include:

Holiday German traditions and recipes:
German Christmas Cookies, Vanilla Half Moon, Egg Nogg, Glühwein, Smoked Mackerel.

Platting & Planning for a Christmas Party – art of creating a beautiful plate for your guests. Chef tricks with the use of Micro greens, puree’s.

Best wine for the holidays.

Uwe Boll and Chefs are available for TV appearances, print, radio, on line interviews, photos and recipes. Please contact:
Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575
Natalie Boll | | 604-974-1147

Photo of Veal Tenderloin with artichokes, sweetbread, and quinoa.

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