Suzanne Rushton

Photographer Suzanne Rushton is bringing the beauty of outside, inside, through her stunning photography

Suzanne is a bold, innovative and engaging photographer who tells the story of businesses, individuals and places.

Vancouver photographer Suzanne Rushton is bringing the breathtaking beauty of the outdoors, indoors, through her photography prints. As businesses move towards a cost-effective solution to “green their offices” by installing large format nature photographs on their walls, Suzanne’s work offers the perfect pieces to adorn said walls. The trend, called biophilia, suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Biophilia, also called BET, is the direction that Suzanne is encouraging clients in Canada and worldwide to venture towards.

Vancity Credit Union commissioned Suzanne for a pilot project to bring nature indoors at their Vancity Centre location in Vancouver.  The project included adding nature photos on the risers of their stairwells to encourage employees to get exercise by taking the stairs rather than the elevator. From there, Suzanne was asked to create several local nature feature walls as well.  The final installation was well received by staff.

As employers continue to become more aware of the scientific research, the mental and physical benefits to their workforce, and the growth of their bottom line due to sustainability and increased performance, the more important biophilia will become in today’s world. “I think they are amazing and bring calmness and beauty into our space,” says Vancity’s Wendy Worrall about the art.

A number of published articles are linking nature images to happier, more productive employees, helping to create workplace satisfaction. Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world’s population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. 

It is her love of nature that has inspired Suzanne to take thousands of photographs and images on her hikes in British Columbia and around the world. Some of Suzanne’s recent travel photos have been selected by the Curacao Tourism Board for their new website. Suzanne also plans to provide designers, businesses and residential properties with affordable nature wall print wraps. By both consulting with clients and subsequently delivering the photos, Suzanne plans to bring her photography to new buildings, hospitals, offices, airports and homeowners who want a nature feature wall. “This new trend is a perfect combination of my experience with interior spaces, and my love of nature photography.”

Suzanne is a professional photographer with a portfolio that spans the globe.  As one of the top rated real estate photographers in Vancouver, Suzanne fuels her passion by consistently working to raise the bar for real estate photography. She specializes in corporate photography, real estate architecture, large-scale photo art installations, events and destinations. 

Suzanne is also dedicated to growing and empowering the global photography community through Vancouver Photowalks, the #1 photography tour company in the city.  Evidenced by her Instagram photos, Suzanne stands in joyful awe of nature; as such she seeks to inspire commercial and residential spaces to “green” their environments. 

“I love my job. The beauty of discovery is present in all spaces. I strive to express my enthusiasm and gratitude for this work with every photo I take, and to inspire people by capturing my sparkly view of the world. I am humbled to learn from each person I meet, and through the amazing opportunities I am bestowed,” says Suzanne.

To give back to the community that she loves in a meaningful manner, Suzanne volunteers at Dress for Success, a local non-profit that empowers women into the workforce. 

Suzanne lives and works from Chinatown in Vancouver, British Columbia and is looking forward to bringing her passion project of enhancing spaces with her photography, to a wall near you. 

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