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Hello from The Promotion People!

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The Promotion People, a Vancouver PR firm, is a major component in the arts and entertainment industry. Follow @PromotionPeople on Twitter!

The Promotion People - Lesley Diana

The Promotion People was founded by Lesley Diana in 1994. Lesley leads the prominent publicity firm as President and publicist.

The Promotion People specializes in publicity for:

• Actors
• Musicians
• Television Shows
• Film productions
• Red Carpets
• Distribution Services

Client Quotes:

The Promotion People Emmanuelle Vaugier

“Lesley Diana and I have been working together now for over 10 years. The Promotion People has garnered over 15 magazine covers, and countless television interviews and other print features, for myself alone. I feel lucky to have found such an amazing publicist.”
-Emmanuelle Vaugier, Two and a Half Men

The Promotion People Gabrielle Miller

“I have been working with Lesley and The Promotion People for eight years now, and couldn’t be happier with our partnership. She is a true professional and extremely gifted. Lesley has been an incredibly important part of my team and has worked beside me through new areas of my career that may have felt overwhelming and it not been for her support and keen guidance.”
-Gabrielle Miller, Corner Gas, Robson Arms

Quotes from the media:

The Promotion People - Entertainment Tonight

“Lesley Diana and The Promotion People are my go-to team for the inside scoop on fabulous stars and personalities!”
-Erin Cebula, Entertainment Tonight Reporter

“The Promotion People are the best! Lesley and her team are professional, persistent and always get results.”
-Fiona Forbes, Host of Urban Rush

The Promotion People

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Website: thepromotionpeople.ca
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Email: lesley@thepromotionpeople.ca