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‘Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick’ has Canada-wide theatrical tour with Cineplex Odeon

The eleven-city release that includes Toronto and Vancouver opens March 29th

The independent documentary making big waves, ‘Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick,’ has signed on with Cineplex Odeon for a Canada-wide theatrical tour. The award- winning feature documentary will screen in eleven cities across Canada on March 29th and April 1st in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Oakville, Sudbury, Windsor, Halifax, Petersborough, Calgary, Winnipeg and Cote Saint-Luc, Quebec.

“It is amazing and a huge honour to see our small independent film get recognized by so many people and have the opportunity to have a Canada-wide release with Cineplex”, says producer Natalie Boll.

‘Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick’ is a portrait of Canadian art legend Beau Dick, an enigmatic carver from a small remote village on the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. His remarkable masks have been celebrated across the global art scene as vibrant expressions of West Coast Indigenous culture and a sophisticated crossover into the contemporary art world. Dick had an unprecedented ability to tap into the collective memory of his people and breathe new life into age-old traditions. In 2017, his Undersea Kingdom series was listed as one of the top highlights to see at documenta 14 (Kassel and Athens).

‘Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick’ strives to capture the essence of Beau Dick and his mysterious enigma as an artist who symbolized Canada’s history with the First Nations and the ethical dilemmas faced in reconciling with that colonialist history. Dick was able to use his celebrity to call attention to the injustices done to his people and the environment. Weaving together the personal and cultural until both become inseparable, ‘Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick’ presents an artist who succeeded in reconciling the two.


The film illuminates a man whose art and life continue to transcend expectations and boundaries. Natalie Boll explains, “We wanted to tell a story of both the artist and the world that informed his work. We aimed to present Beau in an intuitive and authentic tone, and to define his position within Canada’s complex colonial history and the larger struggle for Indigenous rights.”

LaTiesha Fazakas, Beau’s longtime friend and gallerist, conceived the film in 2010. After meeting film producer Natalie Boll in 2012, LaTiesha and Natalie began filming with Beau. “I just had the feeling everyone should meet Beau Dick, and a film seemed like the perfect way for that to happen,” says LaTiesha Fazakas.

In the beginning, the filmmakers tried to secure grants and broadcaster interest to help with funding. “We literally applied for funding everywhere and to everyone,” says Natalie Boll. However, after exhausting all funding avenues, these determined women persevered and continued filming with only the help of friends and family. They describe their crew volunteering or working for small honorariums to keep the project going. In 2015, Randall Perry came on as an Executive Producer and helped secure financing to complete the project. The film shot for a total of five years.

“It was so challenging, but it was like an obsession for me. I had to see it through,” says LaTiesha. “And we weren’t the only ones with true commitment. Our editor, Steve Bowyer, was with us since the beginning in 2012. He went through hundreds of hours of footage to help create the final story.”

Shortly after completion, the film was selected for the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival where it experienced three sold-out screenings and an additional six screenings after the festival as part of the VIFF Repeats. The film recently won the Cultural Currents Award at the Victoria International Film Festival and is slated to screen at various other festivals and cities within BC in the coming months.

The project caught the eye of Brad LaDouceur from Cineplex Odeon after meeting with Natalie Boll at AFM in Los Angeles in 2012. After recently viewing the completed film, Brad decided to partner with the filmmakers and their distributor Dfilms to host a series of special screenings in 11 cities across Canada as part of Cineplex Events.

Beau Dick worked within an ancient tradition and rose to the ranks of international success. In 1986, Dick was commissioned to carve a mask to be showcased in Expo 86 in Vancouver. The Canadian Museum of History (formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization) in Gatineau, Quebec, acquired Dick’s mask, and it remains on display there. In 1998, he was one of only seven Canadian artists to be invited to the reopening of Canada House in London, England, in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Queen Elizabeth II.

Sadly, Beau passed away in March 2017 shortly after the film was completed. The theatrical tour with Cineplex will begin two days after the anniversary of his death. Beau Dick daughter Linnea Dick has been invited to Australia by the High Commission of Canada to showcase the film in three cities: Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne.

“The film could not have been completed at a more fitting time with critical issues Beau talks about in the film like the Kinder Morgan pipeline, fish farms, and Indigenous rights are currently being brought to the forefront of Canada’s political landscape,” says Boll.

‘Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick’ opens across Canada has one screening at Cineplex Odeon in each city on March 29th and again on April 1st.  Tickets are limited so advance bookings are suggested to avoid disappointment. Purchase advance tickets here.

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Tickets at the following Cineplex Cinemas available through the following link:


  • Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Cavendish Mall

Award-winning veteran Actor Paul McGillion starring on the big screen in the music-driven drama Heartbeats, in select theatres this month

 Paul McGillion has been cast in recurring roles on the hit CW series The Flash and in Discovery’s original historical drama, Frontier

Award-winning veteran actor Paul McGillion will be seen in several upcoming features due for release in 2018, including a starring role in the music-driven drama Heartbeats. The film, which follows a journey of love, redemption, and dance, is written and directed by Duane Adler (Step Up, Save the Last Dance), and is already receiving rave reviews across the globe.

Heartbeats follows an American dancer (Krystal Ellsworth) who travels to India with her parents (McGillion, Daphne Zuniga) for a week-long Indian wedding where she meets a young man who teaches her a new style of dance.

The film, which features new music from Jay-Z, opens in theatres in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver this month, and in the US on iTunes/VOD on March 20th, 2018.  It will be released for home entertainment in Canada on April 3rd, 2018 on iTunes/VOD/DVD.

Paul will also be co-starring in the feature film Midnight Sun, in theatres on March 23rd, 2018. He plays the role of entrepreneur Blake Jones in the romantic drama, which stars Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

And this summer, he will be appearing alongside Dwayne Johnson in the highly anticipated blockbuster, Skyscraper, hitting theatres in July.

On television, Paul was recently cast in a recurring role as the lovable rogue P.I. Earl Cox in the popular CW superhero series, The Flash, starring Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh. He has also be cast in a recurring role on the action-filled Discovery series Frontier, starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Justice League). McGillion will be playing the character of Major Vinnicombe, a pivotal role in Season 3.

Paul is not only passionate about his work in front of the camera, but behind it as well. He recently directed and starred in the short film Before The Day. The film is set for its world premiere at the Canadian Film Fest on March 24th, 2018.  The short follows brothers Ray (McGillion) and Danny (Steve Belford) the day before a life-changing event.

With over 100 credits to his name, Paul’s career spans with roles in such successful hit series as Supernatural, 24, The Killing, Once Upon a Time, A Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and Stargate: Atlantis. His previous feature film work includes performances in the TIFF festival gem Hello Destroyer, Tomorrowland, and Star Trek, along with many other critically acclaimed films.

For more information, photos and interviews please contact: | 604-726-5575

Vancouver Cineplex Screening Info:

Ontario Cineplex Theatre Info:

  • Starting March 9th
  • Toronto: Yonge & Dundas
  • Oakville: Winston Churchill
  • Richmond Hill: York Cinemas

TRAILER: Heartbeats Trailer

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Meet Canada’s newest singer/songwriter sensation:

 14-year-old Molly Annelle Launches Her First CD, MELODY

Silver Lining Management is pleased to announce that fourteen-year-old singer/songwriter sensation Molly Annelle’s first CD entitled MELODY has been released. The album is produced by Bryant Olender, co-produced by Molly Annelle and recorded at Really Grateful Music Studio in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Beverly Delich, who worked with Michael Bublé and wrote the book, “Come Fly With Me, Michael Bublé’s Rise to Stardom”, manages Molly. She worked with Michael for seven years before introducing him to David Foster.

“I was literally blown away by Molly,” says Beverly. ”In all my time working with entertainers, I’ve never met anyone with that level of lyrical skills, performance charisma and musicality all rolled into one package.”

What inspires this extraordinarily precocious youngster to write such mature, deep lyrics and catchy melodies? Molly sees herself as a “musical magpie” that uses words, emotions and expressions that sparkle and grab her attention.

Molly is an astonishing artist who is influenced by all genres of music… classic rock, jazz, rap, pop, R&B. Mostly, she enjoys discovering that emotions such as frustration, joy, pain and anger can be expressed in words and melodies.

“When I sit at the piano, ideas flood into my mind like a river. Most of my songs are written in a stream of consciousness,” she says.

According to Beverly, what separate Molly from other young singer/songwriters is the universality, depth and poetry of her lyrics. “This is what grabbed my attention,” says Beverly. “She has a rare gift of writing songs that are really open to interpretation and open up the world of the listener.”

Molly is extremely prolific. For someone so young, she is a keen observer of our social, cultural and political climate. One of her songs, “Sunflower,” was written after watching the news of Ku Klux Klan marches in Charlottetown. “Kids” talks about the rise of social media and how it has ruined many young people’s lives and “A Line Inside” is a song about ambition and pursuing your goal even when no one gives you a chance.

Molly began learning to play the piano when she was three. At nine, she won Young Composer of the Year for her adaptation of a poem by Rudyard Kipling into a four-piece harmony for the Vancouver Chamber Choir. She recorded her first EP when she was ten.

Molly resides with her family in Vancouver, B.C., and is attending an Arts school as she continues to build her piano, song writing and performing skills. Molly looks forward to the exciting road ahead as she continues to write more songs, perform in front of large audiences and have her songs picked up and performed by other artists.


For interviews, media appearances, photos and more information please contact:

Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

For bookings and performances please contact –

Beverly Delich | | 604-739-3900 |

Photograph by Kevin Clark


All songs written and composed by Molly Annelle

Available on iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon music and Spotify

  1. Kids  4:18
  2. Goodbye Blue  2:54
  3. Sunflower  5:06
  4. Alphabet  3:02
  5. Four Walls  4:30
  6. Feeding My Fantasy  4:41
  7. Far Away  3:47
  8. Line Inside  3:41
  9. Melody  3:26
  10. Lune  4:43
  11. Found  4:48

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Benjamin Ratner’s Ganjy screening on CBC March 8, 2018

GANJY, a short film written and directed by Benjamin Ratner, is screening on CBC television on Thursday March 8th at 11:30 pm ET/PT.

The film will also be available for streaming as of March 8th at:


Contending with dementia pugilistica, a reclusive former boxer is on the ropes until he’s visited by three old friends.

  • Nominated for “Best Actor” ACTRA/UBCP Awards, 2017
  • Official Selection of the Kerry International Film Festival, 2017
  • Official Selection of the Vancouver International Film Festival, 2016
  • Screened internationally on British Airways

Starring: Benjamin Ratner, Aleks Paunovic, Zak Santiago & Donny Lucas

Produced by: Tony Pantages

Associate Producer: Helena Marie

Executive Producers: Aleks Paunovic & Benjamin Ratner

Cinematography: by Pieter Stathis

Edited by: Franco Pante

Thank you to all our Indiegogo supporters!

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Actor Donald Heng guest stars on the popular TV series Ghost Wars, just released on Netflix in Canada and available on demand on SYFY and iTunes in the USA

Donald is also set for the big screen in the feature film Fatal Visit slated for a 2018 release in Hong Kong and China

Actor Donald Heng is thrilled to have two upcoming roles that he is proud of on both the big and small screens. Donald treasures his experience playing the character of Deputy Larry Foon on the thrilling new series Ghost Wars, just released on Netflix in Canada and available on demand via SYFY and iTunes in the USA. Donald’s character, along with most of the town’s population, is wary of the intention of protagonist Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia). Deputy Larry takes a larger interest in antagonizing Roman after his mother dies in a paranormal accident, which he blames Roman for.

Ghost Wars is a project that checked so many boxes for me. I wanted to be a police officer growing up and I finally got to play one while working with so many actors that I admire,” says Donald. “Working with Vincent D’Onofrio was like having a crash course in acting. He is the most warm, inviting, human being. He talked us through his process and gave us advice. I also have memories off- camera with Vincent. It was such a fulfilling education to watch him work.”

In the world of film, Donald recently completed his first feature film role alongside some of the biggest stars in Asia for the project Fatal Visit. Donald plays Ming in the feature film, slated for a mid/late 2018 release in Hong Kong and China with a limited release in Canada and the United States. Fatal Visit was extra challenging because his character had to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese.

Fatal Visit follows Yanny (Charlene Choi) as she leaves Hong Kong to escape a love affair gone wrong. She goes to San Jose to visit Ling (Sammy Cheng), an old friend she hasn’t seen in years. It seems like Ling and her husband Tang (Dawei Tong) lead an ideal, carefree existence. But during the short span of five days, Yanny uncovers the truth hidden behind the facade as she discovers the unspeakable secrets that propel all three down a fatal path shattering their American dreams and imperiling their lives. Heng’s character Ming is a friend of Ling (Sammi Cheng), who introduces Ming to Yanny (Charlene Choi) in attempt to set them up after Yanny’s break up.

Donald has also had guest-starring roles on Season 4 of The Flash and CBS’ Ransom, and has appeared in a number of sci-fi TV series including ArrowSupernatural, and Van Helsing. He also has a significant role on the Disney TV movie Girl Vs. Monster.

Donald wanted to be an actor at a young age, but his goal was cemented when he started studying acting under Jeb Beach six years ago. He has also trained with Matthew Harrison, Andrew McIlroy, Ben Ratner and Robin Nielsen.

For the past five years Donald has contributed to his high school by performing on stage in their annual community Bare Bones Theatre. Outside of the realm of entertainment, Donald is a dog lover and knows his way around the kitchen.

Donald resides in Vancouver focusing on his acting career.

Donald is available for interviews upon request.

Please contact: Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

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Vancouver, B.C. — 108 Media, in association with MEI: Media Events Innovation, is pleased to announce Vancouver has been added to the theatrical rollout  for the premiere of Birdland, a post-noir thriller directed by award-winning Peter Lynch (CybermanProject GrizzlyArrowhead).

Birdland will play at The Cinemateque in Vancouver on March 6, 9, 11 and 17. We are pleased to confirm that award winning directors Mina Shum (March 6th), Bruce Sweeney (March 9th) and Carl Bessai (March 11th) will be the moderators for each Birdland screenings with director Peter Lynch in attendance. Tickets for Dinner and a Movie at participating restaurants in Vancouver and Calgary are available through this link Click Here.

Birdland stars Kathleen Munroe (PatriotResurrection, FlashpointCall Me Fitz), Melanie Scrofano (LetterkennyWynonna EarpDesignated Survivor), David Alpay (The TudorsQuanticoThe LotteryArarat), Benjamin Ayres(Saving HopeBittenLess Than Kind), Joris Jarsky (First ResponseNumb ChucksThe Art of MoreToronto Stories), Stephen McHattie (Orphan BlackThe StrainPontypool), and Cara Gee (The ExpanseThe Empire of DirtStrange Empire).

Birdland is written by Peter Lynch and Lee Gowan (Paris or Somewhere), produced by Peter Lynch and Katarina Gligorijevic (He Never DiedMark of the WitchThe Demon’s Rook), with Ryan Reaney (Born to Be BluePortal to Hell!!!Distilled Love) as Co-Producer and Daniel Iron (MadibaThe Book of NegroesAway From HerManufactured Landscapes) serving as Executive Producer.

Birdland was filmed entirely on location in Toronto, Canada.

In a story told through surveillance, memories and flashbacks, we meet ex-cop Sheila Hood (Kathleen Munroe) as she is being interrogated about two deaths by Calvin (Benjamin Ayres), her former partner on the police force. Sheila’s husband, Tom (David Alpay), an ornithologist, had been having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, Merle James (Melanie Scrofano), whose fragile beauty echoes that of the birds he studies. Rather than confronting him, Sheila hides surveillance cameras in her home to watch his transgressions and ultimately becomes a voyeur of her own life. Sheila conducts her own rogue investigation and discovers Merle has more than one lover. The other man is Ray Starling (Joris Jarsky), a Machiavellian hotelier with business ties to Merle’s father, John James (Stephen McHattie), a wealthy oil man who operates in the shadows. When Merle falls to her death from a bridge and Ray Starling ends up dead in his own hotel, Hood is pulled into a dark world of corruption, sex and death and her surveillance footage forms the backbone of a police investigation that threatens to incriminate her and destroy her marriage.

Cinematography by Adam Swica (The Art of the StealCasino Jack), edited by Caroline Christie (Frankie DrakePrivate EyesRepublic of Doyle), production design by Patricia Christie (The DisappearanceCyberbully), hair/costume design by Chanel Croker (Grimes ft. Janelle Monae: Venus Fly), music by Laura Barrett (Porch Stories) and José Miguel Contreras (By Divine Right, Porch Stories).

Birdland is produced by Acqua Film Inc. and Ultra 8 Pictures with the participation of Telefilm Canada, through the Canada Feature Film Fund.

Peter Lynch is responsible for several internationally acclaimed feature films and shorts. His first dramatic short Arrowhead received a Genie Award in 1994. In 1996, Lynch made the wildly successful Project Grizzly, one of the most acclaimed Canadian documentaries of all time, and spoofed the next year on The Simpsons. Fans of the film include Quentin Tarantino. This was followed by his Genie-nominated docudrama The Herd (1998), a festival hit worldwide. In 2001, Cyberman, a portrait of cyborg Steve Mann, played to critical acclaim at over 50 international film festivals and was listed as one of the Top 10 Feature Films of 2002 by Film Comment. This was followed by the documentary, A Whale of Tale (2004), and The National Parks Project (2011) which earned a CSC nomination for Best Cinematography in Documentary and a Genie Award for Best Short Documentary.

Before he turned to filmmaking, Lynch was a major player in the early video/new media revolution and chronicler of punk, new wave music, hip-hop, dancehall, and the avant-garde music scene. Lynch co-founded, co-produced and co-directed “Video Culture International”, a landmark video new media festival he produced. He was also a creative director and vice president at Sony Creative Video, a Sony initiative to develop cultural markets for new Sony technology.

Birdland is his first narrative feature film, a contemporary noir which he has written, directed and co-produced. It belongs to a chapter of new digital, theatrical and television works Lynch is developing over the next several years including Galveston, a film adaption of Paul Quarrington’s best-selling novel which is being adapted for the screen by Lynch who will direct along with producer Marty Katz and actor/producer Gil Bellows.

108 Media is redefining and revolutionizing the way content is created, curated and distributed. Empowering visionary creators and championing bold new voices to satisfy the demand for unique, diverse and compelling content. Connecting and developing high quality content from emerging markets, such as Asia, to global audiences. Going beyond traditional channels and leveraging new technology to deliver comprehensive programming and experiences across all media platforms. 108: changing what the world is watching.


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Award Winning Entrepreneur Natalie Boll opens Kitsilano’s newest eatery, The Blenheim Pub

The busy entrepreneur is also an award-winning film producer and co-owner of the top-rated Gastown eatery, Bauhaus Restaurant

Entrepreneur Natalie Boll, the recent recipient of the Business in Vancouver 40 under 40 Award, has opened Kitsilano’s newest neighbourhood restaurant pub, The Blenheim Pub, on Vancouver’s Westside. Co-owner of the successful Bauhaus Restaurant and busy mother of three, Natalie spends part of the year in Germany, and noticed that many European restaurants are much more kid-friendly.  She wanted to bring that atmosphere to Vancouver so her customers can have a casual meal with their children, where both parents and kids alike can enjoy dining out.

Natalie fondly recalls the Little Nest Café on Commercial Drive, where a vibrant kid-friendly environment was brought to life. “When my daughter was young, I used to spend my weekends at the Little Nest Cafe. I was so sad when it closed, but always loved the concept. So now at the Blenheim Pub I wanted to have the same concept and incorporate a nice kids area and kids menus. I created a casual place where families could enjoy a delicious meal that was set up for both the parents and the kids,” says Natalie.

Newly renovated, The Blenheim Pub décor features local Kitsilano artist Richard Herrington. The menu is not only kid-friendly and healthy, but has all the favorites that parents look for when selecting a family restaurant.  Popular items on the menu are the rustic pizza, signature Blenheim burger and the schnitzel sandwich. At night, The Blenheim Pub is a popular neighborhood pub for people to get-together after a long day at work.

“Living between Vancouver and Germany I realized that Vancouver did not have as many restaurants with kids areas like the Germans do. Vancouver is expensive. Childcare is expensive. We have kept the prices with family budgets in mind at The Blenheim Pub. We want the community to come together so parents have places to go with their kids and not have to hire childcare just to go out and have a meal with healthy choices,” says Natalie.

If opening this restaurant didn’t keep her busy enough, Natalie is also director/producer of the award winning feature documentary “Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick”, that is scheduled to have a Canadian wide release in Cineplex Theatres on March 29th.

Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick is a portrait of a Canadian art legend, Beau Dick, an enigmatic carver from a small remote village on the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. His remarkable masks have been celebrated across the global art scene as vibrant expressions of West Coast Indigenous culture and a sophisticated crossover into the contemporary art world. Dick had an unprecedented ability to tap into the collective memory of his people and breathe new life into age-old traditions.

The Blenheim Pub is open 7 days a week from 11:30 AM until late. The restaurant is located at 3293 W 4th Ave in Vancouver, BC.

Natalie Boll is available for interviews and photos upon request.

Please contact: Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575


Social media handles:

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Actor Jaime Callica joins the cast of Lifetime’s ‘UnREAL’ as Xavier

Jaime exudes energy and compassion in every project he appears in

Jaime Callica has joined the Season 3 cast of Lifetime’s critically acclaimed series ‘UnREAL’. Callica was thrilled to take on the role of Xavier, a hottie dancer from New Orleans. This role is different from any other character he has portrayed in the past, including going blonde for the role as Jay’s (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) new love interest.  UnREAL gives a fictitious behind-the-scenes glimpse into the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition program. The third season premieres on Monday, February 26th, 2018. Jaime’s character is introduced mid-March for five episodes this season.

Jaime is currently in production filming a lead role in the feature film ‘House on Holly Lane’ with co-stars Sarah Lancaster, Karen Holness and Gina Holden.  Jaime also has a supporting lead role as Jared in the TV movie ‘Secret Millionaire’ with Steve Lund, Slobham Williams and Allie Bertram, which just aired on January 6th, 2018 on Pixl Network and is soon-to-be released on Lifetime. The busy actor also recently completed filming the short film ‘Sorry I Broke Your Heart’, directed by renowned director Heather Hawthorne-Doyle. The short is currently being entered in various festivals.

Jaime’s first introduction into the world of entertainment came with his talented turn as a dancer in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians,’ ‘Hellcats’, Sean Paul’s ‘Shades of Soul’, ‘Rosette’ and ‘Rags’. His break into acting came on The WB’s hit series ‘Smallville’. Jaime’s dancing skills have helped him book a number of roles that include a recurring role as a dancer on CBC TV’s critically acclaimed ‘The Romeo Section’, playing Don, a bartender by day who danced in drag by night! Jaime worked alongside heavyweights Brian Markinson, Andrew Airlie, and acclaimed executive producer Chris Haddock. He was also a ‘surprise’ in his guest star role on FOX’s hit series ‘Lucifer’ this season.

Jaime has a number of other outstanding television roles under his belt that include his recurring role as Simeon on the popular Fox TV series ‘Wayward Pines’ and a guest star role on CTV/USA hit TV series ‘Motive.’  Also on the small screen, Jaime was cast in NBC’s pilot ‘Imaginary Mary’. With a charm that undeniably shines on screen, he has made strides in his acting career in just a few short years. Jaime’s other recent roles include playing Luther in the New York Time’s best selling novel, Hallmark’s popular ‘The Bridge, Part 1 & 2’, and ‘Love at First Bark’. Other roles include: ‘The Big Time Movie’, ‘The Secret Circle’, and the Superman movie, ‘Man of Steel’.

In the world of film, Jaime’s first leading feature film role sees him playing Randall, a nerd who wants nothing more than to fit in with the guys who tease him, in the comedy feature ‘The Perfect Pickup’. He goes along with the perfect pickup in the hopes that it will finally get him a girl and the acceptance of his school friends, who have never truly treated him as a friend. He also plays Officer Bebe in the feature film ‘Power Rangers.’

Jaime is the face of Best Buy Canada for 2017 and is the top brand ambassador for Samsung in Canada. Jaime was born in Toronto and grew up in Markham, Ontario, to parents of mixed Trinidadian, Chinese and Spanish ancestry, before moving to the West Coast where he currently splits time between Maple Ridge, British Columbia and Los Angeles.  His training began with renowned acting coach Andrew McIlroy. He has also trained extensively with Bradley Stryker and Matthew Harrison at the Actors Foundry, Larry Moss, and continues to train with Jeb Beach in Vancouver B.C. Jaime’s goal is to continue doing what he feels that he has been blessed to do… entertain.

Jaime is available for interviews and photos upon request.

For more information, please contact:
Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575
Jasmyn Rowley | | 705-255-6887

Social Media Handles

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Veteran Canadian Actor John Cassini has been cast in the Horror feature film “TRUE FICTION”

John recently wrapped Sony Pictures’s Feature A DOG’S WAY HOME alongside Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos

Award winning Canadian Actor John Cassini has been cast alongside Sara Garcia (Reign, X Company) in the Horror film “True Fiction“. Written and directed by Braden Croft (Hemorrhage, Feed the Gods) and produced by 775 Media Corp. (Julian Black Antelope, Mike Peterson) “True Fiction” tells the story of when a timid writer’s assistant (Garcia) takes matters into her own hands when she suspects her boss (Cassini) is a serial killer using her to inspire his next novel. Cassini plays the Caleb Conrad, a reclusive horror novelist with his best work behind him, who will do anything for one last great novel. Shooting begins February 2018 in Calgary Alberta. 

The Veteran Canadian actor’s prolific career spans from series-regular to recurring roles in critically successful series, such as Blackstone, Chris Haddock’s Intelligence and DaVinci’s Inquest, the comedy hit, Robson Arms, and SYFY/Superchannel’s Continuum. His previous feature film work has included performances in David Fincher’s Seven and The Game, along with many critically acclaimed independent films. John will be seen in several upcoming features due for release in 2018 including the much-anticipated Sci-Fi Thriller Volition, In God I Trust and A Dog’s Way Home.

The recipient of the 2018 Vancouver Film Critics Circle Achievement Award, John is also an Executive Producer on Hallmark’s 3rd Fixer Upper TV Movie starring singer/songwriter Jewel.

For more information, photos and interviews please contact: | 604-726-5575

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Maestro Fresh Wes’ album, COACH FRESH, is nominated for Rap Recording of the Year at the 2018 JUNO Awards.

Vancouver, B.C. February 14, 2018 – Maestro Fresh Wes’ most recent album, COACH FRESH has been nominated for Rap Recording of the Year for the 2018 JUNO Awards. Maestro Fresh Wes was awarded the first Juno for Rap Recording back in 1991 so to be nominated again this year is very meaningful to him. The Junos are being held in Vancouver, a city close to Wes’ heart where he lived for four years and his son was born.

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) announced the nominees for the 47th Annual JUNO Awards at a press conference at The Great Hall in Toronto. Canada’s premier talent will head west for JUNO Week 2018, hosted in Vancouver from March 19 through March 25. The week-long celebration will culminate in a live broadcast of The JUNO Awards on CBC on Sunday, March 25 from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC., nationwide 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET on CBC, CBC Radio and globally on


One of the early Canadian rappers, Wes has been labeled by Exclaim! magazine as the “Godfather of Canadian hip hop”. In addition to being one of Canada’s most well known rappers and a record producer Wes is a series regular on the popular CBC TV series “Mr. D”. Other credits include “Crash and Burn”, “The Line” and “Instant Star” to name a few.  His motivational book “Stick to Your Vision” has made Wes in demand on the Speakers Circuit as a TedX speaker and at corporate events. Last June 2017, Wes received an honorary diploma from the NSCC Akerley Campus in Dartmouth Nova Scotia for the impact his book has made and his continued efforts to inspire the community.  He has also worked with the Toronto Raptors including a recent presentation on February 8 for Historica Canada with Raptors president Masia Ujiri for Black History Month.

Maestro released a new video for the song Mr. Evans on February 5th, which features west coast phenom Ras Kass and vocals by Cyndi Cain. Produced by Lord Quest, and first premiered on The song was written to highlight the need for better role models in the Black Community, and the need for strong father figures specifically. When first-time Director Kofi Boateng heard the song, he said the lyric that resonated the most was “every child needs a hero.” Boateng is the younger brother of Kwajo Cinqo of the legendary Toronto Hiphop group Ghetto Concept. The video was filmed on location in Vancouver and Halifax and was produced by TiKoonz Films.

As Maestro Fresh Wes, a father himself, explains, “When we examine the negative images of black males through media, we understand the importance of fathers to be in the lives of their children to guide them in the right direction. It’s an important conversation to have, especially during Black History Month.

Maestro Fresh Wes is available for interviews upon request. He will be in Vancouver March 22nd to March 26th for in person interviews.

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