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“The Windy City Women” Present Their Latest Improvised Two Act play “Liquid”

The Promotion People The Wind City Women

Vancouver-based improvisational troupe “The Windy City Women” will be performing their latest production “Liquid” at 8:00 pm nightly from December 19th – 22nd at the trendy Havana Restaurant Theatre located at 1212 Commercial Drive in Vancouver. With wallet-friendly tickets available online or at the door, “Liquid” is a must-see for any theatre enthusiast. Tickets are only $10 online or $12.00 at the door.

Not your typical joke-for-joke play, “Liquid” is a full-length, entirely improvised two-act performance, based solely on audience suggestions and contributions. The ultimate success of “Liquid” is dependent on the actor’s ability and stamina to run a completely unplanned, unscripted play without ever leaving the stage. Act one begins with a simple suggestion from an audience member, from there, without discussion, the play occurs in real-time with no jump cuts, flashbacks or dream sequences. In short, the actors are the puppets, dancing to the music of a benevolent master or that of a malevolent tyrant! Which will it be?

L to R- Cassandra Cavalli, Eric Carbery, Lisa Ovies, Tony Alcantar, Justyn Shippelt, Rachel Schaefer, Alex Barima

But NOT only that…

THEN, at the drop of a hat, the cast must serve up the SEQUEL or PREQUEL to that story for Act II…depending again on the whims of the audience as they decide! As with Act I, the excitement not only lies in the split second decision making that the cast must make to spark un-born characters into life BUT the cast must also weave a story to compliment Act I! And every audience is treated to a never-been-seen before play that will never be repeated! Breathtaking! An audience member can come to every show and still not see the same story! No one else in Vancouver is offering this high-wire-without-a-net form of theatre! Only 60 people per night will be treated to this magic.

Unlike cabaret or competitive style improv, the goal of “Liquid” is not to be satirically funny, it is rather to create a story in which relationships, plot and character development carry the audience through the improvised journey of the cast. Although comedy is not the overall goal, it will undoubtedly be a by-product.

The Promotion People LisaOvies&TonyAlcantar

Originally formed in 2005, “The Windy City Women” is the brainchild of Tony Alcantar, artistic director and actor in “Liquid”. The troupe began as a satirical sketch comedy group, with the success of their first show “ The Inuksuk Sucks” at the Cellar in Vancouver. After careful studies of the exceptionally subtle camera movements in Louis Malle’s film “Atlantic City”, Tony was inspired by its continuous motion and fluidity of focus that helped to inspire “Liquid”.

Born and raised in Chicago, Tony has a BA in Theatre and an MFA in Acting from Chicago’s Roosevelt University. He is a graduate of the Players Workshop of the Second City, and The Second City Training Center. Tony is one of the critically acclaimed alum of the world-famous professional comedy troupe “The Second City”. With improv students such as; Emmy-winning “Will & Grace” actor Sean Hayes, Grace Park of “Hawaii Five-O” and Stephanie Weir from “Mad-TV”, and on-set dialect training with actors including; Halle Berry, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Rockwell and Jenna Fischer, Tony quickly became Vancouver’s most sought-after dialect and improvisational coach. Tony is thrilled to be a part of this exciting production but admits it is the hardest thing that he has done in his career.

The producer of “Liquid”, actress Lisa Ovies is also an award-winning film maker and an accomplished international model. Lisa’s career includes appearances in films and commercials all over Canada and the U.S. In June 2011, she launched the film company I No.Films where she has produced, written and starred in musicals, short films and a sketch comedy pilot. In January 2012 she received a full art scholarship to Women in the Directors chair, and less than a month after returning, received her first art credit on the award winning film “Ghosts of Europe”. Currently, Lisa is working with The Jeff Turner Entertainment Group, expanding their film and television division. She is also in development for a new sketch comedy show in Vancouver.

Among the talented eight-member cast of award-winning performers is; improv superstar and three-year member of Montreal’s “Pamplemousse” theatre sports league Alex Barima with the ever-talented improv actress and award-winning singer/musician Cassandra Cavalli. Also on stage, Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts graduates Rachel Schaefer and Justyn Shippelt contribute to the overall quality of “Liquid”. With the skillful, artistic views of Vancouverite Keith David Moore directing the play, coupled with musical direction from the accomplished and multi-talented performer Eric Carbery “Liquid” is expected to significantly contribute to the ever-growing success of “The Windy City Women”.

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