Actor Curtis Lum New Roles for 2023

Award Winning Actor Curtis Lum has a busy 2023 on screen with roles on 

The Night Agent, Creepshow, Hudson & Rex, and The Good Doctor.

As a Filmmaker, his production company SOON FILMS’ acclaimed short film, ‘The Stranger’ will screen at Film Festivals throughout North America.

Award-winning actor/filmmaker Curtis Lum has a number of roles in popular TV series to air this year. First up is his role as ‘Cisco Jenkins’ on ‘The Night Agent’ TV series to be released on Netflix on March 23, 2023. The Night Agent follows a low-level FBI agent, Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), who works in the basement of the White House, manning a phone that never rings until the night it does, propelling him into a conspiracy that leads all the way to the Oval Office. Curtis plays ‘Cisco Jenkins’, the best friend of the lead Peter Sutherland. They were roommates at Quantico, and Cisco gets called for help when Peter is in the stickiest of situations. The Night Agent is an action-packed – drama/ thriller series that will be a sure fan favorite. Curtis joins an ensemble cast of Luciane Buchanan, Hong Chau, D.B. Woodside, Fola Evans Akingbola and Eve Harlow.

Curtis has a guest star role on the immensely popular TV series ‘The Good Doctor’ (ABC/CTV) in the episode entitled ‘Old Friends’ which airs March 6th, 2023. His character ‘Anthony’ is devastated to learn that his pregnant wife Sonja (Elyse Maloway) has a serious complication with her pregnancy that threatens her life unless the pregnancy is terminated. Anthony tries very hard to be supportive of his wife, for whom it took several rounds of IVF to get pregnant; like her, he already adores their unborn baby, Esther. Anthony is heartbroken when his wife decides that if it’s a choice between herself and the baby, she wants to save their baby – and she makes Anthony promise he’ll uphold her wishes.

Other roles to watch for include ‘Ryan’ on ‘Creepshow’ (Amazon/Shudder) and Curtis’ first lead on a TV Anthology show. Ryan is a groom-to-be, who marries into a surprisingly wealthy family that unbeknownst to him, harbors a very dangerous – generational secret. 

On ‘Hudson & Rex’ (Citytv), he was blessed to live out his childhood dream of creating a series of intense, high-octane fight scenes, and for the first time, doing all of his own stunts. Curtis plays “Kurt” in this action packed episode as the main culprit/suspect. This marks the first time that he does 100% all of his own stunts along with the choreography for the fights. Dates on both episodes TBD.

Curtis Lum is an award-winning actor and producer born in Vancouver, BC. He may be best known for his role as ‘Calvin’ on the long-running Freeform hit TV series ‘Siren’. He has established himself as one to watch, recurring in a variety of different roles on several major American networks. Named one of Canada’s Rising Stars by The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, he has earned his recognition for his work in Prison Break, Supergirl, and Dim Sum Funeral.

Curtis is also an award-winning filmmaker. His production company ‘SOON FILMS’ recently produced the short film ‘The Stranger’. Curtis takes on the leading role of ‘Ray’, the stranger. He stars opposite of Yvonne Chapman (star of Kung Fu and Avatar – Last Airbender). ‘The Stranger’ explores what life would look like if you were to wake up one day in someone else’s body and begin living in a world you no longer know. ‘The Stranger’ will soon be screening at film festivals throughout North America. Dates TBA.

Curtis is also proud of his roles in his award-winning short films ‘Grandma’s 80th Surprise’ and his action film, ‘Reverse’. Curtis’ role in Grandma’s 80th Surprise (2019) won awards at both Tri Force Film Festival in (London, UK) and Vancouver Asian Film Festival in 2019 and ‘Reverse’ (2021) took home “Best Action Film” at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2021.

Curtis grew up in Vancouver, BC. He knew the moment when he was a little kid and accidentally walked onto a film set of Romeo Must Die that he wanted to be an actor. He is proud to say that he has done a lot in his life working in dozens of jobs in many different fields, He has traveled the world, met lots of incredible people, and all of that has contributed to helping him become a better actor and producer that he feels that he is today. 

He trained at Austin Tuck studios and at Deb Podowski Studios under Deb Podowski.

As an entrepreneur, Curtis has an initiative to help as many different groups in need as he can, while making people look good with his clothing line, Rare Spirit that he co-founded in 2020. The streetwear/fashion brand works with a number of different charities, non-profits, and good causes with every collection that they release.

Curtis now shares his time between Vancouver, Los Angeles, and London, England. 

Curtis is available for interviews and photos upon request.

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