Therés Amee

Fit curve model Therés Amee breaks down body barriers in the fashion industry and scouts for new talent alongside Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha

The progressive model and activist has a leading role teaching young girls about healthy body image 

For immediate release – Vancouver, BC: What is a fit curve model? British Columbia born model & body image activist, Therés Amee decided to recognize herself, when the fashion industry would not – and the fit curve term was born. 

Therés Amee had no intention of becoming a model. Growing up an athlete, sport and endurance were ingrained in her lifestyle, since she started gymnastics at the age of three. From there, Therés competed in everything from swimming, to soccer, to track and field. She was pursuing acting when she was first scouted at a talent convention. The casting director asked her if she has ever thought about modeling. Therés’ quick response was ‘no,’ as she knew she did not have the traditional slim figure of most models. 

After the scoutings continued, Therés decided to give it a shot and sign with her first modeling agency. The agency told her to lose weight – and even worse – to lose her muscle mass. They also advised Therés to stop running, as her cardio workouts built her quad muscles, making her legs look ‘unattractive’ on the runway. With growing frustration and depression, Therés decided to push through. 

Therés has faced every challenge in the competitive world of modeling along the way but with determination to achieve her success as a sought-after fit curve model, she is opening doors and passing on her body-positive message to young women. After not being accepted as a model at Vancouver Fashion Week, the director noticed her talent and asked her to host the entire weeklong show in a role she had for five successful seasons. During this time, Therés advanced to Toronto, where she worked with IMG during Toronto Fashion Week.

Her next east coast move was to New York City, the mecca of the fashion world. She attended the summer session at Esper Studio, studying acting with William Esper. While in New York, an agency became interested in Therés and offered to represent her. The contract and work Visa never became finalized however, as two months after the meeting, the agency decided to drop Therés due to “not enough clients wanting her look”.

Therés Amee retaliated on social media by posting a photo of herself leaned over, showing her stomach curve. She received great support for her outspoken body image advocacy and made it her goal to embrace her build, and only work with agents and designers who appreciated her body image.

Therés currently works with and teaches young girls about healthy body image through the @beauyoutiful organization. Founded by Taylor Hui, the beayoutiful foundation runs 6-8 week classes focusing on confidence, media literacy, healthy lifestyles, and positive outlook. The foundation also hosts an annual conference called ‘Inspired by HER,’ where girls ages 8-14 come from all over metro-Vancouver to join a full day of wellness workshops. 

In September 2018, Therés decided to return to New York, after she was accepted to work with Canadian supermodel, Coco Rocha. Coco had just started her modeling camps, and Therés was thrilled to be apart of her 6thcycle. She was shocked at the diversity of models Coco took on. From plus size to straight size, to models with disabilities, Coco’s camps were filled with beautiful girls from all around the world, simply coming together to enhance their abilities and knowledge of the fashion industry.

Coco encouraged Therés to stay healthy and fit and to keep pursuing her modeling career. After the camp, Therés attended New York fashion week SS and FW 2019 seasons. She met with numerous designers and agents who, to her shock, were interested in having Therés walk in their shows, and be a part of their modeling rosters. 

The fashion world had finally advanced, embracing even the un-classifiable middle model, which Therés now happily maintains. Currently, Therés works with Coco Rocha’s model camp as a model scout for upcoming new models in need of the incredible education and experience she gained from training with Coco.

Most recently, Therés Amee produced and modeled in two fashion films this past year, ‘Sa Lune,’ and ‘Rebel with a Claus’. From these films, she graced the cover of Beautymute’s 100th edition, along with a six-page spread and back cover highlight.

Therés Amee is also happily signed with Vancouver based agency, Family Management. After her first interview, Therés shyly asked her new agent, “Would you recommend me losing weight? Or adjusting my diet and exercise routine?” Her agent smiled, and said, “No girl! Just keep being you! Healthy you!”

In two short weeks, Therés Amee will return to New York for fashion week. She is excited to witness change on the runway and future change to come.

Therés Amee is available for interviews and photos upon request.

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