New Movie Bullet Proof

Vinnie Jones Persues His Runaway Wife in ‘Bullet Proof’

The action-packed feature film Bullet Proof stars tough guy Vinnie Jones with James C. Clayton, Lina Lecompte, and Janvier Katabarwa opens In US theaters on August 19, 2022

Bullet Proof will have an exclusive Canadian screening at Cineplex, International Village location, Friday, and Saturday August 19th and 20th at 7:00 pm with a Q&A with cast and director in attendance.

For immediate release, Vancouver BC: IndustryWorks Studios is pleased to announce that the action-packed and relentless film Bullet Proof will open in select theaters in North America on Friday, August 19th. Vancouver will have an exclusive screening at Cineplex, International Village location; Friday and Saturday on August 19th and August 20 at 7:00 pm with a Q&A with the cast and director in attendance.  Lionsgate is distributing the film in the U.S. and Canada this summer.  Bullet Proof will be available on Apple TV and On Demand.

Bullet Proof stars tough guy Vinnie Jones (SnatchLock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels) as the ruthless drug lord Temple. The talented ensemble cast features breakout performances from Lina Lecompte (“Charmed,” and Monster High), Janvier Katabarwa (‘Deadpool 2Cold Pursuit) as the deadly character The Frenchman, and a lead performance by James C. Clayton as a cantankerous criminal mind who finds himself with a big bag of money and surprisingly with extra deliverable goods.

In Bullet Proof, a thief who only looks out for number one pulls off the robbery of a lifetime when he robs the psychotic drug lord Temple. The plan goes off without a hitch until the thief discovers a stowaway in his getaway car: Temple’s wife, Mia. With Temple and his top hitman, the deadly and mysterious hitman The Frenchman, in hot pursuit, and torn between making a quick getaway or taking a risky detour to help Mia escape her husband’s abusive grasp, the thief finds the only way to get out alive is to drive.

Directed by James C. Clayton in his directorial debut, with a screenplay by Cooper Bibaud & Danny Mac and a story by Cooper Bibaud & Danny Mac & James C. Clayton, the film stars Vinnie Jones, Lina Lecompte, James C. Clayton, Janvier Katabarwa, Danny Mac, and Philip Granger.


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James C. Clayton and other cast are available for interviews upon request.

Please contact: Lesley Diana | | 604-726-5575

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Genre: Action. 

Distributor: IndustryWorks Studios Inc.

Cast: Vinnie Jones, Lina Lecompte, James C. Clayton and Janvier Katabarwa as ‘The Frenchman’

Executive Producer: Evan Tylor, Annie Storey, Caterina Scrivano, Stan Wertlieb, Barry Brooker, Matthew Robert Kelly.

Producer: Marc Petey, Jonnie Broi, James C. Clayton, Ryan Ennis, Paul Engstrom, Pieter Stathis, Ryan Petey, Zach Steele.

Story by: Cooper Bibaud, Danny Mac, & James C. Clayton.

Screenplay by: Cooper Bibaud & Danny Mac.

Director: James C. Clayton