World Premiere – Toronto International Film Festival “Crimes of Mike Recket”

The Promotion People, Crimes of Mike Recket

Writer/Director Bruce Sweeney’s newest feature film “Crimes of Mike Recket” will be screening its world premiere at the Contemporary World Cinema at TIFF. The film will can be seen on September 11th & 13th.

“Crimes of Mike Recket” is a neo-noir detective story that subverts the conventions of the genre with humor and subtlety. Mike Recket, played by Nicolas Lea, (V, Continuum, The X-Files) is an unemployed realtor who seduces and defrauds writer Leslie Klemper (played by Gabrielle Rose–Robson Arms, Sisters & Brothers, The Sweet Hereafter). He steals her heart and the only thing of value she has: her house. “Crimes Of Mike Recket” is a behaviorally – based police procedural about family fallout, Police methodology, and sociopathic tendencies. Agam Darshi plays Mike’s wife.

The Promotion People, Crimes of Mike Recket


NICHOLAS LEA as Mike Recket.
“Crimes of Mike Reckert” is the third movie that Nicholas and director Bruce Sweeney have worked on together. Nicholas is also known for his roles in “The X-Files”, “V”, and “Continuum”.

GABRIELLE ROSE plays the role of Leslie Klemper, a writer who is widowed who is seduced by Mike. Gabrielle starred in “Sisters & Brothers”, “The Sweet Hereafter”, “Once Upon a Time”, and “Anything But Christmas”.

AGAM DARSHI plays Jasleen Recket, Mike’s wife in the film.
Agam has also starred in “Final Destination 2″, “Snakes on a Plane”, “Sanctuary”, “Excited”, “2012″, and “Dan for Mayor”.

JOHN CASSINI plays the character of Terry, a business partner to Mike. John is also known for his roles in: “Intelligence”, “Robson Arms”, and upcoming “Resurrection of Tony Gitone”, “3 Days in Havana”, and “Leap 4 Your Life”.

The Promotion People TIFF

Film Dates:

Tuesday September 11
Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 7
9:45 PM

Thursday September 13
Cineplex Yonge & Dundas 10
9:00 PM

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