Health Care + Front Line Workers Initiatives COVID 19

PC: William Luk

As we go through this time, people come together and take initiative to help the ones that are taking the risk to take care of our friends, family, loved ones and strangers. “It is the combined and incremental efforts of all, big and small, that will lead us through these difficult times.” – Jay Drexler

Local Digital Marketers, Jae Lee and Josephine Grant, create an online resource of discounts available for Health Care and Front Line Workers. There are over 50 brands on the list already, and they are updating the list on a daily basis. They hope to “eliminate one more decision or Google search their day”.

Access and help spread the word about the list of discounts here:

Coffee + kindness; fill your cup with both!

Another amazing initiative called Humans of Support is founded by photographer, Erich Saide, to highlight and appreciate those who put their health and wellbeing at risk to support others and help our communities – these are their stories.

Name: Ingrid Hakanson
Job Title: Staff Educator of the Respiratory Therapy Department at VGH