Emmanuelle Vaugier COVID-19 Lockdown

Actor Emmanuelle Vaugier is creatively inspired during the COVID-19 lockdown

Her Instagram/Youtube series ‘If I were on Ellen’ and The Fluffball are inspiring

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a versatile actor who simply sizzles when it comes to portraying those feisty female leads who like to stir things up a bit. Vaugier may be best known for her popular role as Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancée Mia on the award-winning CBS comedy ‘Two and a Half Men’. For three seasons she also played Detective Jessica Angell on ‘CSI: NY’, leaving fans devastated when her role came to an end. Most recently Emmanuelle starred in the Lifetime movie Dying for Motherhood and guest roles on MacGyver and Magnum P. I.

While many of us are letting the COVID-19 pandemic get us down, Emmanuelle is inspired to do things that she hasn’t had time for.   


While most people are wondering what do with their time during the pandemic, Emmanuelle finds that being forced to stay home with little distraction has actually been a blessing.  She has never felt more creatively inspired.  That’s not to say she didn’t have her own little internal tantrums and issues adjusting at first, but it happened pretty quickly.  In the past, posting on social media consisted mostly of selfies and the occasional video with her animals, and fundraising for her non-profit, The Fluffball Charity. 

Emmanuelle has stepped out of her comfort zone and put herself out there in a new way by creating, developing and hosting her fun take on how she would attract Ellen’s attention to want her as a guest on the Ellen TV Show.  You’d think this would be easy, as she is so used to being interviewed on and off camera.… but for Emmanuelle, it was super scary!  She couldn’t rely on someone else to guide the interview, or lose herself in a character that was created for her, with words that someone else wrote.  It was just a cell phone, a ring light and Emmanuelle. 

“When the idea for ‘If I were on Ellen’ first came up, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I would stay up at night, mind racing.  I knew I just had to go for it, and I’m so glad I did.  It’s something I look forward to working on everyday.  I think, part of it, is that it gives me some control over my circumstances… everything is so uncertain at the moment… but I know that this is something that I am certain about.  I’m also having a blast.  There’s no pressure, I do what I want, when I want… and if I don’t like something… I change it, come up with something new.  It’s given me a tremendous amount of satisfaction, and also, purpose.  Who knows what will come of it, I really have no expectations.  As long as I’m having fun, maybe bring a smile and a giggle to at least one person out there, I’m a happy girl!” https://www.instagram.com/p/B_04sjxhRaJ/


Off-screen, Emmanuelle is an avid animal lover. A project that is very close to her heart is her own 501c3 charitable foundation The Fluffball, which raises money for various animal charities through her annual cocktail event. A dedicated equestrian, Emmanuelle competes on her horse Bunny. Emmanuelle paints to express her creativity and contributes a major portion of her sales to the many charitable animal rescue organizations she supports.  She recently started sewing masks from home to donate to those in need as well as raise money for Feeding America.

Early 2020, she had begun the planning process for her next event that she planned to have at the end of this year.  With the recent changes, she has had to rethink and refocus.  During the Australia wildfires, she raised over $3000 online, for relief efforts.  Focusing on online fundraising campaigns for specific animal causes, local and abroad is the direction she is taking.  Animal welfare is a cause that is close to her heart and that she will continue to fight for.

One of the roles that Emmanuelle connected to most was playing a woman who rescues animals in ‘Susie’s Hope’, a role for which she won best actress at the Greensville International Film Festival.


Bunny is the first horse Emmanuelle has ever owned, and she is THE BEST!!!  “I am so proud of how far she’s come.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a kinder, more willing horse.  I feel very lucky that during this pandemic, I’ve been able to ride and spend time with her.  She’s a chestnut Dutch Warmblood, with a flaxen mane and tail, and stands 16.3 hh.  She was a broodmare for 10 years, had 8 babies, and when they couldn’t get her in foal again, they decided to sell her.  She was a project… coming to us about 250-300lbs overweight.  Slowly but surely, we got her going, and at our first horse show ever together, after only 4 months under saddle, we were champion at the HITS Thermal show in the .80 jumpers.”  Emmanuelle adds,  “I was soooooo proud. She continues to take great care of me and impress me every single day!”

This stunning actor breathes life into her vain and dangerously sociopathic character in the role of The Morrigan on the innovative series ‘Lost Girl’. Other television appearances include her guest roles on ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Big Shots’, ‘Mistresses’ and ‘Supernatural’. She was the lead character Jane in the two-hour pilot of the adaptation of the comic “Painkiller Jane”, and had a starring role in the ‘Master of Horror’ series directed by John Carpenter. Vaugier’s other television credits include UPN‘s hit series ‘Veronica Mars’, and a starring role in the WB comedy ‘My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star’. She portrayed Dr. Helen Bryce, Lex Luthor’s wife, on the WB’s hit drama ‘Smallville’. She also appeared in recurring roles on ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘Covert Affairs’, and the FOX series ‘Human Target’. 

‘It’s Christmas, Carol!’ marked another starring role for Emmanuelle, opposite Carrie Fisher, and won her a Leo Award. Emmanuelle also stars in ‘Absolute Deception’ alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. Vaugier’s feature film endeavors are impressive. Her credits include ‘Saw II’, ‘Saw IV’, ‘Secondhand Lions’ with Michael Caine and Robert Duvall, and ‘40 Days and 40 Nights’, with Josh Hartnett, to name a few.

Emmanuelle’s inner and outer beauty shines through as she is among the select group of women to be on ‘Maxim‘s Top 100’ list twice. She was also named fifth on Femme Fatal magazine’s 50 Sexiest Women on the Planet’, and was named ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ for the sixth time by Smartasses Magazine. Emmanuelle has graced the covers of Maxim, Femme Fatal, Dolce Vita, Flare, UMM, Status, Modern Dog, LA Health, Vancouver View, Vancouver Lifestyles, Western Living Condo, Donato, Steppin’ Out and Infamous.

Emmanuelle is available for interviews, photographs and appearances upon request.

Photo Credits: Emmanuelle with Bunny by Kristin Lee & Headshot by Brandi Shaeffer


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