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Support IndieGoGo Campaign for ‘Lawrence & Holloman’ feature film produced by Celluloid’s Paul Armstrong

The Promotion People Lawrence & Holloman

Local Independent Canadian Feature Film

BEN COTTON (Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome)
& DANIEL ARNOLD (The PI Experiment)
KATHARINE ISABELLE (American Mary, Ginger Snaps)
& AMY MATYSIO (Just Friends)

based on the stage play by MORRIS PANYCH

Lawrence & Holloman Productions Inc., Quadrant Motion Pictures, Ameland Films Inc. and Finalé Editworks are proud to announce that the Telefilm Canada funded dark comedy feature film LAWRENCE & HOLLOMAN has begun shooting in Vancouver and Mission, Maple Ridge & Abbotsford, BC, Canada. An IndieGoGo funding campaign has been launched at indiegogo.com/lawrenceandholloman.

Lawrence & Holloman explores what happens when two opposing outlooks on life collide – optimism and pessimism. Lawrence, an ever-optimistic suit salesman, lives a happy-go-lucky, charmed life, in which everything goes right until he meets Holloman, a cynical and pessimistic accounting clerk, and everything starts to go wrong.

Based on the play ‘Lawrence & Holloman’ by Governor General Award-winning Canadian playwright Morris Panych (Vigil, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl), the screenplay was co-written by Daniel Arnold (The Janitors, Penguins) and Matthew Kowalchuk (The Janitors, Penguins). This is Kowalchuk’s feature film directorial debut whose short films and stage direction have garnered him several awards.

The Promotion People Daniel Arnold Ben Cotton

The film stars Ben Cotton (Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Stargate: Atlantis) and Daniel Arnold (The PI Experiment, Penguins) with Katharine Isabelle (American Mary, Ginger Snaps) & Amy Matysio (Just Friends).

It’s every director’s dream to have such a dedicated and talented team behind their first feature. It’s kind of like being on a runaway train, but one that you just know is going to end up in a very fun place. There is such a buzz of excitement emanating from everyone involved. We are extremely grateful for the support from Telefilm Canada without whom, this movie could not be made. – Director Matthew Kowalchuk

The film has attracted a talented team that includes award winning twin Cinematographers Nelson Talbot & Graham Talbot (Primary), Production Designer Guy Roland (Backmask), Costume Designer Jojo MacDowall (The PI Experiment) & Editor Greg Ng (Ends of the Earth, Sunflower Hour). The film was cast by Emmy-nominated Candice Elzinga Casting.

Heading up the Producing team are Paul Armstrong (Moving Malcolm, See Gray Fly, Ill Fated), Daniel Arnold & Matthew Kowalchuk. Mary Anne Waterhouse (Fido, The Thaw, Donovan’s Echo) & Andrew Currie (Fido, The Delicate Art of Parking, Mile Zero) of Quadrant Motion Pictures serve as Executive Producers. Completing the team are Co-Producer/Line Producer Robyn Wiener (American Mary, The Wingman, Amazon Falls) & Associate Producer Don Thompson of FinalĂ© Editworks.

The film received development funding from The Astral Media Harold Greenberg Fund, Corus Entertainment & British Columbia Film. OutTV has committed to broadcast the film and a festival circuit is planned for the Fall of 2013 with the goal of a theatrical release shortly thereafter.

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