Gritty mystery Dark Harvest, starring James Hutson and Cheech Marin, hits New York City Cannabis Film Festival on October 16th

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.15.59 PMThe critically acclaimed feature has won a number of accolades on its festival tour, including Best Picture (Audience Choice & Best of the Fest) at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor for Cheech Marin, and Best Thriller at the Oregon International Film Festival

The gritty marijuana murder-mystery, Dark Harvest, is set to screen at the New York City Cannabis Film Festival on October 16th, following an impressive festival run brimming with critical acclaim and festival accolades.

The feature film stars an impressive ensemble cast, including: James Hutson, Hugh Dillon, Tygh Runyan, Bernie Coulson, Alan C. Peterson and Cheech Marin. The film marks the first feature from James Hutson (Insomnia, Reindeer Games), a passion project that he not only stars in, but also wrote, directed and produced.

Dark Harvest chronicles the struggles of two growers and a suspended narcotics officer as they deal with a series of murders on the eve of marijuana legalization. When Carter Holmes (Hutson), a veteran marijuana grower determined to retire, is robbed of a quarter million dollars worth of weed, he goes against the advice of his mentor (Cheech Marin; Up in Smoke, Desperado) and seeks out a legal medical cultivation license to secure an income stream. Violent crimes, murders shrouded in mystery, and a race to find who is responsible, leads Carter to work with an unlikely partner to survive.

578572_227006580810214_1910513238_nHutson was inspired to write Dark Harvest while working at his former job that involved acting out scenarios for the Vancouver Police Department to train new officers. While on the job, he would ask veteran cops to share stories with him. After hearing about a drug bust that went sideways, the story for Dark Harvest began to brew in the filmmakers mind. The film was then cast with an ensemble of award winning actors that bring years of experience and engaging performances to the project. The movie, which takes audiences on a dramatic, 87-minute ride, was shot in Vancouver, Toronto, Cuba and Mexico.


screenshoteditDark Harvest has screened at festivals across North America to audience and critical acclaim alike, including at the Portland Film Festival, Williamsburg International Film Festival, Oregon Independent Film Festival, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and Edmonton International Film Festival.

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