Byron Bertram Announces Comedy Album

Comedian Byron Bertram is pleased to announce his new comedy album “Passport and Prozac” is out and launching at Kingston Pub on November 18th at 7:00 pm

Canadian Comedian Byron Bertram is pleased to announce that ‘800 Pound Gorilla Records’ has released his new Comedy Album “Passport and Prozac.” Byron invites all fans of comedy to his Record Release Party at Kingston Pub in downtown Vancouver at November 18th, 2019 at 7:00 pm. “Passport and Prozac” is also available for sale on all platforms.

In his new album Byron talks about “performing in 25 countries while dealing with OCD, growing up as an only child to eccentric artist parents, outrage culture, interracial relationships, and being a token white kid in an all Chinese High School.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Byron’s album will go towards St. Paul’s foundation for mental health. Fans will receive one free drink for every album purchased at Kingston Pub at the launch.  

Byron joins some of comedy’s top talent by signing with 800-Pound Gorilla Records that also represents Jim Jefferies, Michelle Wolf, George Lopez, and known for their work with the estates of Richard Pryor and Robin Williams. Byron is thrilled to be in such good company as the highly respected comedy record label ‘800 Pound Gorilla Records’ helps Byron get his comedy out to millions of people worldwide. 

Byron has had an exciting journey as a comedian that includes receiving high praise from Simon Cowell as he advanced on ‘Britons Got Talent’. He also received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival. Other memorable moments in his career include performing for the president of Singapore and the time that Dame Judi Dench gave him a $50 dollar tip! Byron has appeared on stages around the world as a finalist in the San Diego Comedy Fest, semi finalist in the Boston Comedy Fest, and received a 5 star review in the Australian Times for his own man show ‘Guilt Ridden Sociopath’. 

When he isn’t appearing on stage making audiences laugh around the world multi-talented Byron has an active acting career having appeared on Netflix’s Riverdale, CW’s Supernatural, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, BBC America’s Dirk’s Gently, Netflix’s Game Over Man, CBS’s Jordon Peele’s Twilight Zoneand Tim BurtonsBig Eyes. Byron has worked with Christoph Waltz, Tim Burton, Eddie Izzard, Zach Galifianakis, Flight of the Concords, Iliza Shlesigner, and Roy Wood Jr. as a comedian and/or an actor.

He realized that he wanted to go the avenue of stand up comedy, and hit up any stage he could get on whether it was at home in Vancouver or on the road while street performing. He did stand up on pool tables for bikers in Australia, old folks homes in Scotland, Dance Clubs in New Zealand, to everything in between. “Comedy is like a science experiment of words. The formula either works or it blows up in your face.  You don’t know until you know though. The best training is by throwing yourself into the lion’s den and learning from your mistakes,” adds, Byron.

Byron grew up in Vancouver in a home that appreciated the arts. His father is a gold record winning saxophone player who played with the well known Canadian group “The Powder Blues” and opened for ZZ Top, the Who, and Tina Turner.  His mother is an amazing watercolor painter who took after her famous father Toni Onley. He went to an all-Asian high school. As he was different from his classmates as he wasn’t academic and was overweight he got acceptance from his peers by being the class clown.  Feeling that sense of adulation of making the class crack up was a drug that he couldn’t quit. 

His late Grandfather renowned Canadian Artist and Order of Canada recipient Toni Onley started Canada India Village Aid.  The program raises funds for impoverished villages in India and shortly before his grandfather Toni Onley passed away he asked Bryon to get involved with the charity. He is also involved with The British Columbia Paraplegic Association through the comedy shows  “Laughing Spasms” that is a program that brings laughter to people recovering from severe spinal cord injuries.  

Whether Bryon is making people laugh through his comedy routines or appearing on TV series and feature films, entertaining people is in his blood. Byron resides in Vancouver is available for interviews upon request.

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