Laser Shows and Displays for Weddings

During the preparation of the perfect wedding, future brides and grooms should expect a lot of stress. Without a plan made beforehand, something will likely be forgotten or missed. Useful tips on how to deal with pre-wedding anxiety check on this page.

Part of the wedding to-do list should be the stage lighting, as well as activities that will entertain your guests. Sure, the most important day of your life can go without all that shine and sparks, but colorful light beams and display will make your event spectacular.

It is essential for the newlyweds that their guests have a good time and have pleasant memories of their wedding. No matter where you plan to hold the wedding ceremony, light beams combined with music and movement promise really good fun.

How to Arrange Laser Shows and Displays

Technology is advancing, and we are using it in every segment of our lives. So, a few years ago, enthusiasts realized that laser projections could part of festive events. Very quickly, this trend is booming, and laser shows have become one of the most sought after attractions for weddings or any other kind of celebrations.

The agencies that perform these performances are generally booked months in advance, as laser shows are in high demand. This business has evolved at high speed, and the best thing that has come from it is competitive pricing. 

Back in the days, light shows were a rarity and attraction that not everyone could afford. Today, these types of performance still cost a great deal, but compared to a few years ago, the prices significantly decreased. Now, these shows are affordable and available, so there are other factors to consider when selecting the one for your wedding.

Factors to Consider when Hiring Laser Show Performers

The first of these is undoubtedly the location of the agency that rents the performers. On the Internet, you will undoubtedly look for those closest to you. But if you can afford it, you can also hire laser shows from another city, even the state. 

Then, pay attention to what you get in the ‘package.’ Do the artists provide the music or it’s up to you; whether the show is time-limited or will the engaged performers strive for a complete laser show during the wedding; whether the show is interactive or conceptualized as a play, and so on. Companies like Smoking Hot Productionswill gladly answer all your questions and help you find the right performers for your wedding.

Ideas to Present Laser Show at Wedding             

The entrance of the newlyweds to the hall or their first dance is certainly the most memorable moments of every wedding. Then all eyes are on the bride and groom, and these are the perfect moments when the light beams and displays should be on.

For example, during the first dance, song beats mixed with photos of the newlyweds can be ‘outlined’ in the background. Or the displays can be placed at the entrance, where they will turn on when the newlyweds appear at the door.

Also, during the first dance, beams of light can spell out the names of the newlyweds, or important dates, and even song lyrics. For some more romantic songs, lasers can project a starry sky or shiny rain. For a more realistic experience, light beams can be aimed at displays, so everything will look like a lightbox.

Safety Issues

Licensed agencies will do their best to secure all necessary permits and provide the highest level of safety during the laser show. There are good reasons to doubt the safety of using these light beams, especially for eyes and skin. That’s why only trained professionals should work with this technology.

During the show, trained performers use lasers that are classified as a Class 1, which implies no danger if appropriately used. About the potential risks of misuse, read below:

Finding the perfect scene does not take much time, but we recommend it to do that right after making a reservation for a wedding ceremony, because of constructional issues. Also, most of these shows can be custom-made. Newlyweds can come up with ideas, and in agreement with the performers, see how feasible they are.