Relationship Dish – The Podcast with Heart

Relationship Dish – The Podcast with Heart

Therapists Iona Monk and Pam Stewart DISH about the challenges of romantic and interpersonal relationships on their weekly podcast 

Relationship Dish is an international podcast where the hosts Iona Monk and Pam Stewart, two clinically trained therapists and registered clinical counselors, talk about interpersonal relationships and dish about the challenges and virtues of their own. They dive into the professional literature for strategies and clarity on how to nurture and repair all relationships.

Iona Monk and Pam Stewart, with over 20 years of experience each, are the co-hosts and creative producers of the Relationship Dish podcast. Each episode is unscripted with the goal of being as organic and authentic as possible. Relationship Dish has been running since September 2017. Over 100 episodes have been aired and are released weekly, on Wednesday mornings.

The Relationship Dish Podcast was created specifically with the intent of demonstrating how a therapist navigates relationship challenges and applies strategies to do “better” in the future. The goal of the podcast is to reduce the stigma associated with having relationship challenges. They focus on how couples can get “unstuck” and move forward. Opportunities for successful outcomes are enhanced with access to easily consumable research-based information. 

With an intentional amount of personal disclosure in the service of teaching others, Pam and Iona model that the best way to improve a relationship is through self-awareness, personal responsibility and the ability to dialogue in a productive way with your partner. Humor is liberally mixed in with authentic personal stories and psychological theory. The result is a useful, insightful and efficient way to strengthen your relationships. 

Iona Monk is a registered clinical counselor with a graduate degree from the University of British Columbia. She views interpersonal relationships, especially couples’ dynamics through two theoretical lenses: attachment systems and defense systems. Both are wise and useful lenses to help people understand and connect with themselves and with the most cherished people in their lives. It is this knowledge of life and love that Iona shares on the Relationship Dish podcast. Her desire is to share her knowledge, humor, and experience with all, to educate and normalize relationship issues that every person experiences.

Pam Stewart is a registered clinical counsellor, with a Masters Degree from the University of British Columbia and another from the University of Colorado. She truly believes that we all grow and evolve most significantly in the context of relationships. Pam’s clinical passion is working with parents and children to facilitate the healthiest attachment relationships possible. Children’s early experience of being loved and interacting with parents and caretakers have tremendous influence on their later experiences as lovers, partners and friends. Pam is aware that no matter how much theoretical knowledge she has, the bottom line is having the courage and commitment to put that knowledge into day to day practice in her own relationships.

As a clinical counsellor, Pam says, “It is important to me that I ‘walk my talk’ in all the relationships in my life. I have discovered that it is way easier to learn academically about therapeutic theory and techniques than it is to apply them in day-to-day life.”

The hosts welcome suggestions from their listeners on what they would like to hear on the Relationship Dish podcast. The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, google play and google podcasts. 

Iona Monk and Pam Stewart are available for interviews upon request.

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