“A man and a woman. One white. One black. What could possibly go wrong?”

Black Tree Pictures is pleased to announce that the short film Black Chicks will screen at the upcoming International Black Film Festival on ttober 6h at the Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film starting at 12 pm. Actress Nicole G Leier (Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart, The Bridge Part 2) stars alongside David Cubitt (Van Helsing, Medium) in Black Chicks directed by Neil LaBute (Nurse Betty, In the Company of Men) and shot by cinematographer Brendan Uegama (Van Helsing, Riverdale). Leier and Uegama’s production company, Black Tree Pictures, consolidated some of the brightest talents in the business to produce this award-winning short film.

Neil LaBute, renowned showrunner, filmmaker, and Playwright wrote, directed and co-produced the film. Neil is known for his true-to-life characters and his ability to write the ugly sides of human nature. Nicole originally performed the role in Neil’s play “Black Girls” at James Franco’s Studio 4 in L.A. She knew it would make an excellent film so she contacted Neil who was eager to adapt the play for the screen, renaming it ‘Black Chicks.’ As Nicole was raised in a Caucasian household, this is an important story as it allowed her to understand uncomfortable situations she faced in her life, accept them and even embrace them.

David Cubitt as the co-star was an honor to work with, says Nicole. “He is so generous and an all-around cool guy. The fact that he took the time to work on this script while still shooting Van Helsing showed how giving he is of his time.”

The title of the film, Black Chicks, gives nothing away to what unfolds. A seemingly innocent conversation between two coworkers has an underlining message. Leier unveils an important story, addressing huge issues in an understated yet emotional way. Throughout the film, racial stereotypes are questioned and brought to light.

Black Chicks was recently nominated for five 2017 Leo Awards including Nicole G. Leier’s nomination for Best Performance by a Female in a Short Drama.  The film was also nominated for Best Short Film and Best Direction of a Short Drama. In addition, the film won two Leo Awards for Best Screenwriting for Neil LaBute and Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama for David Cubitt.

Leier and Uegama have worked together on many projects with their production company, Black Tree Pictures. This one, according to Leier, felt different. The subject matter being addressed and the commitment from the cast and crew made this piece feel like they were really part of something meaningful. Black Chicks has also screened in the Oscar-qualifying L.A. Short International Film Festival and the San Francisco Black Film Festival.

Nicole’s acting skills are evident and have kept her busy since her recurring role on Edgemont. This exceptionally talented actress’ ambition has kept her motivated and driven to work hard and succeed in both countries. She also has a passion for producing and directing which has allowed her to produce and direct a number of films on the YouTube Lot. Leier has also worked with many productions in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Nicole Leier has been quoted to have a ‘poised presence who manages to find the passion in her films and the truth in her roles’.

With many exciting projects coming up, it is a true testament of what hard work can achieve. Nicole studies with Matthew Scott Snyder at James Franco’s Studio 4 and with Larry Moss.

Nicole and Brendan will be in attendance at the International Black Film Festival in Nashville and are available for interviews, appearances, and photographs upon request.


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Nashville International Black Film Festival: Friday, October 6th starting at 12pm at the Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film, 2298 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN 37228

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