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 This raw documentary follows controversial stand-up comedian Richard Lett’s private struggle of addiction that sabotaged his promising career, lost everything and lived to tell the tale.

Filmmaker Roy Tighe is pleased to announce that the World Premiere of the documentary Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story will screen at the Whistler International Film Festival on November 29 at 5:30 at Village 8 – Theatre 6 and November 30 at 12:00 at Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre. This raw and immersive documentary tells the story of how controversial Vancouver stand-up comedian Richard Lett sabotaged his own promising career, lost everything and lived to tell the tale. Director Roy Tighe’s commitment to presenting Lett’s highest and lowest moments over the past nine years ultimately presents a message of personal redemption and shines a poignant light on the intensely private struggle of addiction.

Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story chronicles the seven-year journey of Richard Lett, a once-respected Canadian comedian whose addiction to drugs and alcohol lead to him becoming homeless, estranged from his daughter, and shunned by his community. With no one to turn to, Richard disappeared. He ran away from his problems; he ran away from his responsibilities; he ran away from his life.

In the summer of 2009, filmmaker Roy Tighe and comedian Richard Lett were ejected from a Vancouver nightclub. Richard started a verbal altercation with the club owner and was promptly told to take his cameraman and leave. Never one to pass up an opportunity, Roy began filming Lett in his day-to-day life and quickly learned that all was not right in the brash comedian’s world. So set in motion the saga of Richard Lett and Never Be Done.

Not merely a tale of one man’s downfall, Never Be Done is the story of Richard Lett’s struggle to forge a new life in the same environment that brought him down so completely. Filmed with candid intimacy and filled with archival footage and poignant testimonials, Never Be Done is a raw and unflinching documentary about the life and times of Richard Lett, who lost it all and lived to tell the tale.

Director Story

In 2003, I dabbled in the Vancouver stand up comedy circuit, performing and working with other comics. During my small stint at stand up comedy I was aware of Richard Lett due to his infamous reputation on and off stage. I was always intrigued to work with Richard, if the opportunity arose. In 2009, I was introduced to Richard through a mutual friend and fellow comedian. I had been living in Vancouver for 9 years at the time and had my own reputation for producing comedy content for the web. Richard and I originally met to talk about shooting a live one-man show he was working on. The next night we met at a local comedy club to shoot some stand up footage. That did not happen. We, instead, were ejected from the comedy club. Richard had started a verbal altercation with the club owner and was promptly told to take his cameraman and leave. Standing now in the rain out front of the comedy club, I still wanted to capture something. So right there on the street for pedestrians to watch, Richard performed one of his poetry slams. That night I saw something special in Richard and that moment became the opening sequence to this story. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I began filming Richard in his day-to-day life, and quickly learned that all was not right in this brash comedian’s world. As I followed Richard, recording the collapse of his career and his struggle with addiction, he becomes homeless. I felt a divine obligation to stick it out with Richard. Even though this was a dark, brutal time in this man’s life, I also was blessed to witness Richard find the miracle of recovery. This 7 year journey that I went on with Richard makes for a beautiful story to what’s called “Never Be Done: The Richard Glenn Lett Story.”


Director Bio

Canadian filmmaker Roy Tighe has been mentored by two time Oscar nominee, Bud Smith the Oscar-nominated editor of The Exorcist and Flashdance. Roy is currently a working director in Los Angeles directing numerous short films, web series and commercials. Working for such brands as Alcatel, TCL and Coors Light totaling well over 500 videos. Roy’s first film, Where’s Barry? was released on VOD in December 2016. Previously, Roy had spent time performing as a stand-up comedian, which led to his introduction to Richard Lett, the subject of his first feature Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story.


Richard’s Bio

Finding a home in the stand-up comedy scene in Vancouver, Richard began making a name for himself with his brash, unapologetic style of jokes and crowd interaction. After years of honing his skills on the stage, Lett found himself headlining tours for Yuk Yuk’s. In the mid 90’s Richard was a subject in the CBC’s Road Warriors, a documentary television series about the lives of touring stand-up comedians.

Never quite a household name, Richard Lett has become a sort of journeyman of the Canadian comedy scene over the past thirty years, respected by his fellow comedians and sought out by die-hard comedy fans. In the time since he began his career in stand-up, Richard has tried his hand at poetry, writing, and acting, landing small roles on the TV shows Supernatural, Dark Angel, andThe Firm, and as a playwright he has received two Jessie Richardson Award nominations for “Most Outstanding Original Play.” Most recently, Richard received a rare standing ovation at the London Poetry Slam for his one-man show “Sober But Never Clean”. His performance was described as such: “Richard grabbed our audience’s attention and didn’t let go. His ability to make the crowd laugh and reflect simultaneously by sharing intimate personal stories mixed with hilarious jokes is unparalleled. He has a unique talent in rolling poetry, comedy, and storytelling together.”

Today, Richard continues to tour across the country with his “Sober But Never Clean” show, which details his experiences in the stand-up comedy profession, his struggles with drugs and alcohol, and his complicated relationship with sobriety.

Roy Tighe and Richard Lett are available for interviews upon request and will be in attendance at the World Premiere at the Whistler International Film Festival.


Date Time Film Cinema Hall
29.11.2018 17:30 NEVER BE DONE: THE RICHARD GLEN LETT STORY Village 8 – Theatre 6
30.11.2018 12:00 NEVER BE DONE: THE RICHARD GLEN LETT STORY Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre


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4 Corners Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

4 Corners Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is quickly becoming industry leaders in home décor with high customer demand and designer choices

Forget your previous conceptions of what vinyl plank used to look like! Over the past 5 years, vinyl plank flooring has been completely revamped and transformed to replicate the look and feel of real hardwood, but at a fraction of the price! Established in 2014, 4 Corners is a Canadian owned and operated brand, supplying premium luxury vinyl plank flooring to hundreds of flooring dealerships across the nation. CDM Distribution Inc provides a high-quality product line, with the least amount of deficiencies, and a variety of colour options that have been determined by high customer demand and designer choices.

Their product is bright, modern, and draws the “oohs and ahhs!”  from homeowners and guests. 4 Corners is featured in condominium property management programme as a top flooring choice. The plank’s foam-backing and fiberglass core provide a cushioned and flexible surface; making it an excellent choice for a sound suppression for condo strata approval, as well as, a cushioned and soft-underfoot flooring choice for rental properties and vacation homes. 4 Corners LVP additionally satisfies green building safety standards, earns LEED points in commercial applications, and meets all building safety regulations.

Over the past 2 years, they have doubled their product line ranging from a low, medium, and premium price point to satisfy a wider range of clientele. Additionally, they have expanded their range of colour and plank variations for clients to convey their unique style. Their business model and product lines are founded on quality, customer service, and availability for residential as well as commercial application used by architectural and interior design firms.

4 Corners LVP offers 3 unique colour series that vary in plank width: Bel Air, Country Club, and French Antique. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has been manufactured to produce larger planks that not only gives a distinctive wood appearance but also make it an ideal flooring choice for those looking for a quick and easy DIY install. With a 3D HD photo finish, LVP has multiple colour variations to choose from, ranging from a modern to rustic design. Each plank is comprised of several layers; an antimicrobial coating that kills bacteria, a protective wear layer for durability, a 3D HD printed colour layer for a photo finish, a middle core for stability, and a resilient non-skid backing. This makes Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring water, scratch, and stain resistant, and easy to maintain. This is the perfect flooring option for families with a busy lifestyle, pet owners, and commercial properties with heavy foot traffic.

4 Corners have recently launched a new colour series as of this month! The stunning French Antique Series offers customers distressed wood finishes and rustic color variations, additionally the option of a wider plank design that mimics the look of wood plank flooring without the expensive price tag.

Although 4 Corners is fairly new on the market they are establishing partnerships with home renovation television series, interior designers and architects and have supplied the flooring for the offices of CW’s hit television series ‘Supergirl.

4 Corners have sales representatives across Canada, including:

  • Sam Piazza & Dave Williams – Vancouver Lower Mainland
  • Curtis Ross – Vancouver Island, B.C Interior
  • Perry Myshynuik – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
  • Mike Otter – Greater Toronto Area

Members of the 4 Corners team are available for interviews, demonstrations and product knowledge.

For more information, interviews, photos please contact:

Lesley Diana || P: 604-726-5575 CDM Distribution Inc. – 4 Corners P: 604.496.4267 | TF: 1.855.319.9522

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Any Wednesday


Vancouver Filmmaker Patrick Stark and Academy Award winner Allie Light screen their compelling film ‘Any Wednesdayalongside Eleanor Coppola’s ‘Two for Dinner’ at the prestigious Mill Valley Film festival on October 13 at 4:30 p.m.

Prolific American documentarian and Academy Award winner Allie Light and well-respected Canadian director Patrick Stark join forces to direct the timely feature film Any Wednesday, scheduled to screen at the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival on October 13th at 4:30 p.m.

Any Wednesday stars Mary Black (Man of Steel) as Agnes and Shane Dean (Rogue, Fear the Walking Dead) as C’Mo. The short drama, which is based on a true story, brings together the most unlikely travel companions: Agnes, a 79-year-old woman in the early stages of dementia who has a flat tire on a dark and rainy Wednesday evening on her way home from choir practice, and C’Mo, a young homeless Iraq war veteran with PTSD who changes her tire. C’Mo asks for a ride, and Agnes can’t say no. Their commonalities of remembering and forgetting to create a bond between them. As the night continues, Agnes’ husband and son fear for the worst. While her family frets, these two people—separated by age, race, class, and even diagnoses—bond in their frail humanity.

The film is based on the real-life story of David Lundstedt’s mother, Light’s son-in-law. He and Light’s daughter, Julia Hilder, are also the film’s co-producers.

“Think Driving Miss Daisy, but with her at the wheel,” says Light.

“I was excited by the opportunity of collaborating with Allie and to ultimately help realize the vision she had for the film”, says Stark.

Patrick met Allie Light, a critically acclaimed documentarian, through a mutual friend right as he was wrapping up principal photography on his feature-length documentary, One Life No Regrets. Allie has produced, directed and edited award-winning films for more than 25 years, and is also the author of one novel and four short stories. Any Wednesday is one of those four. Patrick is an entrepreneur and filmmaker, with a web-based project in development, and a creative agency with a focus on both live action and animation.

Dementia and homelessness are unfortunately things that Patrick is familiar with. His grandmother was in the early stages of dementia before passing away, and his nephew is living on the streets in Vancouver’s East End. “When I read Allie’s script, it broke my heart. I felt it was an important story to tell and was confident that I had something to offer in helping to direct performances,” says Stark. “The actors immersed themselves in their respective roles and absolutely delivered.”

Directors Patrick Stark and Allie Light are thrilled to share the night with director Eleanor Coppola’s bittersweet drama Two for Dinner. Separated by work, a couple arranges a video chat date night. While Lainie (Joanne Whalley) dines at their favorite LA bistro, film director Jack (Chris Messina), on location, makes do at a rustic Montana eatery. Throughout the effervescent, romantic evening, they flirt, eat, toast, and Jack begs Lainie to join him—but does he mean it?


For more information, interviews and photos with Patrick Stark please contact:

Lesley Diana || 604-726-5575

About Allie Light

Allie Light is best known for her 1991 documentary In the Shadow of the Stars, which garnered her and her late husband, Irving Saraf, an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Her long list of credits include a variety of critically acclaimed films, such as: Rachel’s Daughters: Searching for the Causes of Breast Cancer (HBO),Dialogues With Madwomen, (Emmy Award; Freedom of Expression Award, Sundance Film Festival); In The Shadow Of The Stars, (Academy Award); Mitsuye and Nellie, Asian American Poets; Visions of Paradise(five films about folk artists); Shakespeare’s Children(produced by Kate Kline May); Blind Spot: Murder by Women; Children and Asthma and Good Food, Bad Food, Obesity in American Children, An Iraqi Lullaby and The Sermons of Sister Jane, and Believing the Unbelievable, and Empress Hotel.

About Patrick Stark

Patrick has worked in the film industry since 1990, climbing his way up from a variety of entry-level positions in Vancouver’s Hollywood film-service business, to writing, directing and producing his own films.

After a stint on the fifth season of The X-Files as the hit show’s trainee assistant director, he assembled many of the cast and crew to produce Tilt, a contemporary reimagining of Don Quixote. Over 700 individuals from Vancouver’s film industry assisted in this five-year endeavor, in the form of talent, labor, and money to complete it.

Patrick recently finished directing his first film,One Life, No Regrets, a documentary spanning ten years where he challenges his own fear of singing in public, from a first vocal lesson and singing in the streets to one-on-one with rock musicians and an invitation to sing with the “biggest band in the world”, U2.

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Edmonton, Alberta – For Immediate Release: September 21, 2018

International Award Winning Director Carl Bessai returns home to screen his latest feature film ‘KREUZBERG’ at the Edmonton International Film Festival

The controversial and topical love story about discrimination, gentrification, and immigration.

Internationally celebrated award-winning filmmaker Carl Bessai is returning home to screen his latest film, Kreuzberg, at the Edmonton International Film Festival. The Western Canadian Premiere of Kreuzberg will screen on Saturday, Sept. 29, 6:00 p.m., Landmark Cinemas 9, City Centre, 10200 102 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta. Carl will be in attendance.

‘Kreuzberg’ is a highly charged, political and romantic drama written and directed by Carl Bessai, produced by Munire Armstrong and Carl Bessai and is being distributed worldwide by IndustryWorks Studios.

The layers of cultural, social and political elements that are at the root of ‘Kreuzberg’ make the exploration unique in its time and place.  By using the fabric of the classic Shakespeare tale Romeo and Juliet as the basis for the conflict, the tragedy, and in this case – the forgiveness of two families divided – ‘Kreuzberg’ is a construct of something engaging as a story, but with ripples of social and political history that are important to our contemporary dialogue as citizens of the global community. ‘Kreuzberg’ stars Denise Ankel (‘Immigration Game’, ‘The Disenchanted’), Lila Gurmen (TV Series ‘Karadayi’), and Horst-Gunter Marx (TV Series ‘In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte’).  In Director/Writer Carl Bessai’s words, this film is ‘A re-imagined Romeo and Juliet in a globalized world.”

A young woman (Denise Ankel) living in Berlin falls in love with a Syrian immigrant despite the misgivings of her family and friends. Jasmine (Denise Ankel) runs the Café Kotti in central Kreuzberg in the heart of Berlin with her East German father Werner (Horst-Gunter Marx) and her Turkish stepmother Lila (Lila Gurmen).  For a long time, Kreuzberg was considered an undesirable place, but 25 years after the fall of the wall, the boutiques, and fancy restaurants are on the doorstep and slowly the neighborhood is changing.  Some people associate the latest wave of Syrian immigrants with crime and drug dealing but others, like Werner and Jasmine, hold an open door policy.  When Jasmine breaks up with her German boyfriend to take up with the handsome young Syrian refugee, the division between friends, family and neighbors become politically heightened.

‘Kreuzberg’ is a contemporary view of a history that few in this world could forget. This film explores the immigrant experience, gentrification, and the way love can bind us and pull us apart.

Kreuzberg will screen on Saturday, Sept. 29, 6:00 p.m., Landmark Cinemas 9, City Centre, 10200 102 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta

MEET FILMMAKER Carl Bessai for a brief discussion in-theatre immediately following this screening of KREUZBERG. Carl is available for interviews upon request.


Access the festival program guide:

About IndustryWorks Studios/Pictures

IndustryWorks Studios/Pictures is committed to the primary efforts of developing, producing and releasing creative and marketable content into the worldwide marketplace with a recognizable brand of content and quality. IndustryWorks releases films theatrically and on all platforms globally while providing independent productions with the support and ability to market, schedule, budget and ultimately release their films theatrically.

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For worldwide distribution & sales information, please contact:

Caterina Scrivano| |604-876-0547

Goodlad Coffee, Clothing and Cut join forces under one roof in heightened retail experience

GOODLAD brings a memorable shopping experience to the North Shore in a unique retail concept located across from the Sea Bus Terminal

This summer, North Vancouver had an exciting addition to the neighbourhood. Right across the street from the Sea Bus Terminal, next to Lonsdale Quay, a one-of-a-kind retail space opened in the form of GOODLAD Coffee, Clothing, and Cut. The innovative shop has now opened its doors.

The talent behind GOODLAD is the creative trio of Shane Meier (Clothing), Christopher Glenn (Cut) and Mike Hong (Coffee). This project brought to life their idea of combining men’s clothing, barbering, and coffee under one roof for a heightened retail experience. Their collective love of entrepreneurship and passion for people, paired with their extensive business experience, is a recipe for success for the spacious shop, located at the intersection at Chesterfield and 221 Esplanade in North Vancouver. It’s the perfect stop for sea bus commuters, residents and tourists alike.

Wanting to create a ‘stand-out shop’, the team spared no expense for the interior design of the space, which took over six months to complete. Well-known and highly respected Cutler Design is delivering a concept that will create a memorable experience that clients won’t want to leave.


The man behind the concept is Shane Meier, who was a busy child actor with memorable roles that include Clint Eastwood’s son in the Oscar-winning film ‘Unforgiven’, Young Macgyver on TV’s ‘MacGyver’, and roles in Steven King’s ‘Needful Things’, ‘Andre,’ ‘The Matthew Shepard Story’, and countless more local and US network shows over the years. Having spent a number of years working in Los Angeles, Shane wanted to bring a unique men’s shopping experience that he had enjoyed during his travels, back to Vancouver. With Shane’s talent, Mike’s marketing background and Chris’ creativity as a marketing & design artist, this collaboration has the ability to leave customers in awe of the design and services offered. Adding the barbershop and coffee shop to the clothing concept was a ‘no brainer’. Men want quality service quickly, so to be able to buy clothes, grab a drink and get a shave all in less than an hour makes for a pleasurable experience.


After spending over six months looking in North Vancouver for a location, the team finally found the perfect space. They got lucky with the location, which is just a 30-second walk from Lonsdale Quay and located directly across the street from the movie theater.


Partnering with Brooklyn Clothing’s Jason Overbo and Howard Clothing’s Chris Martin, Shane is bringing their high-end men’s denim fashion brands and personal service to the North Shore.  GOODLAD is able to carry brands that other shops can’t as they have built strong relationships with vendors going back 15 years. Dressing men from head to toe, GOODLAD carries men’s denim, outerwear, boots, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, socks, underwear, shorts and endless apothecary.


High-end American, Canadian and European-made denim anchors the collections. Bigger brands include AG, Nudie, Kato, Canada Goose, Barbour, with smaller local brands like 18 Waits, Outclass, Viberg Boots and Vancouver’s own Reigning Champ and Wings and Horns to round out the brands that will keep men looking good and coming back for more.

As GOODLAD is a small “owner operated” shop, chances are you will have Shane helping you in your clothing search. The partners attend trade shows in New York and LA twice a year, continuously searching for the newest trends.


GOODLAD Coffee is a happening place as commuters can grab a cup of coffee and bite to eat as they travel to and from Vancouver. Conveniently located at the front of the shop for commuters running to catch the Sea Bus, it’s a quick stop and you’re on your way.

Their coffee brewer is local West End Roaster, so a cup of that paired with a tasty item from the menu, and you are ready to start or end your day. Featured items include Bullet Coffee – a high-octane blend of espresso, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and pure MCT oil.

A must-try is the Spicy Chorizo English Muffin, combining egg, Havarti cheese, fire-roasted corn, and spicy chorizo sausage. Grilled and served hot!



GOODLAD offers traditional men’s cuts with modern techniques and style. Christopher Glenn sums up his experience as a barber, saying: “It is all about the client, their needs and nothing to do with trends or fads. GOODLAD follows the 60/ 40 rule – 60% cut, 40% experience. Our clients aren’t after a quick cut or an in and out astrosphere – they come to us for advice, community, an effortlessly cool vibe and experience that they really can’t get elsewhere. They’re our clients, not customers and we look after them as such.”

GOODLAD services include Hair Cut, Shave, Buzz Cut, Beard Trim, Wash Blow-Dry & Style, and Cleanup.

“Oh man, how cool is this concept? We love that we are bringing something very different to the clothing, barbering & coffee experience to North Vancouver. Honestly we couldn’t think of a cooler city! The people are so friendly and so cool, they’re going to really dig this,” says Chris.

Shane, Chris and Mike are looking forward to bringing their enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and vision to the North Shore. They invite everyone to visit this unique shopping/service concept in an electric atmosphere.

GOODLAD is located at 221 Esplanade at Chesterfield in North Vancouver. 

Hours: Saturday to Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Call GOODLAD at 604-971-3939

For press inquiries, more information, interviews, and photos, please contact:

Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575


Find Goodlad on social media: 


Highway Thru Hell Returns for Season 7


Wicked Weather and Wild Wrecks: The Elite Rescue Teams of Original Canadian Hit Series HIGHWAY THRU HELL Return to Discovery for Season 7, Sept. 4

– Discovery’s most-watched series HIGHWAY THRU HELL delivers 17 all-new action-packed episodes, more than any previous season –

–Previous seasons now available for streaming on the Discovery GOapp,, and CraveTV

– Toyota returns as the exclusive automotive sponsor for HIGHWAY THRU HELL Season 7 –

– Discovery’s first-ever Facebook Live aftershow with series star Jamie Davis streams Sept. 4 at 11 p.m. ET, immediately following the season premiere –


Click HERE for a sneak peek at the all-new season of Discovery’s HIGHWAY THRU HELL

To tweet this release:

Vancouver, BC– Battling massive mudslides, whiteout snowstorms, torrential rain, or dangerous rockslides, the highway heroes of Discovery’s most-watched original Canadian series HIGHWAY THRU HELL are set to return for Season 7 with an unprecedented 17 action-packed episodes, more than ever before! Airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PTbeginning Sept. 4 on Discovery, Season 7 kicks off with an exclusive behind-the-scenes episode featuring heavy rescuer Jamie Davis alongside friendly competitors Al Quiring, Ken Duperon, and Jason Davis reflecting on epic recoveries and discussing the various ups and downs they face in one of Canada’s toughest industries.

Following the premiere episode at 11 p.m. ET, viewers are invited to pose their questions to HIGHWAY THRU HELLstar Jamie Davis in Discovery’s first-ever Facebook Live aftershow at

(L-R): Jamie Davis, Jason Davis, and Ken Duperon – stars of Discovery’s hit original production HIGHWAY THRU HELL

Featuring stories of remarkable strength and fearless dedication, HIGHWAY THRU HELL chronicles the lives of these heroic rescue teams who often put their own lives at risk to help keep vital transport highways open and communities safe. Dropping everything to respond, it is their duty to remove the often-dangerous cargo, clean up the twisted metal, clear the road, and get traffic rolling again for thousands of drivers.

HIGHWAY THRU HELL Season 7 also sees Davis make a bold move, turning to vintage machinery to tackle modern-day wrecks. Davis’ team is not only tested by unforgiving weather conditions but also faced with the challenge of mastering old iron equipment to combat some of the most spectacular wrecks the crew has ever seen.

Discovery primes viewers for the new season with a full-day marathon of HIGHWAY THRU HELL Season 6 on Saturday, Aug. 25 beginning at 3 p.m. ET. Season 6 is also currently available for streaming on the Discovery GO app,, and CraveTV.

HIGHWAY THRU HELL has consistently attracted impressive audiences, ranking as a Top 10 series on entertainment specialty television in Canada for total viewers and the A25-54 demographic. The series has made Discovery the most-watched entertainment specialty channel in its timeslot among total viewers as well as the A25-54 and A18-49 demographics.

Toyota returns as the show’s exclusive automotive sponsor, featuring the capable, rugged, full-size Tundra pickup in HIGHWAY THRU HELL’s seventh season.



Jamie Davis is shifting gears once again. After years of keeping the highways open with some of the most modern heavy wreckers – the legendary tow man is staking his future on old iron equipment.

At Davis’ yard in Hope, B.C., Classic Holmes tow trucks – some nearly half a century old – are slowly replacing newer, costlier wreckers. For Davis, the vintage trucks are more than just a passion– they represent survival. Under pressure to reduce costs and stay competitive, Davis is confident this winter he and his crew can tackle some of the toughest jobs – on and off the Coquihalla Highway – using an aging, rebuilt fleet.

This winter season, Davis is counting on one truck more than any other – the “Mighty Mo”. After rolling out of his garage at the end of last winter, the beautifully restored Holmes 850, named after a World War II battleship, is ready for war. Known as the most powerful tow truck of its day, the hulking 40-ton wrecker will need to shoulder the biggest jobs as Davis prepares to sell his last modern truck.

After a challenging first winter working the mountain passes, former prairie operator Colin McLean is back in Hope for more adventures as Davis’ lead driver. But having run some of the best top-of-the-line hydraulic trucks, Davis’ “old iron” is going to take some getting used to.

Each one-hour episode follows the Jamie Davis Motor Truck team as well as their competitors – Quiring Towing, Mission Towing, Aggressive Towing, and Reliable Towing –as they brave the harsh conditions of the Coquihalla Highway. Ready to navigate extreme roads and weather, each team prepares to put themselves on the line in order to keep some of the most economically important and traveled trucking routes in North America open and accessible for all.

HIGHWAY THRU HELL is produced by Great Pacific Media in association with Discovery Canada. Executive Producer is Mark Miller. The series producer is Neil Thomas. For Discovery, Bruce Glawson and Heather Williamson are Executive Producers. Ken MacDonald is Vice-President and General Manager, Discovery. Tracey Pearce is President, Distribution and Pay, Bell Media.


Highway Thru Hell on Twitter:


About Great Pacific Media:

Great Pacific Media is a global leader in factual television. Started by TV veterans Blair Reekie and Mark Miller, their programs are seen in more than 170 countries. They specialize in the development, production, co-production, and financing of factual and lifestyle television. Great Pacific Media was acquired by Thunderbird Entertainment to accelerate the growth of Thunderbird’s presence in the unscripted television space. Thunderbird creates award-winning programming for Canadian and international broadcasters and boasts divisions in scripted and unscripted development and production, theatrical distribution, and animation.

About Bell Media Original Programming:

Bell Media has commissioned some of Canada’s most-watched and most-acclaimed original programming, working with the best Canadian independent producers in the country. Hit series commissioned by CTV include the hit drama CARDINAL; the record-breaking Canadian formats THE AMAZING RACE CANADA and MASTERCHEF CANADA; the original international TV format THE LAUNCH; satirical news series THE BEAVERTON; new comedy series JANN; new lifestyle series starring Mary Berg; and CANADA’S WALK OF FAME AWARDS. Among the original series on Bell Media specialty and streaming, platforms are Space’s KILLJOYS and WYNONNA EARP; Bravo’s mystery dramedy CARTER; Comedy’s CORNER GAS ANIMATED;   CraveTV’s hit comedy LETTERKENNY; and SnackableTV’s interactive stand-up series JOKEOFF and upcoming animated series LITTLEKENNY. In addition to adventure drama FRONTIER, Discovery is also home to Bell Media’s hit factual franchises HIGHWAY THRU HELL, HEAVY RESCUE: 401, and CANADA’S WORST DRIVER, in addition to new original series DISASTERS AT SEA, among others. Bell Media is one of the first media companies in North America to commit to producing all-new original scripted series in 4K.

About Discovery:
With compelling real-life programming that inspires and entertains, Discovery reveals the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. Discovery offers a signature mix of adrenaline-charged stories, larger-than-life personalities and vivid imagery for viewers with curious minds. With the best factual programming from Canada and around the world, Discovery captures the excitement of a passion for life – one lived fully and at its most extreme. With exceptional and immersive storytelling, the channel offers in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the extraordinary people and places that shape our world. Discovery Canada is a joint venture between Bell Media, which is part of BCE Inc. (TSX, NYSE: BCE), Canada’s largest communications company, and Discovery Communications Inc. Find more information and interactive online features at

Source: Numeris

– 30 –

For more information:

Elysia Circelli, Discovery, 416.384.5166 or

Rob Duffy, Discovery, 416.384.5717or

West Coast contact: Lesley Diana | 604-726-5575 |

Sofia Evangelina is ready to burst into the world, like a butterfly!

Sofia Evangelina a budding Canadian pop singer-songwriter brings a collection of iconic songs, a perfect blend of historical resonance and pop modernity to her debut album ‘Butterfly’ being released on August 24th, 2018

Sofia Evangelina exceeds all expectations of a young artist with an abundance of confidence, astonishing natural talent and a ‘powerhouse’ voice. At fifteen, Sofia is releasing her debut album entitled ‘Butterfly’ on August 24thon all platforms: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Sofia Evangelina is a rising young Canadian teen pop singer who is bringing a collection of iconic songs, which is a perfect blend of historical resonance and pop modernity, to her debut album ‘Butterfly’. Bryant Olender who has worked with Michael Bublé produced the aspiring pop princess magical debut album. Interweaving elements of R&B, soul, gospel, and pop, her forthcoming releases are a collection of covers and originals showcasing her vocal ranges and newly found passion for songwriting.

The debut album compiles some of Sofia’s favorite covers that showcase her evolving voice, handling different vocal and musical styles in a completely unconventional way. ‘Butterfly’ is the first extension of her soul, to be shared with the world. She has drawn songs from some of her favorite artists: Beyoncé, Etta James, and Nina Simone. These powerhouse voices have changed Sofia’s perception of how her voice will forever evolve. Sofia was also inspired by some soulful old hits from Lionel Richie, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder, Moody Singing and the youthful bops of Jackson 5 by adding her touch of sparkle and modernity.

From the very early days, Sofia was a natural born performer full of boundless energy. Putting on her mom’s mascara and lipstick and cutting her scarves to create her own funky “designs”, she would spend hours performing in front of a mirror and later, entertaining random audiences. “I have fallen for music since day one,” Sofia explained. “I can just remember hearing and seeing music everywhere as if it followed me. No matter where I went, I felt the rhythm and a beat. I told my mother “it paralyzed me” – for the silly lack of better words at age five!”

Growing up in Calgary, Sofia attended an art-centered school. She won an award entitled ‘the closest to the core of arts’ and enthralled the audience into repeat standing ovations. She won several National talent competitions including Canada’s “National Overall Talent Awards” at Talent INC 2014, Canada TeenFest, The Mics and many others. She has also appeared at various festivals throughout North America.

Many of her fans don’t know that this talented singer-songwriter is an accomplished freestyle skier who has been the youngest to compete at the World Cup circuit in her discipline. It was freestyle skiing that led her to travel the world and observe cultures and people. This experience formed her perspective on youth and global problems and has opened her eyes to identify the trends, narratives of society, and finding raw emotions.

Sofia has a first-hand, deep understanding of the issues and the trends pertaining to youth culture. Through her music, Sofia hopes to inspire her fellow peers and encourage them to embrace their individuality, develop self-esteem, stand up for what is right and embrace their inner beauty. Working painstakingly on her vocals and mastering her craft with prominent Canadian songwriters, Sofia is on an upward trajectory to becoming the voice of her generation.

Sofia translates all of her powerful experiences she lived through and her overflowing passion into her song’s lyrics. Her skiing and striving to achieve personal-best attitude, together with traveling the world – has helped to shape her vision and character and had led her to evolve into someone who with her music – now, can help to empower the world.

‘Butterfly’ is being released on August 24thon all platforms and more information can be found on her website

Sofia Evangelina is available for interviews, appearance, and photos upon request.

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Lesley Diana || 604-726-5575


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What are they saying about Sofia Evangelina?

“At such a young age Sofia has an incredible voice with a matching persona to perform and such determination I haven’t seen in anyone since I worked with Michael Buble”. ~Bryant Olender, Producer

“Sofia is a powerhouse of talent, energy, and excitement! We have had the pleasure of working with her in her development over the past several years and we can tell you that she delights every single person he meets. She is more than a singer, actor or dancer she is an allover, all-out, full-out, non- stop performer who never disappoints” ~John Stevens and Doug Sloan | Owners, Talent INC Canada

“A powerful and commanding voice for someone so young.  With her passion, determination and positive attitude, superstardom is imminent.” ~ Beverly Delich-Silver Lining Management, Vancouver, BC

First-ever Directors Guild of Canada B.C. District Council Directors Showcase Weekend set to take place this September in Vancouver

Members’ films will be screening at Vancity Theatre from September 7th to 9th

Vancouver, August 13, 2018 – The Directors Guild of Canada British Columbia (DGC BC), is pleased to announce an exciting new event for the film industry: The First Annual DGC BC Directors Guild of Canada B.C. District Council Directors Showcase Weekend. The event will be held in the weeks before VIFF and will showcase the work of B.C. Council members, both present and past.  This anticipated first-time event will take place September 7, 8 & 9. All screenings will be held at the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver International Film Centre.  Screenings will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with matinee and evening showtimes, along with receptions on the Friday and Saturday evenings between the movies.

The Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia District Council takes a great deal of pride in the work of all of our Members.  With that established sense of pride in our colleagues, we are delighted to present a weekend filled with screenings of the works of Directors that reside here in British Columbia.

The contributions made by these filmmakers represent an effort and an expertise that equals some of the best cinematic work created anywhere. The films chosen for this premiere event run a gamut of styles, genres and eras.  The contribution the DGC BC has chosen to make is to keep these films relevant in the public sphere by introducing them to new audiences, as well as offering the opportunity for many of us to reacquaint ourselves with them.

We invite you to join us for this weekend celebration of cinema, right here in Vancouver, with films from those artists who are colleagues to us in the DGC BC, and perhaps neighbours and friends to many of you.

Tickets to the weekend’s screenings are available by visiting:

Directors available for press interviews and attending screenings and/or receptions:

  • Allan Harmon representing DGCBC
  • Boris Ivanov – On Putin’s Blacklist
  • Nimisha Mukerji – In The Deep
  • Zach Lipovsky- Crazy Late
  • Rachel Talalay – Tank Girl
  • Vic Sarin – Keepers of the Magic
  • Charles Wilkinson Haida Gwaii – On The Edge Of The World
  • Richard Martin – BackBone
  • Anne Wheeler – Bye Bye Blues (prior to September 1st)
  • Julia Kwan – Eve and the Firehorse

Phone interviews can be coordinated with directors unable to attend the screenings.

Please let us know if you would like to attend a screening and/or the Friday or Saturday night reception so we can reserve a ticket for you.  See the full schedule below.

For more information, interviews and photos please contact: | 604-726-5575


For more information on DGCBC, please contact: Andrea Moore |

Full Schedule

Day Time Member Film
Friday, Sept 7 Doors open 5:30 p.m.
6:30 – 8:00 Vic Sarin Keepers of the Magic
8:00 – 8:45 Reception
8:45 – 10:45 Anne Wheeler Bye Bye Blues
Saturday, Sept 8 Doors open 12:30 p.m.
1:30 – 3:00 Jem Garrard The Wolf Who Came to Dinner
DGC BC Shorts Gary Hawes The Money Pet
Roy Hayter Grave Decisions
Zach Lipovsky Crazy Late
Nimisha Mukerji In the Deep
3:45 – 4:45 Richard Martin BackBone
5:15 – 6:45 Charles Wilkinson Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World
6:45 – 8:00 Reception
8:00 – 10:00 Rachel Talalay Tank Girl
Sunday, Sept 9 Doors open 3:00 p.m.
4:00 – 6:00 Julia Kwan Eve and the Firehorse
6:30 – 8:00 Boris Ivanov On Putin’s Blacklist





Film Synopsis:


Keepers of the Magic

This groundbreaking documentary explores our fascination with moving images and provides insight into how cinema’s most iconic moments came to be. Most of all, it honours the great masters of cinematography—unsung heroes whose vision and talent was always right before our eyes. Legendary cinematographers including Vittorio Storaro, Roger Deakins, Gordon Willis, and John Seale share their stories and some of cinema’s most memorable images.

Bye Bye Blues

Director Anne Wheeler’s most famous and honoured film is a delicate, upbeat and unapologetic World War II romance set to the music of a Prairie swing band. When her husband is transferred to Singapore, Daisy (Rebecca Jenkins) is deposited back home in Alberta with their two kids and an old piano. In need of work, Daisy starts playing with a local dance band. Photographed by Vic Sarin, this is an evocative, finely tuned romance.

Backbone: Vancouver Experimental Cinema 1967-1981

Celebrating artistic innovation in Vancouver from 1967 to 1981, this documentary follows a period when Canada was an international hub for experimental film. Vancouver artists, on Canada’s west coast, had a particularly dynamic scene that inspired an enduring body of work that resonates today. Featuring Alex MacKenzie, Dr Ron Burnett, Colin Browne, Stan Fox and Peg Campbell.

Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World

If you have never visited Haida Gwaii then this is a great place to start. Charles Wilkinson’s stunning cinematography vividly captures the raw beauty of this very special part of the world. It is also, of course, a battlefield, though Wilkinson finds reasons to hope that First Nations’ long-view of environmental sustainability can prevail over short-term economic interest. Audience Award winner: VIFF

Tank Girl

Decades before Fury Road, Lori Petty’s shaven headed Tank Girl waged post-apocalyptic rebellion in this film maudit based on the cult British comic book. Director Rachel Talalay (now of Dr Who fame) went all out in her determination to make “the ultimate grrrl movie”, only to suffer unkindly cuts from the studio brass. But even then, there’s nothing quite like this big, brash feminist action fantasy. Ice T plays a mutant kangaroo. Bjork, Joan Jett, and Devo mix it up on the soundtrack.

Eve and the Firehorse

In Julia Kwan’s award-winning first feature Eve is a precocious 9-year-old girl with a wild imagination growing up in a traditional Chinese immigrant family in Vancouver. Confucian doctrines, superstition and divine visions abound. When Buddhism and Catholicism are thrown into the mix, life for Eve and her 11-year-old sister escalates into a fantasia of catastrophe, sainthood and social confusion. “One of the most enchanting and memorable films made in this country.” Jennie Punter, Globe & Mail

On Putin’s Blacklist

Wonder how adoption became mixed up with human rights and US election conspiracies? Boris Ivanov’s lucid but enraging documentary is a depressing portrait of Russia today, where propaganda and demonization of the “other” result in institutionalized racism and homophobia, and innocent orphans are caught up in a cultural Cold War.


DGC BC Showcase: Short Films Program

The Wolf Who Came to Dinner: Bea Barkley is an eight-year-old horror fanatic with a serious problem: her mom’s brought her new boyfriend home to meet the family, and no-one but Bea seems to notice he’s a werewolf.

The Money Pet: After his mutt accidentally eats some loose change, a man is soon bewildered to discover that his furry companion has passed the currency with compounded interest.

Grave Decisions: not available

Crazy Late: Jimmy Smith wakes up 5 minutes late for his own wedding with 4 blocks between him and the rest of his life.

In the Deep: Jodi’s mother passed away five years ago, and since then, her father has pretty well stopped living himself. Arriving unannounced on his doorstep one day, with shattering news of her own, Jodi is determined to make the most of the time they have left.

 The Directors Guild of Canada, B.C. District Council (DGC BC)

The Directors Guild of Canada, B.C. District Council (DGC BC) represents the creative and logistical personnel in the film and television industry in British Columbia. The DGC BC Collective Agreement covers the categories of Director, 2nd Unit Director, Production & Unit Manager, plus those employed in the various Assistant Director and Locations Departments.

The Vancouver Premiere of the Musical Comedy PAGEANT boldly pits six contestants as they pursue the tiara & title, running from August 18th to September 8th 

The Vancouver Premiere of the Musical Comedy PAGEANT boldly pits six contestants as they pursue the tiara & title, running from August 18th to September 8th

This Beauty Contest lets you be the Judge!

Something Extra Collective digs into classical satire with PAGEANT – a Musical Comedy!  A 90-minute, one-act romp, it plays at the Blake Snyder Theatre at Go Studios 112 E. 3rd Avenue in Vancouver, B.C. from August 18th to September 8th.

Boldly pitting six contestants in pursuit of the tiara and title “Miss Glamouresse”, there will be cross-gender casting and celebrity judges culled from the audience! This pageant is like nothing you’ve seen before – a cheeky peek into beauty contests, in high-heels through the ridiculous to expose what pageants so often were: thinly-veiled advertisements requiring little wit and lots of skin to Sell! Sell! Sell!

PAGEANT is produced and directed by Christopher Shyer Johnston. Christopher is a well-known actor and Co-Produced “City of Angels” at Performance Works, Executive Produced and Co-Directed “The Wild Party” at the Anza Club,Co-Produced the Tennessee Williams Festival featuring “Night of the Iguana” at Playwright’s Theatre Centre, “Summer and Smoke” at the Firehall Arts Centre and Co-Produced/Directed a Charity Fundraising Concert for the Stanley Park Ecology Society entitled “Into the Woods.”

PAGEANT will mark the Vancouver premiere of the show, featuring a diverse cast of industry professionals and fresh faces from across North America. Cast members include: Kelly-Ruth Mercier, Graeme Thompson, Max Hall, Simon Paterson, Javier Ricardo Sotres Porres, Kenneth Tynan, Ryan Purdy, and Derry Oshust. Creative Crew includes: Amy Gartner, Ken Overbey, Christopher Shyer Johnston, Chris Lam, Ian Crowe, Kimmie Blais, Stellina Rusich, Jorge Louise Taracena, Demi Pedersen, Brendan Lowe, Tracy Cake, Natalee Fera, Victoria Bahnuk, Simone Boutin, Megan Sadler, and Jennifer Copping. PAGEANT is written by Bill Russell and Frank Kelly, music by Albert Evans, and was conceived by Robert Longbottom

PAGEANT will be performed at the Blake Snyder Theatre @Go Studios 112 E. 3rd Ave, around the corner from ‘Earnest Ice Cream Shop” on Quebec Street, and close to the Olympic Village & Main St. Skytrain Station.


For press passes, interviews, photos please contact: Lesley Diana || 604-726-5575





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  • Hilary Levey Friedman (com): “Women no longer have to walk on stage in front of millions in a bikini and high heels to earn scholarship money. (Pageants have) been about artifice and contradiction: Wear a swimsuit, but don’t swim in it. Do not go barefoot in said non-swimming bathing suit, instead wear 6-inch heels. Look slender and muscular, but not too thin and not too strong. Compete for college scholarships, but work on your six-pack first. After all, you’ll be showing as much skin as a college student on spring break.”
  • When Jean Genet wrote The Maidsin the 1940’s, the sight of men playing women “was… disturbing” (notes Campbell Robertson of the NYT in his review) and nowadays is “merely diverting,” but Genet surely would have approved of whatever interpretation that resulted in something “…voyeuristic and disconcerting.”  <>
  • In the ancient Greek play, The Bacchae, Euripides portrays the downfall of King Pentheus as including the donning of women’s clothes before he heads to his death in the hills. Until very recently – perhaps even only the last 15 years – the sight of a man in women’s clothes (outside of a drag show) still carried with it some surprise.
  • There are dozens of examples of cross-dressing in Shakepeare’s plays. Never was there intent to ridicule; rather, the juxtaposition of a character representing themselves as something opposite to their own sexual identity was to take up a discussion beyond the plot.
  • M*A*S*H’s double-negative use of drag revealed, in the character of Sgt Klinger, that the donning of heels could not be viewed as an indication of insanity, and that a person’s character cannot – should not – be kept down or swept aside.


Nicole Oliver joins an ensemble cast in the much anticipated Sci-Fi Web Series “NarcoLeap” airing on TELUS Optik TV On Demand July 15th

Nicole also steps behind the camera voice directing three projects for YouTube, Netflix and PBS as well as continuing to voice numerous characters and on camera roles

Nicole Oliver joins a stellar cast in KGP Films sci-fi web series NarcoLeap. In the series Chelsey Reist (The 100) plays the lead role of Kelsey Atkins who suffers from narcolepsy and finds herself thrust into a world of espionage when she discovers that during her lucid dreams, she is actually commandeering the bodies of real people across the globe. Nicole joins Aleks Paunovic (War for the Planet of the Apes/Van Helsing), Madison Smith (Aftermath/ Frozen In Love), and Austin Eckert (Colony/The Flash) in the series. NarcoLeap is female driven content pushing boundaries in this sci-fi genre. Kelsey Atkin’s story is of a young woman learning to control her own future. Audiences can watch all eight episodes of NarcoLeap on TELUS Optik TV On Demand and NarcoLeap’s YouTube Channel on starting July 15th.

We will also see Nicole in an upcoming role on CBC’s new miniseries event entitled Unspeakable about the tainted blood scandal in the 80s and 90s in Canada.

With several hundred credits on imdb, Nicole isn’t one to sit still. Nicole is currently voice directing three new animated projects for YouTube, Netflix and PBS with projected 2018/19 release dates.

Nicole’s has worked alongside impressive A-list actors. She has a role as Jack Will’s mother (Noah Jupe) in Wonder, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay. In My Little Pony she joins an all-star voice cast including Emily Blunt, Kristin Cheoweth, Liev Schreiber, Michael Pena, Sia, Tay Diggs, Uzo Aduba and Zoe Saldana

Other career highlights include a lead role in the acclaimed film festival circuit indie-gem Marrying the Family (VIFF, Long beach Indie FF, Texas FF), and expanded her diverse entertainment career in the role of Britney Spears’ mother Lynne Spears in the Lifetime Movie Britney Ever After. Starring Natasha Bassett, the movie follows the tumultuous story of pop icon Britney Spears’ rise to fame.

In addition to acting on screen Nicole is one of the most sought after voice over actors in demand for her voice-over roles in cartoons both on the small screen (LEGO Nexo Knights, Kate & Mim Mim) and big screen (Seth Rogen’s “Sausage Party”), Princess Celestia on “My Little Pony: The Movie” She is the recipient of the UBCP/ACTRA award for Best Voice for her work in animation.

Nicole has guest starred on numerous television series including Supernatural, Rogue, and Somewhere Between She has also starred in many MOW’s including Radio Hype starring Alison Sweeney, Lifetime’s Ungodly Acts, The Christmas Ornament starring Cameron Mathison and Kellie Martin, The Woodcarver with John Ratzenberger; Taken Back – Finding Haley with Amanda Tapping and Innocent with Bill Pullman and Marcia Gay Harden. For four seasons, Nicole was also the host on the hit Slice Network series Crash Test Mommy. A highlight for Nicole was acting alongside her young son, William Ainscough, who starred as Billy in City TV’s Seed for two seasons.

Well known throughout the world at Brony and Fan Conventions as Princess Celestia and Cheerilee on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Zoe on the cartoon Littlest Pet Shop, her acclaimed voice-over work continues to thrive. In animation, she has popular roles on Bob The Builder, and Lego Elves, and will continue to appear in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She has provided her voice to over 100 companies including American Express, Starbucks, Salon Selectives, Club House, and IKEA.

Nicole Oliver has worked for over twenty years in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and director. This multi-talented, incredibly busy mother and professional has mastered the balance between family and work, and has furthered her education with a Masters of Arts in Communication from Royal Roads University (2011). She is the recipient of both the Founders Award for leadership and sustainability and the Chancellors Award for highest academic achievement.

Nicole Oliver is available for interviews upon request.

For interviews, photos and more information please contact:
Lesley Diana | | 604-726- 5575

Nicole Oliver’s headshot photo credit: Kristine Cofsky

Casting requests: Red Management – Murray Gibson|

Nicole Oliver Handles: