Predominant Studios’ CEO Jacqueline Best Recognized as Canada’s Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs

Independent record label Predominant Studios’ CEO Jacqueline Best is being recognized as one of Canada’s most influential Women Entrepreneurs 

Jacqueline Best, Founder, and CEO of Predominant Studios Inc. is recognized as one of Canada’s most influential Women Entrepreneurs.  Jacqueline has been announced as a nominee in the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Women of Influence with the winners being announced this September 2023. In 2022 Jacqueline was the recipient of North America’s Top 40 under 40 awarded in New York. Business Elite Awards’ officials named her “one of North America’s leaders and industry disruptors with the undoubted attitude, quality, potential, desire, determination, and ambition to shape the world of business over the coming decades.” Jacqueline has also written a book entitled “So they say you can’t. SCREW THEM,”

Partner Alister Brodie joined Jacqueline in 2022. Together Jacqueline and Alister offer expertise by assisting musicians in an industry where competition is stiff. Predominant Studio is redefining the next generation of music, signing pop artist Scotty Berg, country artist Jason Kirkness, and Hip Hop Artist Mr. ESQ, to name a few.

Jacqueline and Alister are joined by some of the best in the business that includes the multi-platinum producer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chris “The Glove” Taylor, who has collaborated with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Other members of the team include Rick Noble, Music/Radio Promotion Manager, Lance Bolton, CFO, David Malysheff, Director of Film/Film Scores, and The Real Richie Rich – Producer/Consultant.

Predominant Studio’s new talent includes Pop artist and rising star 15-year-old Scotty Berg, who has left an indelible impression on the Canadian and US music scene. Scotty’s song “Dreams” is hitting charts across the country opening at #44 on the Top AC tracks in the US. With over 500,000 streams of his music and millions of views on TikTok, anticipation is growing for what comes next. Scotty was thrilled to play and walk the red carpet at the 90th Hollywood Christmas parade on a National US TV network. Scotty will be gracing the cover of POPSTAR! Magazine this March 2023.

Country music artist Jason Kirkness has raised the bar with the release of his single “Anywhere The Night Goes” which continues to top the billboard charts as well as his new release “Over My Head” garnering praise from consumers and critics across North America.

According to Jacqueline Best. “We not only provide services to our aligned musicians, but we also provide services to independent artists, assisting them in navigating the complicated music industry and its different processes. Services include US & Canadian, and UK radio promos, music testing & research, marketing, PR, Studio time, legal advice and so much more. As well as safeguarding their best interests, artists must also be protected from music business fraud.”

Predominant Studios has become a hub for many musicians by signing them and/or helping them handle their arrangements with other indie companies. Predominant Studio assists its growing roster of talented musicians by creating fair contracts, music business consultations, and career coaching. 

With so much excitement on the horizon for Predominant Studio to share, Jacqueline, her team, and artists are available for interviews upon request.

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