Feature Film ‘The Girl The Mother and The Demons’ to have Canadian Premiere at the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival in Toronto on November 10th at 9:00 PM

IndustryWorks Studios is pleased to announce that the Swedish feature film The Girl The Mother and the Demons will have its Canadian premiere at the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival http://www.rendezvouswithmadness.ca/ in Toronto on November 10th at 9:00 PM at the Workman Theatre. Swedish director Suzanne Osten will be in attendance in Toronto for the screening.


Synopsis: It’s no small measure of the resilience of children that they can ‘normalize’ almost anything. It’s a question of survival for one thing: the child learns to accept in order to adapt and live on. In this sense, young Ti (Esther Quigley) is like most other kids. But Ti’s circumstances are making it harder to carry on as though all is ‘normal’: her mother (Maria Sundbom) suffers from episodes of mania and hears voices. They tell her what she should and should not being doing, and she listens to them with nearly the same respect and attention that Ti listens to her mother.

Inspired by filmmaker Suzanne Osten’s own childhood experience, The Girl, the Mother and the Demons may seem to cover terrain many films on the family impact of mental illness have already crossed, but with a very significant and illuminating difference: it focuses on the enduring love of a prematurely grownup young girl for the only mother she knows, and the unconditional nature of that bond. Even as Ti comes to gradually accept that her mother is sick, dangerous and badly in need of help, she never lets go of the most important fact of her life: this is her mother. No matter what.

Details: The Girl, the Mother and the Demons November 10th 9:00pm | Workman Theatre (English sub titles)

(Suzanne Osten, Sweden, 2016, 92 minutes, Canadian Premiere)

Generously supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Canada

Co-presented by: Regent Park Film Festival

Director Suzanne Osten will be in attendance and available for interviews upon request.

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