Second Annual Diversity Pledge by Tyson Media Productions

Tyson Media Productions announces its second annual diversity pledge to bring positive opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds into unscripted television workplace programs

Tyson Hepburn, CEO of Tyson Media Productions (TMP), is pleased to announce the Tyson Media Pledge for Diversity greatly exceeded its 2022 pledge of $5,000. Due to the success of the program, it is increasing its goal to $10,000 in overall labor to train three diverse talents with an interest in careers in the entertainment and television industry. The Pledge is open to people from diverse backgrounds as well as marginalized and immigrant communities to participate in its camera and post-production trainee programs.  

The goal of the program is to help jump-start careers in the industry and create new opportunities for people starting out in the business. Applying doesn’t require on-set experience but having some educational background in television and film is beneficial. The program is open to all types of applicants but this year is specifically seeking people that are interested in training for camera assisting, post-production, and a new position opening up as a development intern. If this sounds like a fit for you, please send in a resume and cover letter and why you are interested in the position to: by July 15, 2023.

In 2022, the three applicants selected had the opportunity to work on the Animal Planet TV series PETS & PICKERS as well as various development projects. Due to the success of the program, the company is committed to going even bigger for a second year by increasing its pledge to $10,000. 

For Tyson, this mandate isn’t just about good business but it’s also personal. “My common-law partner is South Korean. She came to Canada with very modest means; little money or grasp of the language. She made a life for herself before she met me. I have so much respect for new Canadians. I believe that it is our duty as established Canadians to give back and help out where and how we can.” 

Nessie Blanes was the first camera trainee to work with TMP. Nessie says, “I found this job empowering for me. It is my dream to make my own documentary and the TMP team taught me a lot about the interview process, especially when it came to the veterinarians themselves. I’m also an animal person and so this job was super special to me.” Tyson Media plans to hire Nessie full-time for future productions. 

Thofiq Hussien worked with the team in post-production. Thofiq Hussein was a lead logger and this was his first time experiencing this type of post-production position. Thofiq adds, “Learning to be and stay organized was a big job, with many responsibilities and problem-solving on the fly. In the lead logger role; things happen quickly. Editors need clips and information in an instant and it was my job to supply that.” 

Thofiq has since moved on to become a forensic video analyst with the RCMP. He found the Diversity Program has helped him develop key skills necessary to work in his current job.

Another milestone success for the team was the PETS & PICKERS series which exceeded exceptions in ways that TMP never anticipated. The heartfelt show reveals how the Regional Animal Protections Society (RAPS) Animal Hospital works tirelessly to offer low-income pet familiars access to top healthcare to fund these treatments. The RAPS commitment to giving back is what motivated Tyson to produce the TV series initially.

RAPS has seen a major uptick in donations, support, and attention since the show began airing in Canada and the United States. In Season 2, the Pickers made a ground-breaking discovery: finding artwork that belonged to the late indigenous artist Victor Reece. They were able to track down Victor’s daughter Skeena Reece, who worked on the pieces of art with her father in the 1990s to give her back all of the items. An animal lover herself, Skeena was so moved by their generosity that she donated some items back to RAPS to show her appreciation.

Tyson Media and PETS & PICKERS continue to support the Regional Animal Protection Society beyond the TV series. Tyson Media is helping to sponsor the RAPS Gala event with the goal of raising over $100,000 for animal support. Skeena is one of the guests of honour. All the money raised will go to help even more animals and their people.

Tyson Hepburn says, “We are experiencing support from the community that we never expected when we started the Pets & Pickers TV series. “People have shown support with donations beyond our wildest dreams. Pets & Pickers has become the TV series that keeps on giving back. We look forward to seeing what new seasons of the show unfold.” 

PETS & PICKERS is currently airing season two Saturday nights on Animal Planet. You can catch season one on Discovery Channel in Canada and the US and on Animal Planet in the US.

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