Voice actor Matt Hill connects with millions, armed with his arsenal of super hero voices, including Ton Ton on Dino Trux, Tack on Kate & Mim Mim and Raphael on the Ninja Turtles

current-head-shotTEDx motivational speaker Matt Hill inspires people to believe in the power of a dream and the hero inside through his ‘Run for One Planet’ 11,000 mile marathon platform

Actor and TEDx motivational speaker Matt Hill is the voice of “Ton Ton” on the Emmy Award winning new series from Dream Works Dino Trux, seen on Netflix; brings to life “Tack” on the award winning series, Kate & Mim Mim, seen on Disney Channel & Disney Jr. in the U.S. and Family channel & Knowledge Network in Canada; and is currently recording season two of Super Noobs, playing series lead “Tyler” on the Cartoon Network. He also has two new series he’s currently in production on, to be announced in early 2017.

For 30 years, Matt has been the voice and actor behind some of the world’s most iconic award-winning cartoon characters, including: “Raphael” in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, “Ed” on Ed, Edd & Eddy, and “Tender Heart” on the Care Bears. Using his love of athletics, Matt got to jump inside the turtle suit to bring Raphael to life a second time in the feature film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.. He has shared the screen with legends like Jackie Chan in Shanghai Knights, playing his trusted ‘Deputy Hoss’. He worked alongside Sir Ben Kingsly in the animated feature of Moses, as well as on the Steven Spielberg produced mini series Taken, in which he played the Vietnam Vet, “Willy”. Mat traveled to England to lend his voice to the award winning feature film, A Monkey’s Tale, playing the lead character of “KOM” with British legends Sir John Hurt, Rik Mayall, Michael York and Michael Gambon.

matt-jackie-chanMatt’s voice has been featured in some of ANIME’s most popular series and movies including as “Kira Yamato” on Gundam Seed & Destiny, “Benkotsu” on Inuyasha, “Kero” on Cardcaptors, and “Ironhide” & “Carlos” on Transformers.  Matt has also been the voice behind radio campaigns for 7-11, Boston Pizza, Gatorade, Nike, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, The Home Depot, The Bread Garden, Molson Canadian, Granville Island Brewing, Coors, Olive Garden and Whole Foods Market.

Matt is an Ambassador of Goodwill, fitness and green living for youth via his ‘Run for One Planet’ platform. Matt’s career in voice over and films has connected him with millions of children around the world through the cartoons they’ve grown up with. It is his passion to advocate for our planet’s long term health, the health and fitness of our children, and, like his childhood hero Terry Fox, running in service of something larger than oneself – that inspired this popular voice actor to run his message 11,000 miles around North America, one marathon at a time. Along with his friend Steph Tait, they co-founded Run for One Planet: http://runforoneplanet.org

turtles3From May 2008 to May 2009 – they ran a marathon each a day, inspiring over 50,000 kids in 220 school presentations around the continent, to take small daily steps to improve our planet and their long term health.

On the final day of their epic 369-day, marathon-a-day continent run, logging 22 million single steps, and under full police escort, they ran the final marathon across Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge. Here they marked 11,000 miles ran, unlaced their 30th pair of runners and became the first man and woman team to run around North America. The Mayor of Vancouver proclaimed May 8th as Official “Run for One Planet Day”. They raised $130,000 for the “R41P Legacy 4 Kids fund”, which grants kids “green dreams” in schools around North America. (https://www.vancouverfoundation.ca/r41p)

Matt continues to inspire people through his motivational speaking engagements that empowers people to believe in the strength of a dream and the hero inside us all – capable of more than we ever thought was possible from ourselves, while choosing an active and healthy life to protect our environment.

Those who know Matt see his unlimited energy in everything he does.  Matt’s website promotes “the four corners of Matt’s animated life”, including his personal and work milestones, dreams while running his life as an Actor, Speaker and Planet Runner. His mission is simple: “To inspire in the world, with his energy and his love of people, running and our planet”. Accomplishing this mission with every word, every character and every single step he takes.

Actor Matt Hill is an accomplished inspirational and TEDx motivational speaker available for bookings, interviews and photos upon request.
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